Walter Julius Damtoft Collection
Biographical Information
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1 01 Yale University Gymnasium Walter Julius Damtoft's average measurements from September 30, 1907 and November 17, 1908  
1 02 Yale University 1909 Yale University Calendar  
1 03 Yale University "Songs For Class Day" from June 20, 1910.  Collection of 18 songs relating to Yale University.  Set of 5 duplicates.  
1 04 Yale University "Class Day June 20, 1910"  Small program made for graduation week for spring 1910.  Includes a photograph of the class day committee, an image of the school captioned with the names of the class day historians, a commencement week program, an order of exercises, three songs: Bright College Years, Amiri, and Here's to Good Old Yale, and a list of the 1910 senior class.  
1 04 Yale University "Yale 1910 Class Day, June 20th, 1910"  Includes Events of Commencement Week, Joy Ode by Thomas Laurason Riggs both in Latin and English, photograph of the class day speakers, Vision and Strength by Arthur Edward Baker, photograph of the class day committee, and the 1910 class roll.  
1 05 Yale University "Commencement Yale University Two Hundredth and Tenth Year June Twenty-Second A.D. Nineteen Hundred and Ten"  Includes the order of exercises, Psalm LXV, Hymn written by Leonard Bacon, Honors in the Academical Department, Honors in the Sheffield Scientific School, and a list of candidates for degrees.  
1 05 Yale University Map of Woolsey Hall -- Platform for Commencement -- June 22, 1910  
1 06 Appalachian Mountain Club Membership Certificate in the Appalachian Mountain Club for Walter Julius Damtoft  
1 07 Yale University Invitation to the decennial reunion for Yale University Class of 1910 on June 13-17, 1920.  Includes the names of the 1910 class and a panoramic photograph of the class.  
1 08 Yale Forest School  "THE REUNION REPORT Class of 1911.  Yale Forest School.  August 1921."  
1 09 The State of North Carolina Appointment to delegacy for the state of North Carolina regarding the scenic parkway connecting the Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.  September 18, 1934  
1 10   Resume of Walter Julius Damtoft and Charles S. Bryant, June 1940  
1 11 Wilmington Port Commission "Welcome to Committee on War Industrial Coordination Wilmington Port Commission Port of Wilmington, N.C. North Carolina's Ocean Gateway"  Includes a program for Friday November 20, 1942, a list of the members of committee on war industrial coordination, a list of the Wilmington Port Commission, a list of the Board of Commissioners, New Hanover County, a list of the City Council of Wilmington, North Carolina, and a newspaper clipping "Distinguished Guests " from the November 20, 1942 issue of The Wilmington News.  
1 12   USA Personal Security Questionnaire  
1 13   "W. J. Damtoft Retiring President NORTH CAROLINA INDUSTRIAL COUNCIL 1944 - 1946 Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Champion Paper & Fiber Company Canton, N.C."  
1 14 State of North Carolina Governor's Office Governor's recommendation for Walter Julius Damtoft as a member Selective Service Reserve State of North Carolina.  
1 15   List of Biographic Information [2 copies]  
1 16   Biographic Outline  
1 17 The Cherokee Historical Association, Inc. Walter J. Damtoft is a Patron Member of this Association chartered by the state of North Carolina to perpetuate the history and tradition of the Cherokee tribe of Indians through production of the drama "Unto These Hills" at the mountainside theatre, Cherokee, North Carolina beginning July 1, 1950  
1 17 Pulp and Paper Foundation Pulp and Paper Foundation Member

To Walter J. Damtoft, North Carolina State College extends this parchment and seal in official gratitude for your participation in the Pulp and Paper Foundation.  The investments you are making as a member of this Foundation are helping worthy young men secure the best possible education in the Pulp and Paper field, while insuring future leadership for one of the nation's largest, most vital industries.

1 18  

The University of North Carolina

The Faculty and the Graduating Class of the North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering of the University of North Carolina request the honor of your presence at their Commencement Exercises June sixth nineteen hundred and fifty-four

Baccalaureate Service 11:00 A.M.  Graduation Exercises 2:00 P.M.

1 19 The University of North Carolina Program for the sixty-fifth annual commencement of the North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering of the University of North Carolina.  Includes the names of the candidates for degrees, the names of those receiving scholastic honors and awards, and a list of awards for scholastic achievement.  
1 20 Champion Paper Company Beneficiary Designation for Champion Benefit Program (November 2, 1954)
Application for Membership in Champion Benefit Association
Authorization for Payroll Deduction for Deposit in Champion Employees' Profit Sharing Plan
1 21 Champion Paper Company Information sent to correct data for Biographical Directory of American Men of Science, Ninth Edition Vol. 2, Biological Sciences (October 29, 1954)  
1 22 Pulp & Paper Photo of members of APA Board of Directors, 1955-56

From Pulp & Paper July 1955

1 23 Champion Paper Company Summary of Retirement Benefits for Walter J. Damtoft as of March 31, 1956  
1 24 Champion Paper Company Certificate of the account of W.J. Damtoft  in the following Champion plans on March 31, 1957  
1 25 Champion Paper Company List of "industry" organization that Walter J. Damtoft was affiliated with as of October 8, 1958  
1 26, 27, & 28 Elwood R. Maunder Oral history of Walter Julius Damtoft and Reuben B. Robertson taken by Elwood R. Maunder  
1 29 Board of Trustees Daniel Boone Council, Inc. Boy Scouts of America
The Walter J. Damtoft Health Lodge

Includes dedication page, transcript of address given by Reuben B. Robertson, Sr., and transcript of address given by Hugh Monteith

1 30 Bureau of Public Debt Exchange Subscription for United States Savings Bonds - Series H  
1 31 Champion Paper Company Request for Withdrawal - Champion Employees' Profit Sharing Fund (January 18, 1962)  
1 32 Champion Paper Company Champion Deferred Compensation Plan Status of Benefits for Walter J. Damtoft  
1 33 Champion Paper Company Statement of Your Accounts from March 31, 1958 through December 31, 1961  
1 34 Champion Paper Company Summary of Income Tax (I.R.S. & N.C. Dept. of Revenue)
April 1966
1 35 Champion Paper Company Status of Accounts from March 31, 1963 through December 31, 1967  
1 36   Loving Tributes

Guestbook from Mr. Damtoft's Funeral (November 22, 1976).  Includes Psalms 24:3, a poem Faith Immortal, a section titled "In Memory of" left blank, 2 John 25:26, a sectioned titled "Services" left blank, a section titled "Sermon Notes" left blank, a section titled "Music" left blank, Psalms 22, a section titled "Final Resting Place" left blank, poem To a Waterfowl, a sectioned titled "Family Record" and "Marriage Record" both left blank, a section titled "Organizations" left blank, a section titled "Relative and Friend" filled with the names of people who went to Damtoft's funeral, "The Legend of the Dogwood Tree", a section titled "Floral Tributes" left blank, and a section titled "Courtesies" left blank.
A brochure titled "Life Saving Emergency Help" about the Lifecall(TM) Medical Alert System is in between some of the pages.

1 37 Board of Conservation and Development A list of the Board of Conservation and Development members as well as a list of the Special Committees within the Board of Conservation and Development.  
1 38 Marquis Publication Section of the Marquis National Biographee Refernece File Within the Scope of: Who's Who in the South and Southeast. 

Compiler's Copy for W.J. Damtoft


1 39 K.F.W. Hall of Fame Walter J. Damtoft Doctor of Forestry Science

Drawing of Walter Julius Damtoft as a bust honoring his degree of Doctor of Forestry

1 40   "Milestones of Forestry"
A list of forestry milestones from 1681 - 1947
1 41 The Asheville Charter Committee "Shall the People Rule in Asheville"
A pamphlet for the Non-Partisan Ticket Listing the Independent Candidates
1 42 Champion Paper Company Estimate of Amounts Payable Under Past Service Provisions of the Champion Retirement and Disability Plan  
1 43   Sample ballot, general municipal election, May 14, 1935 in which Damtoft stood as an independent candidate for city [of Asheville?] councilman. Included numbers [presumably of votes cast] written in pencil, biographies of the candidates, and pages from date book that list names and numbers.  
1 44 Society of American Foresters Program, fortieth annual meeting, Mayflower Hotel, Washington DC, December 1940 ; Damtoft presented paper on lumber supply