Walter Julius Damtoft Collection
Oversized Items and Objects
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1   Photograph of the 1910 Yale class reunion, 1955. [Damtoft 5th from left in rear row]  
1   Box containing medals presented Walter Julius Damtoft
  • Selective Service Medal, World War II [mounted in box]
  • Faithful service award, "Presented to Walter J. Damtoft in recognition of more than a quarter century of loyal service to the Champion Paper and Fibre Company, 1945" [2 medals, different metals, loose]
  • The Champion Paper and Fibre Co. Canton, N.C. Fire Dept. [medal number] 98
1   Trees for the Great, honoring Carl Alwin Schenck. Book covering the 1951 tour of America by Schenck  
1   Photograph of attendees to the,19th Annual Meeting of the N.C.A.R. Forestry Association, Battery Park Hotel, Asheville, N.C., September 12-14, 1929. Photo by Ball & Sagle  
1   Photograph of attendees to the, Southern Forestry Congress - July 11-15, 1916 Battery Park, Asheville, N.C. [Damtoft 8th from left in rear row] [2 copies]  
1   Photograph of the 1910 Yale class 40th reunion, 1950. Photo credited to George Weber, New Haven, Conn.  
1   Photograph of the 1910S Yale class reunion, 1955 [Damtoft 5th from left in rear row]  
1   Photograph of  the 1910S Yale class, in front of large colonnaded building. [All are wearing identical clothing but the actual event is unclear. Maybe class photo?]  
1   Photograph of the Annual Meeting of the American Forestry and the Southern Congress, Richmond, VA, January 6-7, 1921 [Photo has significant damage]  
1   Scrapbook with, "W. J. Damtoft" embossed on front. Now empty except for advertisement for Nebel stockings "as advertised in Charm", but seems to have previously contained photographs  
2   Scrapbook #1 [pages removed]:  Newspaper clippings, generally 1930s and 1940s. related to Damtoft's life and achievements

Scrapbook #2 [deconstructed]:

  1. Newspapers, 1886 - 1913
  2. Letter dated Sept. 28th, 1927 from (J J Combes?) of Fort Smith, AK to Ned Atkinson of Asheville ; newspaper clippings 1928
  3. Newspaper clippings, 1936 -39
  4. Newspaper clippings, 1946 - 47
  5. Newspaper clippings, 1948 - 49
  6. Newspaper clippings, 1950 - 52
  7. Newspaper clippings, 1954
  8. Newspaper clippings, 1955
  9. Newspaper clippings, 1960 - 81
  10. Newspaper clippings, undated
  11. Letters, 1924 - 57 ; generally recommendations of people
  12. Photographs removed from scrapbook
    1. Damtoft and unidentified man talking in office, 12-7-51 written on rear
    2. Damtoft and unidentified man (exchanging paper / check?) in front of sign captioned, "B F 1898" (Biltmore Forestry School)
    3. Four photographs sent to Damtoft 10-2-58 by Jerome Dykeman ; images show forest scenes and have descriptions written on rear
    4. Photo and newspaper clipping of Conservation Board Members, July 25, 1944
    5. Three photos: man in laboratory; mule pulling wagon ; Damtoft (wiping jacket?), Sep, 27, 1947. Also hand written note: "Those fish!" and indecipherable signature, that could refer to photo of Damtoft
3   Awards and certificates presented to Damtoft

Diplomas awarded to Verne Rhodes

Champion Paper and Fibre Company annual reports: 1946, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1957


Appalachian Coverlet, 128" x 90", wool ; walnut brown and cream ;  provenance unknown



Proposed Great Smoky Mountains National Park, c. 1925
in Carlos C. Campbell's book, Birth of a National Park, page 69. The map shows land ownership in the proposed Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Map was reproduced in in Carlos C. Campbell's book, Birth of a National Park, page 69.