Walter Julius Damtoft Collection
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    dam_301 Two men and two women (couples?) ; Damtoft on left  
    dam_302 Gentleman in suit and bow tie laughing, seated at table (during formal function?)  
    dam_303 Two men seated in a tent ; written on back: "U.S. Forest Service Camp, Home Quarry Run, Va. August - 1912, examination of lands under Weeks Law, Hunter G Hutten - Filed Assistant, Walter Damtoft - Field Examiner" ; card mounted ; "Stemmerman photo-craft laboratories, Passaic, N.J."  
    dam_304 "Forestry Appalachian Research Council, Battery Park, Asheville, N.C. Feb.13, 1925" ; group of twenty nine men and two women sitting and standing outside brick building ; some names penciled in next to faces ; [Damtoft fifth from left on second row] ; handwritten (by Damtoft?) list of members included on separate paper  
    dam_305 Board of trustees and officers of American Forest Products Industries, Washington D.C., November 2, 1949 ; list of names and companies typed on reverse ; credited to American Forest Products Industries  
    dam_306 Members of the board of trustees of the American Pulpwood Association, New York, April 2, 1952 ;  list of names and companies typed on reverse ; credited to AFPI  
    dam_307 Three men standing in front of "Help Prevent Forest Fires" sign [2 copies] ; written on reverse: "Hon. Luther Hodges, Gov. of N.C., Ben Douglas, Director of Dept. of C&D, WJD - Vice Ch. Bd of C&D, Jan. 1955 ; Raleigh N.C. ; one copy stamped "photo by Sebastian Sommer, North Carolina News Bureau Dept. Conservation & Development" ; typed paper with names also included  
    dam_308 Walter Damtoft standing in front of stand of trees ;  (1940s or 50s?) ; card mounted  
    dam_309 Stone sign for "First National Forest Tract"  ; signed by J. K. Vessey, "Thanks Dammie for your help"  
    dam_310 Photocard [published by B M & Cos Forlag] of "Education Maternelle" [trans: "Maternal Education"] sculpted by [Eugene] Delaplanche, the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek [museum, Copenhagen]  
    dam_311 (Malvern?) Hills [Damaged]  
    dam_312 Group of 11 men [Damtoft 2nd from left], 9 in suits, 2 in military uniform. Photo by U.S. Army Signal Corps.  
    dam_313 Asheville Chamber of Commerce annual banquet January 1950. L to R: Attorney Francis Heazel, Damtoft, H. A. Bourne  
    dam_314 Banquet at YMCA, Damtoft on far right  
    dam_315 "Our 'Old Time Group' in attendance at the Woods meeting at Lake Logan, June 1948: Arthur Case, H A Helder, Damtoft, W J Parker, R N Jolly, J H Keever, Jim Brown  
    dam_316 Group of 29 men sitting and standing, Damtoft standing 2nd left. [Location and date unknown]  
    dam_317 Photograph (page from Collier's magazine) of well dressed man in front of a closed door. Inscription reads, "To my esteemed friend Walter J Damtoft. Yours truly [unclear] (Heoy?) W.A.A. 3/2/52"  
    dam_318 Young man [Damtoft] in front of a stand of trees. Accompanying note reads: "WJD and stand of young pine where in S.C. (date unknown). (Note: this is only pix I could find among personal files showing WJD with young trees. Called Huger and suggested that company files might provide something along this line if it needed. Huger said he would check this with Hoffman via direct line 2-2-59)." Also small, reduced quality, copy of the same photo  
    dam_319 Large group of men in suits sitting and standing on stairs. Also a photocopy of the photo which is annotated with names and titled "1942-42".  
    dam_320 Group of 17 men, including Damtoft, standing in an office. Location and date unknown (likely 1940s or 50s)  
    dam_321 Small photograph of 7 men standing on a roadway, Damtoft 3rd from left (1940s?)  
    dam_322 Two negatives of forest scenes  
    dam_323 Man holding a pipe and standing in gateway  
    dam_324 Man [Damtoft] in suit and fedora standing in front of fir grove. [Image has red crop marks]  
    dam_325 Damtoft standing in front of photographs highlighting his life in forestry  
    dam_326 7 men standing in front of bookshelves, Damtoft 3rd from left. Location and date unknown (possibly 1940s?)  
    dam_327 House on hillside. Location and date unknown  
    dam_328 Two men [a young Damtoft and older man] leaning back against a large tree. "A large poplar, Bradley Fork of Lufty River. Return to W J Damtoft, champion Fibre Co. Canton, Ohio. Chastain Reagan", written on rear  
    dam_329 Group of 11 men, 8 standing and 3 sitting, with axe and calipers. Damtoft 4th from left. (Dress and age of Damtoft suggest circa 1920, possibly Yale?)  
    dam_330 Yale reunion June 1925 [Rolled and damaged]  
    dam_331 "Southern Forestry Congress - July 11-15, 1916, Battery Park, Asheville, N.C." Long group photo of attendees, some are identified [Some damage]  
    dam_332 Photograph of "The Verne Rhoades family", sent as Christmas card and inscribed, "All of us wish a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Damtoffs, 1945" Photo by [Ignatius] N Block  
    dam_333 Man standing among trees and facing away from camera. "Lovelace Lands" written on rear [2 copies]  
    dam_334 Man standing in woodland glade, "Lovelace Lands" written on rear [2 copies, both poor quality]  
    dam_335 Man standing among trees facing camera.  "Tenn. Land Co." written on rear [2 copies, both poor quality]  
    dam_336 Stand of trees  "Tenn. Land Co." written on rear [2 copies, both poor quality]  
    dam_337 Man standing among trees and facing away from camera. "Lovelace Lands" written on rear [2 copies, both poor quality]  
    dam_338 Stand of trees "Lovelace Lands" written on rear [2 copies]  
    dam_339 Man standing among trees facing camera.  "Tenn. Land Co." written on rear [2 copies, both poor quality]  
    dam_340 Forest nursery  
    dam_341 "Wood storage yard on operation of The Champion Fibre Co." and other pencil notes written on rear  
    dam_342 Group of 14 men standing and kneeling, "Reunion Biltmore Forest School, Oct. 1960, Asheville, N.C.. Pisgah Inn" written on rear  
    dam_343 Unidentified man sitting next to a tent  
    dam_344 Photographs published by T. H. Lindsey, Asheville, N.C. under the general title of "Views of Western North Carolina"; card mounted

a) # 114C [written in pencil], "Asheville and Vicinity" (Battery Park Hotel) ; advertisement for Lindsey's Photographic Parlors on reverse.

b) # 125 "Asheville and Vicinity - City from Battery Park" ; "Asheville and vicinity, class A", essay about Asheville and view from Battery Park on reverse.

c) # 428 "Along the French Broad - Lover's Leap in Pre.." [Remainder missing.] ; "Along the French Broad River, Class, C", essay and poem 'Tahkeeostee - racing waters' by Mary Bayard Clark on reverse.

d) #718 "The land of the sky - Esmeralda's Cabin" ; essay, "The land of the sky, class K", on reverse

e) # 1007 "The land of the sky - The wood market" ; essay, "The land of the sky, class K", on reverse.

    dam_345 Photograph of four colored children standing in a street, captioned, "#28, What are you looking at?", by Shartle, 59 South Main Street, Asheville, N.C. ; 1892