Walter Julius Damtoft Collection
FOREST PHOTOGRAPHS - all credited to "A M Lumberman, photo and eng"
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    dam_for_001 Two men leaning against trees. "It is unnecessary to elaborate on this character of the hemlock timber growth standing on Bobs Creek a branch of Big Santeelah which shows fourteen giant trees ranging from three to four feet in diameter."  
    dam_for_002 Two men with their backs to trees. "Characteristic growth of chestnut in poplar grove. The big trees in the background in the center of the illustration are poplar. The five large ones in the foreground are chestnut. This growth is unusually heavy. The trees are large, sound and free from visible defects."  
    dam_for_003 Man with his back to tree. "Poplar and chestnut timber near the headwaters of Long Creek about two miles from Robbinsville. The timber of this creek is not so large as that previously illustrated but it is sound and of good quality."  
    dam_for_004 Two men, one crouching, one leaning against tree. "Mixed growth of poplar, beech, basswood and hemlock in Nichol's Cove of Slick Rock Valley. Illustrating the quality of the Whiting Manufacturing Company's trees."  
    dam_for_005 Two men sitting among tall trees. "This engraving illustrates a magnificent growth of hemlock timber on Slink Knob Branch of Big Snowbird Creek. The feature of unusual importance is the tremendous and uniform size of the hemlock of that locality."  
    dam_for_006 1. Man leaning against tree. "Sample of poplar growth near the center of Slick Rock Valley."
2. Notes regarding methods of utilization and the illustrations
3. Two men sitting at base of tree. "A 7-foot yellow poplar tree in the Glen Cove of Slick Valley
    dam_for_007 Man sitting among trees. "Mixed timber in Buffalo Creek illustrating diameter and height of Buckeye, Basswood, Maple and Oak. Also bringing out forcibly the heavy stand of timber." Also notes regarding "density of timber growth", "lands cruised by competent estimators" and "cruiser's comments on timber",  
    dam_for_008 Man with his back to tree. "Introducing tree inhabitants of Poplar Cove one of which is 8-foot, one 6-foot and one 5 feet 6 inches in diameter. All of yellow poplar of soft texture and unsurpassed value containing a great quantity of wide clear stock".  
    dam_for_009 1. Two men riding mules along forest track. "Country road passing over the mountains from Andrews, N.C. on the Southern Railway to Robbinsville, N.C. which follows the waters of Long Creek from the mountain top to the Cheoah River."
2. Two men standing among trees. "Heavy growth near the head of Long Creek. This tract contains 1,510 acres, the report of the cruisers showing a total stand of 10,796,500 feet, the average for each being 7,150. The average stand of oak is about 2,250 feet, chestnut 2,500, hemlock 1,250, buckeye and basswood, 500, and poplar 300feet."
    dam_for_010 Man sitting on log in forest. "Mixed hardwood growth, including such important timber as red oak, chestnut and poplar which should serve further to emphasize the wealth of timber on the Snowbird tract of the Whiting Manufacturing Company."  
    dam_for_011 Three men standing among trees. "A solid growth of hemlock on Mouse Knob Branch of Snowbird Creek, showing some variation as to size but an unusually heavy stand of high quality timber owned by the Whiting Manufacturing Company."  
    dam_for_012 Man standing in forest. "A scene in the valley of Buffalo Creek. In many localities, as in the spot shown, yellow poplar grows to the exclusion of almost all other kinds. Valley timber can be logged at relatively low cost."  
    dam_for_013 Man standing in forest. [Photo is printed backwards making the caption unreadable]  
    dam_for_014 Two men standing among trees. "Illustrating the variety of timber growth in Bear Creek Valley, showing poplar, chestnut, soft maple and hemlock. Eight Whiting Manufacturing Company giants on a quarter of an acre of valley soil."  
    dam_for_015 Two men standing among trees. "Cherry growth in Denton Cove of Slick Rock Valley, showing size and variety of Whiting Manufacturing Company's unsurpassed cherry timber. The variety and quality of the timber in this locality are unexcelled."  
    dam_for_016 One man standing, and one sitting, in forest. "Mixed timber growth on the lands of the Whiting Manufacturing Company in Nichols Cove in the upper portion of Slick Rock Valley, showing a profuse growth of yellow poplar, beech and hemlock."  
    dam_for_017 Two men leaning against a large tree in forest. "Another glimpse of the poplar and hemlock of an unnamed stream, a tributary of Bear Creek. The size and character of this hemlock and poplar are typical of the growth of the Whiting Manufacturing Company's timber on the Belding Tract."  
    dam_for_018 Man leaning on tall tree. "A solid stand of chestnut timber on Long Creek, a part of the Belding Tract owned by the Whiting Manufacturing Company, showing timber of fair size and good height. This valley abounds in chestnut, oak and timber."  
    dam_for_019 1. Two men with their backs to a tall tree. "Giant white ash tree on the upper waters of Slick Rock Valley."
2. Notes regarding quantities and varieties of timber on the Santeelah Creek Tract
3. Man leaning on tree. "Illustrating the character of the ash and buckeye timber of the Slick Rock Valley
    dam_for_020 Two men, one standing on the shoulders of the other, with backs to tree. "Note the close bark, indicating high quality on this 8-foot yellow poplar tree in Poplar Cove, on Belding Tract of the Whiting Manufacturing Company." Also includes notes covering "byproducts", "problems of manufacture", and "getting at the timber".