John Dawson Collection

Loose Photographs from Scrapbook

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M01.2.01 5 1 P20: B & W 5"x7" studio photo of  young African American woman sitting in chair, flowered wallpaper. Floyd & Johnson photo daw_046.jpg (422368 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 2 P21: B & W 5"x7" studio photo of carefully coiffed young African American woman in white suit against a flowered wallpaper design. daw_035.jpg (348129 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 3 P22: Contract print of negative strip, four images. African American woman with glasses in kitchen (at top), looking up from pouring liquid into a cup from a bottle; three lower photos of two little African American girls, well-dressed, on steps of large brick building. On back: "Floyd" in pencil, and "#75" daw_045.jpg (1348381 bytes)
daw_045a.jpg (345979 bytes)
daw_045b.jpg (341615 bytes)
daw_045c.jpg (320347 bytes)
daw_045d.jpg (403932 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 4 P23: Photo of two African American girls, a frame taken from a home - movie daw_043.jpg (387478 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 5 P24: Photo of  African American boy holding cap, dressed in white. Date on back JUN 3 1939 daw_044.jpg (381505 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 6 P25: Well dressed young African American male with car key in left hand, right hand against tree trunk - date on back APR 10 1939 daw_041.jpg (494370 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 7 P26: Seated, well-dressed African American man. Pencil in pocket, keys in left hand daw_040.jpg (215102 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 8 P27:1930's Oldsmobile convertible daw_039.jpg (387405 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 9 P28: African American Woman and small girl daw_036.jpg (441355 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 10 P29: Touring bus ("Special") - nighttime daw_037.jpg (134826 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 11 P30: Post card of African American woman in flowered dress; "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" daw_038.jpg (161032 bytes)
M01.2.01 5 12 P31: Cartoon - chicken driving tractor - "Did you ever see a chicken farm?" daw_042.jpg (288032 bytes)