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M01.2.01 2 1.1 Cover, front:
Cover printed:
___Ft Laud. Fl_"___[handwritten]

"Fish" is handwritten, upper right.
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M01.2.01 2 1.2 Cover, back:
"Asheville Cities [sic] population 50,200 people Wonderful Water.
I think  My 1st visit was in the year of 1938 very short visit aprox. [sic] 3 weeks. in which I return to the nation [sic] fastest growing city Fort Lauderdale, Florida to return early in the year of 1940 To Really Begin Life."

[Photo corners for one missing photo]

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M01.2.01 2 2.1 Page I, front:
"This Space is for The Duke
Played at the Carolina Warehouse on the 18 of July with a crowd of _____? including Council Johnson & Alzen Floyd to make this number of"

[photo missing]
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M01.2.01 2 2.2
Page I, back:
"The Index of Alzen Floyd
Beginning early in the year of our Lord1940 A.D.  endening [sic] in the year of our Lord ___________?
Pages are as follows.
Page I
(A) The Misses Ellise Simms of Asheville, North Carolina
(B) Mrs Jackson (Beaneeast) of Jax, Fla.
(D) Doctor & Nurce [sic] of Daniel Fla. Now preseding [sic] Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  Doctor and Miss Myzelle.
(D) The Mr & (Miss) Tommie Lee Little John & (Mr. Daniel Holloway
(E) The Wing [sic] Over Jordan Traveling Buss [sic] Taken in Asheville.  Leaveing [sic] the McCormic [McCormick] Baseball field on its Tour of the country
(F) (G) (J) (K) Wings Over Jordan with Worth Kramer Coundector [sic]
(J) Wings Over Jordan entire group with Rev. Glenn T. Settle originator and Worth Kramer Conductor
(H) (I) The first pictures I ever have taken an [sic] place the results in a SCRAP BOOK (count.) on page IV"
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M01.2.01 2 3.1 Page II, front:
[Photo corners for photos (A) - (D)
Photos still in place: (B) and (E)]
P1: "(B)
Mrs. Jackson (Beaneeast) of Jax, Fla."
P2: "(E) The Wings Over Jordan Traveling Bus. Taken in Asheville leaving the McCormick Baseball field on its Tour of the country."
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daw_005b.jpg (332760 bytes)

M01.2.01 2 3.2 Page II, back:
[blank page]
M01.2.01 2 4.1 Page III, front:
[Photo corners for photos (F) - (K)
Photos still in place: (G), (H) and (J)]
P3: "(G) Wings Over Jordan with Worth Kramer Conductor": [Choir in robes singing on baseball field, scoreboard behind them]
P4: "(H) The first pictures I ever have taken and place the results in a SCRAP BOOK"
[Photo (H
) shows Haywood Street looking south where it dead ends at the S&W Cafeteria.  Bon Marché department store is to the right, Ivey's department store is to the left (became Haywood Park Hotel in 2000)]
"(J) Wings Over Jordan with Worth Kramer Conductor"  [Choir in robes singing on baseball diamond, seen from bleachers]
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M01.2.01 2 4.2
Page III, back:
[Index for the facing page]
"(L) The Battery Park Hotel
(M) The George Vanderbilt Hotel
(N) Daniel & The Mistress -"
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M01.2.01 2 5.1 Page IV, front:
[Photo corners for three photos.
Photos (L) and (N) are missing.]
P6: "(M) The George Vanderbilt Hotel"
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daw_008a.jpg (143261 bytes)

M01.2.01 2 5.2 Page IV, back:
[Photo corners for one missing photo]
M01.2.01 2 6.1 Page V, front:
[Photo corners for seven photos.]
"(O)" [two missing photos]
"(P)"  [two photos]
P6: African-American male reclining in grass
P8: Well-dressed African-American couple
"(q)" [three missing photos]
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daw_009a.jpg (193215 bytes)

daw_009b.jpg (323063 bytes)

M01.2.01 2 6.2 Page V, back:
Diagram [of a wiring setup?] with instructions: "Cut (F) Box off and leave it off" 
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M01.2.01 2 7.1  Page VI, front:
[Photo corners for five photos: All photos are missing.]
M01.2.01 2 7.2 Page VI, back:
"My Interview on Life.
Life is not worth while with out a smile.
Smiling faces should never appear in public toward its liveing [sic] condition (a man with out a smile never can run a buisness [sic].
Never reach down my brother.  Always reach to keep your head free from injurious accidents    after all the head control all the below.
I am sorry some time makes a very good friend, I have to secure the bread for my family at the age __of 21___
_______   _______   _______    _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______    _______
My life ends here ____ ?
Advise [sic] even from an infant should be considered
A genlteman [sic] is always known
Intellegance [sic]
Use more fore thought than not so much or no hind thought."
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M01.2.01 2 8.1 Page VII, front:
In upper left corner: "Alzen Floyd died in month _____, Day _____, Slate [sic] 19
My Friends _____________?
Benton Funeral Home Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
My photo apears [sic] Dim Here But I hope it is not the same when you Meat Meet Me personally". To either side of missing photo: "Life is so sweet when you have Rest, Born March 15, 1919 in Florida ". Above photo: "I hope to die some Day But before I go I want to see the day when My family will (below missing photo) have What? What? What! To have  To hold  To live for and Me just Forgotten maybe To-morrow"
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M01.2.01 2 8.2 Page VII, back:
[blank page]
M01.2.01 2 9.1 Page VIII, front:
"To Keep my friends is my delight So in the Book (This page) I hope you will write, Thank you.  (Miss) Mamie L. Bennett, 1021 Park Road, N. W., Washington, D. C."
[photo corners for one large missing photo]
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M01.2.01 2 9.2 Page VIII, back:
[blank page]
M01.2.01 2 10.1 Page IX, front:
[Photo pasted over page number.
Four unidentified photos with space for one missing photo.
P9: White male in lawn chair with canal (?) behind him
P10: Home and driveway
P11: African American female, coming toward house from car carrying objects, sticking out her tongue at the camera
P12: White male in uniform holding Scottie dog.]
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daw_014b.jpg (186172 bytes)

daw_014c.jpg (403401 bytes)

daw_014d.jpg (442171 bytes)

M01.2.01 2 10.2 Page IX, back:
[blank page]
M01.2.01 2 11.1 Page X, front:
[Three photos and one missing photo.
P13: "Daniel Holloway and Count Johnson"
P14: Two African American males, one in uniform, one with a guitar
P15: African American male on front porch, open door,  pointing beneath vase on porch]
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daw_015a.jpg (394983 bytes)

daw_015b.jpg (294497 bytes)

daw_015c.jpg (178160 bytes)

M01.2.01 2 11.2 Page X, back:
[blank page]
M01.2.01 2 12.1 Page XIII, front:
[Two photos and one missing photo.
P16: Two African American couples seated at table (in night club?)
P17: Second view of one of the couples]
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daw_016a.jpg (188379 bytes)

daw_016b.jpg (344563 bytes)

M01.2.01 2 12.2 Page XIII, back:
[Photo corners for four or five missing photos.]