Jerome Dykeman's Scrapbook of Wilma Dykeman's First 30 Years. (Part I)
Pages 1 - 50
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OS page 001 dyk_scr_001a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Grandma Dyke 1916 dyk_scr_001a.jpg (408060 bytes)
  page 001 dyk_scr_001b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Grandma Cole 1916 dyk_scr_001b.jpg (429673 bytes)
  page 001 dyk_scr_001c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Mother and Daddy at Lynn Cove house 1916 dyk_scr_001c.jpg (2219249 bytes)
  page 003 dyk_scr_003a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Daddy and Wilma (2 mo.) 1916 dyk_scr_003a.jpg (394139 bytes)
  page 003 dyk_scr_003b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma at 6 months 1916 dyk_scr_003b.jpg (271844 bytes)
  page 003 dyk_scr_003c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma at 1 year 1917 dyk_scr_003c.jpg (356231 bytes)
  page 003 dyk_scr_003d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Mother and Wilma at 1 year of age 1917 dyk_scr_003d.jpg (469686 bytes)
  page 003 dyk_scr_003e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook:  Wilma at 1 year with her Father 1917 dyk_scr_003e.jpg (486344 bytes)
  page 005 dyk_scr_005a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Christmas Card- 1924 1924 dyk_scr_005a.jpg (258330 bytes)
  page 005 dyk_scr_005b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Dear Lady"card from Wilma
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  page 005 dyk_scr_005c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Kindergarten- 1926. Drawing of a bird. 1926 dyk_scr_005c.jpg (493210 bytes)
  page 005 dyk_scr_005d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wima, as child,  seated on a stump.
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  page 005 dyk_scr_005e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma as child, with doll
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  page 006 dyk_scr_006 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: First Report Card - promoting her to 2nd Grade 1926-1927 dyk_scr_006.jpg (994379 bytes)
  page 007 dyk_scr_007a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma and her Mother
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  page 007 dyk_scr_007b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma and Billy N.
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  page 007 dyk_scr_007c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma in a swing - 7 yrs. old
  page 007 dyk_scr_007d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma and Father bringing in the Christmas Tree, 12/23/1929 1929 dyk_scr_007d.jpg (449414 bytes)
  page 007 dyk_scr_007e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Jerome Dykeman, Wilma's half-brother and Wilma
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  page 008 dyk_scr_008a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma with two unidentified children
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  page 008 dyk_scr_008b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Pupils' Reading Circle. 1928 Certificate stating that Wilma completed the Pupils' Reading Circle Work 1928 dyk_scr_008b.jpg (395092 bytes)
  page 009 dyk_scr_009a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: From Jerome in Venezuela, S.A. to Wilma. 1929 dyk_scr_009a.jpg (605895 bytes)
  page 009 dyk_scr_009b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Letter from Uncle Frank to Wilma, 1930
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1930 dyk_scr_009b3.jpg (923881 bytes)
  page 009 dyk_scr_009c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Letter from Uncle Frank
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dyk_scr_009c1.jpg (709247 bytes)
  page 009 dyk_scr_009d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "MoThEr" :  "A PRINCESS"  A poem Wilma wrote for her mother, probably for Valentine's Day

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  page 010 dyk_scr_010a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card 1927-1928 Report Card promoting Wilma to 3rd Grade 1927-1928 dyk_scr_010a.jpg (890034 bytes)
  page 010 dyk_scr_010b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card  1927-1928 Report Card promoting Wilma to 3a Grade 1927-1928 dyk_scr_010b.jpg (877944 bytes)
  page 011 dyk_scr_011a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: The Vacation Reading Club. 1929 Diploma certifying Wilma completed the Vacation Reading Course and is a full member of the Vacation Reading Club 1929 dyk_scr_011a.jpg (376545 bytes)
  page 011 dyk_scr_011b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Pupils' Reading Circle. 1929 Certificate statring that Wilma completed the Pupils' Reading Circle Work 1929 dyk_scr_011b.jpg (426472 bytes)
  page 012 dyk_scr_013a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: A One- Act Play Program. 1929 Program for two One Acts, Wilma has a piano solo 1929 dyk_scr_013a.jpg (844031 bytes)
  page 012 dyk_scr_013b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1929 Report Card promoting Wilma to the 4th Grade 1929 dyk_scr_013b.jpg (728282 bytes)
  page 013 dyk_scr_013c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Poems.  Two poems by Wilma.

From MY Bedroom Window
I look from my bedroom window,
At the hillside so bright and green,
The oak, the birch, and the maple,
With the laurel in between.
The gum, the chestnut, the willow,
 The pine tree ever green
The brown leaves scattered thickly,
With the galax in between.
The robin, and the blue bird,
So lovely to be seen,
The phoebe, and the chipper,
And the blue jay with his scream.
Oh, how I love the country,
The air so fresh and free,
The green grass, birds, and flowers,
An everything we see.



HOw very thankful we ought to be,
Fro the things we daily see.
For our Father and our Mother,
For big Sister and big Brother.
For the sunshine and the sky,
Ad the birds that go singing by.
We ought to be thankful for our good health,
For then we don't have to roam.

Standing in the twilight,
In God's wonderous earth
I heard a rippling sound
As if it were of mirth.
I looked around me
To see from whence it came,
As I looked into the meadow,
As I looked into the lane
I saw a thing a moving,
It glittered oh, so bright.
I went around the bend
And I saw a wonderous sight.
The brook had made the rippling sound
And upon a crest, upon a mound,
I saw a garden of flowers and ferns
In the midst I saw a book,
And on it marked the words LEARN.

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  page 013 dyk_scr_013d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma and Father bringing home the Christmas Tree,  1930 1930 dyk_scr_013d.jpg (435134 bytes)
  page 013 dyk_scr_013e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: First Day of School 1930. 1930 Photo of Wilma dressed up for her first day of school 1930 dyk_scr_013e.jpg (554325 bytes)
  page 014 dyk_scr_014 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1929 Report Card for the Music Department 1929 dyk_scr_014.jpg (281232 bytes)
  page 015 dyk_scr_015 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: The University of North Carolina University Extension Division. 1930 Certificate stating Wilma completed Reading Course Number 30A 1930 dyk_scr_015.jpg (287636 bytes)
  page 016 dyk_scr_016a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1930 Report Card promoting Wilma to the 5B Grade


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1930 dyk_scr_016a1.jpg (753337 bytes)
  page 016 dyk_scr_016b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1930 Report Card promoting Wilma to the 5A Grade


dyk_scr_016b2.jpg (390518 bytes)

1930 dyk_scr_016b1.jpg (779038 bytes)
  page 016 dyk_scr_016c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Rewards. A reward for standing the longest on her side in spelling
dyk_scr_016c.jpg (209344 bytes)
  page 016 dyk_scr_016d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1931 Report Card promoting Wilma to the 6th Grade

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1931 dyk_scr_016d1.jpg (875700 bytes)
  page 016 dyk_scr_016e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1932 Report Card promoting Wilma to the 7th Grade 1932 dyk_scr_016e1.jpg (819665 bytes)
  page 016 dyk_scr_016f Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Reward.  1931 Reward for just "missing one problem in Arithmetic..." 1931 dyk_scr_016f.jpg (258020 bytes)
  page 017 dyk_scr_017a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma and Friskie. Wilma and her dog in a field
dyk_scr_017a.jpg (555939 bytes)
  page 017 dyk_scr_017b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Why the Country is a Good Place to Live" written by Wilma


I think the country is a very beautiful place in which to live. You  can see the beautiful birds that bive us lovely music. Their brillian plumage flitting about in the green leaves, or on a carpet of snow is a sight long to be remembered.  The tall green trees in spring and summer suggest such mighty strength and such a beautiful picture, that we feel blessed in having such a beautiful sight. In winter the lovely green boughs laden with glistening snowflakes is fit for any artist's canvas.

Another reason I think that the country is a good place in which to live because it is healthful. Hiking is a very healthful sport and there can be plenty of it  [some] in the country. You can breathe pure good air.

The third reason is good recreation.  You can go camping and have a great fun, also ...

dyk_scr_017b.jpg (604093 bytes)
  page 017 dyk_scr_017c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma, her father and two dogs bringing home the Christmas tree, 12/24/1931. 1931 dyk_scr_017c.jpg (532715 bytes)
  page 018 dyk_scr_018a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Writings by Wilma on May 5th, 1931. Tuesday morning at 24 minutes after 10.

"Out of my window what do I see?
A little brown rabbit looking at me.

Sibyl has brown eyes,
and she likes apple pies.

Phyllis talks an awful lot,
Stop it she could not.

Molly is very quiet
And her face is awfully white.

Billy D. has yellow hair,
And that also makes her fair.

Catherine giggles the hee-hee,
Then she looks straight at me.

She can draw good can Dorothy White,
And her pictures are a pretty sight.

I like to talk and I like to giggle,
I like to squirm and I like to wiggle.

1931 dyk_scr_018a.jpg (342306 bytes)
  page 018 dyk_scr_018b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Farm Program. Invitation to a program designed by Wilma  [1931 ?]

dyk_scr_018b2.jpg (196643 bytes)

dyk_scr_018b1.jpg (317350 bytes)
  page 019 dyk_scr_019a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: The Jolly Journal. 1931 Made-up newspaper by Wilma

dyk_scr_019a2.jpg (603944 bytes) dyk_scr_019a3.jpg (790543 bytes)

1931 dyk_scr_019a1.jpg (683921 bytes)
  page 019 dyk_scr_019b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Program for Grace School's Fifth Grade Play and addressed by Wilma to her Mother.
dyk_scr_019b1.jpg (828620 bytes)
  page 021 dyk_scr_021a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "From Daddy- 1931". 1931 Letter to Wilma from her father 1931  
  page 021 dyk_scr_021b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Letter to Wilma from Andy
  page 021 dyk_scr_021c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: 1931 Letter to Wilma from her mother 1931  
  page 021 dyk_scr_021d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Carmel N.G. 11 years.  Program for The Annual Methodist Bazaar in which Wilma recites several poems 1927  
  page 022 dyk_scr_022a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook:  Letter to Wilma from the Lever Brothers Company thanking her for the poem she wrote about their soap
  page 022 dyk_scr_022b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Holland's The Magazine of the South. Prizes won by Wilma in the Little American Contest
  page 023 dyk_scr_023a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Daddy and W. 12 yrs" Photo of Wilma and her father in a field (12 years old) 1928  
  page 023 dyk_scr_023b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Mother and W. 12 yrs. Photo of Wilma and her mother in field (12 years old) 1928  
  page 023 dyk_scr_023c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1932 Report Card promoting Wilma to Grade 7A 1932  
  page 023 dyk_scr_023d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: 1932 Report Card 1932  
  page 025 dyk_scr_021a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Mrs. McCall's 7th Grade with Mr. Jones 1932.  1932 Photo of Wilma's 7th Grade class with Mrs. McCall and Mr. Jones 1932  
  page 025 dyk_scr_025a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma and Friskie, her dog.
  page 025 dyk_scr_025b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Halloween Card.  Invitation to Wilma's Halloween Party
  page 025 dyk_scr_025c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Program.  Wilma's Halloween Party program
  page 026 dyk_scr_026 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Music and Drama Recital.  Program for Grace School's Recital
  page 027 dyk_scr_027a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: The Jewel Box Program,whih starred Wilma.
  page 027 dyk_scr_027b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Church Program for October 23, 1932 1932  
  page 028 dyk_scr_028 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Unhappy Peggy Pringle".  1932 Poem by Wilma entitled 'Unhappy Peggy Pringle' 1932  
  page 029 dyk_scr_029a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Program for a Christmas program given in Grace School 1932  
  page 029 dyk_scr_029b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "The Presidential Campaign"  1932 A Playlet by Wilma. 1932  
  page 029 dyk_scr_029c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Mrs. Taber's 7-A Grade Present Original Playlet.  1932 Newsclipping about Wilma's playlet being performed 1932  
  page 030 dyk_scr_030a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Student Will Be Given Awards At Grace School. 1932 Newsclipping about Awards given to Grace School students 1932  
  page 030 dyk_scr_030b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "To My Sweetie"  Valentine from Wilma's father
  page 030 dyk_scr_030c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "To Daddy"  1933 Valentine for Wilma's father from Wilma 1933  
  page 031 dyk_scr_031 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Certificate of Award.  1932 Perfect Attendence Award 1932  
  page 032 dyk_scr_032a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Birthday- May 20, 1933. Wilma and friends on her birthday 1933  
  page 032 dyk_scr_032b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: First Day of School- '33.  1933 Photo on her first day of school 1933  
  page 032 dyk_scr_032c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Bringing home the Christmas tree. 1933 Photo of Wilma and her father bringing home the Christmas tree 1933  
  page 032 dyk_scr_032d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card. 1933 Report card from the 8th Grade 1933  
  page 033 dyk_scr_033 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Certificate of Award.  1933 Certificate stating Wilma has completed Elementary School 1933  
  page 034 dyk_scr_034 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Certificate of Award.  1933 Perfect Attendance Award 1933  
  page 035 dyk_scr_035a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook:  "Boost Your Town, Your School, and Your Community."  PTA Packet
  page 035 dyk_scr_035b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Program. 1933 Program for a recital in honor of Mr. Hugh Smith 1933  
  page 036 dyk_scr_036a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Student Will Give Program." 1933 Newsclipping about the recital 1933  
  page 036 dyk_scr_036b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: National Association of Parents and Teachers. 1934 PTA Packet 1934  
  page 037 dyk_scr_037a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Daddy".  Wilma's father smoking a pipe.
dyk_scr_037a.jpg (220270 bytes)
  page 037 dyk_scr_037b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Happy Birthday."  1933 Poem for her father's birthday


The queens in all their splendor
Have many gens of blue,
They have much of gold and silver,
And many palaces, too.

The President has fame and wealth,
The opera stars their money
The comedians get very rich
Just for being funny.

But do I envy one of them?
Do I envy then at all?
Do I envy all their "curtain call?"

No, my dear, I've beat them all,
I've got a much better ting.
I'd rather have it than all fame
Or the most expensive ring.

And now I'll tell you what it is,
It's a loving father dear,
And I'm writing this little poe
To let him know I'm here.

To let him know I remember,
To let him know I care,
To let him know I'd rather have him
Than all the riches fair.

I'd rather have that silver hair,
Than all the sterling anywhere.
I'd rather have those kind blue eyes,
Than all the turquoise in the skies.

And I can very safely sing,
And very happily say,
"That to my loving father,
I wish a very - Happy Birthday!"    


1933 dyk_scr_037b-1.jpg (398422 bytes)
  page 038 dyk_scr_038 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Report Card.   1934 Report Card for the 10th Grade 1934 dyk_scr_038a1.jpg (654829 bytes)
  page 039 dyk_scr_039 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Certificate of Award.  1934 Perfect Attendance Award 1934 dyk_scr_039.jpg (300231 bytes)
  page 040 dyk_scr_040 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Basket Ball."  1934 Poem about a basketball game between fat men and lean men


If you want a lot of fun
If you want a lot of laughter
If some real and jolly sport
Is what you are searching after --

Then I'll tell you how to get it,
It is an easy task,
Just come to the gym on Friday night
Is simply all I ask.

We're going to have a ball game,
Between the fat men and the lean,
And it is going to be the jolliest game
That you have ever seen.

Ira B. Jones is the leader of the fat men Team you see,
And on the opposite side from him is Mr. Johnston's Initials -- J.D.

Some of the FAT men are Mr. Spaulding,
Mr. Carter, also
And the star of the LEAN team
Is Mr. Biddix you know.

So reading over this list of names
We know you will want to be here,
You also will have a lot of fun -
Of that you need not fear.

So come to thegym on Friday nght,
Ninety-hundred, thirty-four,
And we will guarantee you'll have more fun
Than you have ever had before

Wilma Dykeman


1934 dyk_scr_040.jpg (663662 bytes)
  page 041 dyk_scr_041 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Our Friend or Foe"  1934 Poem about fire.


One of the greatest friends that man has
He serves in ways not few,
And yet he is feared greatly,
For he's and enemy, too.

If let escape from man'scontrol,
He reigns with fearful hand,
He damages the countryside,
And lays waste all the land.

And yet this enemy, if but watched,
Does not arouse our ire,
For we make of him a friend or foe,
His name you know is fire.

S if a useful, loyal friend
Of fire we want to make,
There are several precautions
That we must always take.

We must not play with matches,
And  leave them here and there,
We must not strike them just for fun
But handle them with care

We must always be careful
With our electric wires,
Not to leave them hanging loose,
For fear of starting fires.

Oily mops and oily rags,
Should never be kept air tight,
For this is very dangerous,
Because they might ignite.

Careless campers, Careless smokers,
Each should bear in mind,
That coals and sparks are dangerous,
And not to be left behind.

So everyone must careful be,
'Tir a small thing to require,
Let's cut down sorrow, loss, ad death
Because of useless fire.

Wilma Dykeman
Grace School
Age 14

1934 dyk_scr_041.jpg (673743 bytes)
  page 042 dyk_scr_042 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "My Hero."  1934 Poem about heroes, particularly her father.


"My Hero" is the title of a book
That I've just read,
It tells of many heroes,
Some living and some dead.

It told of good George Wahsington,
The father of his land;
He was truthful, loyal, willing,
A man both great and grand.

It told of Patrick Henry,
An orator was he,
He spoke with indignation,
So his country he might free.

It told of good Abe Lincoln,
Though homely, he ws wise,
And though his body may be buried,
His spirit never dies.

It told of Calvin Cooidge,
And though little he did say,
His knowledge became apparaent,
And lives unti this day.

And last it told of Roosevelt,
With all his plans and moey,
He faced a situation"That was far from being funny.

Ad at last I finished,
I closed the book I's read,
And became deep in thought,
And here is what I said,

"I've read of al these great men,,
They've had their good traits and their bad,
But there is one man that I know
To think of him make me glad.

He may not have the money
Of the Roosevelt of to-day,
He may not have great eloquence4,
His feelings to portray,

But he's the greatest hero
Of them all to me,
Because this man I'sm speaking of
He's my  --- Dad, you see.



1934 dyk_scr_042.jpg (717155 bytes)
  page 043 dyk_scr_043a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: May- 20- 1934.  Wilma and her Father 1934  
  page 043 dyk_scr_043b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Willard J. Dykeman Dies of Heart Attack."  Article abolut Willard Dykeman, Wilma's father's death
  page 043 dyk_scr_043c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook:  Obituary for Wilma's father
  page 044 dyk_scr_044 Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Poems of Sentiment and Refection by Wilma.
  page 045 dyk_scr_045a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Girl Scouts' Parents Banquet in honor of Miss Helen Richmond.
  page 045 dyk_scr_045b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Scrap poem. Poem about Juliette Gordon Lowe on a piece of scrap paper
  page 045 dyk_scr_045c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Trail Cookery for Girl Scouts. Guide to cooking outdoors by the Girl Scouts
  page 046 dyk_scr_046a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: 1934 Registration Card for the Girl Scouts 1934  
  page 046 dyk_scr_046b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: 1934 -Wilma in her Girl Scout Uniform 1934  
  page 046 dyk_scr_046c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Affirmations."  List of things to do to perfect Health/Self- Control/Self-Reliance. Probably a Girl Scout assignment
  page 047 dyk_scr_047a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Second Camp of Girl Scouts to be Held Friday" Newsclipping about Girl Scout Camp
  page 047 dyk_scr_047b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Scout Troops Entertain Two Parties" Newsclipping about parties hosted by Girl Scouts
  page 047 dyk_scr_047c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "On the Lake"  1934 Photo of Wilma on the lake at Camp Elliot 1934  
  page 047 dyk_scr_047d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "At Cabin." 1934 Photo of Wilma at her cabin at Camp Elliot 1934  
  page 047 dyk_scr_047e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook:  Newsclipping about troop meetings
  page 047 dyk_scr_047f Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Girl Scouts Here Are Having Stay At Camp."  Newsclipping about girls going to camp
  page 048 dyk_scr_048a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Registration Card.  1935 Girl Scout Registration Card 1935  
  page 048 dyk_scr_048b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Registration Card.  1936 Girl Scout Registration Card 1936  
  page 048 dyk_scr_048c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook:"Asheville Girl Scout Group To Hold Meeting Today."  1935 Newsclipping about the Girl Scouts performing a radio play 1935  
  page 048 dyk_scr_048d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: "Overnight Hike to Lost World."  1936 Itinerary for Overnight Hike 1936  
  page 049 dyk_scr_049a Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Girl Scouts around a fire
  page 049 dyk_scr_049b Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Girl Scout Camp at Camp Elliot 1934.  A cabin on the lake 1934  
  page 049 dyk_scr_049c Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Camp Elliot. Girl Scouts on a bridge in the woods
  page 049 dyk_scr_049d Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Wilma's Cabin at Camp Elliot with her cabin-mates.
  page 049 dyk_scr_049e Jerome Dykeman Scrapbook: Overnight Hike at Camp Elliot.  Girl Scouts in the middle of a field