Asheville Area Human Relations Council


Minutes for June 21, 1963 meeting of Asheville Area Council on Human Relations and letter to council members.

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Asheville Area Council on Human Relations

Asheville, North Carolina

May 1, 1962

Dear Council Member:

The Executive Committee of the Asheville Area Council on Human Relations has received a request, and has heard a report regarding the Negro school problem in the counties of Western North Carolina. The request is that the Asheville Area Council on Human Relations convene a meeting of persons from the entire Western North Carolina area, who are concerned about the problem presented. The Council will act only as the convening group, in order that the facts might be presented. The request was received from the American Friends Service Committee, from John Hampton, and Dr. W. D. Weatherford. Your Executive Committee feels that the decision regarding the calling of such a meeting should be determined by the entire Council? therefore, we are calling a meeting of the Council for lunch on Tuesday, May 15, at 12 o'clock noon, at the YMCA, 2 Woodfin Street,

In order for you to be informed, I am enclosing materials presented to your Executive Committee, and hope you will read these materials and be present at the meeting, to help in determing whether or not you feel the Council should act upon this request.

A report also will be made at this meeting of the activities o the Executive Committee, plus the problems confronting the Council which will require action, in order for your Executive Committee to carry out your desires.

With all best wishes and in grateful appreciation for your willingness to serve your community and country in this important area of Human Relations, I remain


George A. Abbott



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The minutes of June 21, 1963 meeting of the Asheville Area Council on Human Relations.

William E. Greene, President, presiding. The President opened the meeting by asking Mr. Henry Burts to give the invocation. Ruben J. Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer, read the minutes of the previous meeting of June 3, 1963 and gave a financial report.

The President called upon the Honorable Earl W. Eller, Mayor of the City of Asheville and Chairman of the Special Committee on efforts dealing with desegregation of businesses serving the public. The mayor read a public statement concerning desegregation, copies of which were left with the Secretary to mail to the members. His Honor's public statement and declaration was approved, having been moved by his Honor and seconded by Mr. Carl B. Hyatt. His Honor further stated that his Committee had had two meetings in their effort to devise and construct the statement read.

Dr. Perry Crouch spoke in behalf of the Committee's Declaration, explaining that the object of the Declaration as read by his Honor was to put the burden on any business who was unwilling to follow the feelings and the will of the City, County, Human Relations Council and the Community pattern.

Mr. Francis Heazel spoke in behalf of the Declaration stating that the plan was in the nature of justice and that a copy of the Declaration should be mailed to all the members of the Council, who were not present.

Dr. Crouch spoke again and moved that the Secretary send copies of said Public Statement to all absent members with two questions which arc as follows:


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1. Do you as a member of the Asheville Area Council on Human Relations agree with the public statement concerning desegregation, as read by his Honor the Mayor in and for the City of Asheville, North Carolina at the May 21, 1963 meeting of the Council?

2. If so may we use your name for any reference or publication approved by the Council?

If you agree with the public statement and allow us to use your name will you please indicate by signing your name to the within statement after having read the same contained in this letter. This proposal by the said Dr. Crouch was adopted.

Mrs. Gumpert spoke in behalf of the statement and suggested that the heading of said statement should read A PUBLIC STATEMENT CONCERNING DESEGREGATION instead of a Public Statement Concern! Segregation. This correction was made and the statement was amended. The said statement was further amended by adding the word opportunity after the word rights to the last line of said instrument.

Dr. Schandler spoke and inquired as to whether or not the Mayor's Committee or the Human Relations Council had any machinery for implementing the public declaration heretofore mentioned.

The Honorable Mayor Eller spoke again on the S&W and Bailey's Cafeterias and the Theaters, stating that the same were in the process of negotiation.

The Rev. Dr. Crouch moved that Dr. Walter J. Miller, Dr. Emory Blackard, Rev. Nane Starnes and Rev. John Knight be included as members of the Council, the motion was seconded by Mr. Francis Hoazcl and so carried. Mrs. Leah Butler stated that she had attended a conference on Religion and Race, recently in Greensboro, N. C. and had a summary statement of the purpose of said Council meeting and read the same.


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The following members were in attendance:


Mr. Henry Burts

Mr. L. H. McCord

Mr. Francis J. Heazel

Dr. Joseph Schandler

Mr. Arthur M. Bonnerman

Dr. William M. Tucker

Mr. Carl B. Hyatt, Jr.

Mr. W. E. Roland

Mr. Jack Bolt

Mr. William E. Greene

Mr. Ruben J. Dailey

Mayor E. W. Eller

Mr. T. B. Sumner

Mrs. Howard K, Harrison

Dr. Howard K, Harrison

Mrs. Leah Butler

Mrs. Rita Lee

Miss Mildred Parker

Mrs. L. A. Stradley

Mrs. Rudolf Gumpert

Mrs. Melvin E. Carter

Mr. W. P. Griffin

Mrs. Charles E. Dameron

Dr. John W. White

Rev. Nane Starnes

Rev. C. C. Scott


The Meeting was adjourned by the President after prayer by Dr. Joseph Schandlcr.


Respectfully submitted, this 21st day of June, 1963.


Ruben J. Dailey, Secretary-Treasurer


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February 3, 1964


Dear Member:


On Friday, January 24, 1964, the Executive Committee met at the invitation and request of the President, Mr. William Greene The said meeting having been called and notices issued in till form of Post Cards by the Secretary-Treasurer, Ruben J. Dailey as a result of this meeting, which was held at the Central YMCA, Asheville, a decision was reached to convene the entire Council at a meeting at the Central YMCA, Asheville on Wednesday, February 12, 1964 at 12:30 Noon. This will be a luncheon meeting on a Dutch Treat basis. We will therefore, need to know how many members will be present, and you may indicate your position on the enclosed Post Card.


The purpose of convening the entire Council at this time as discussed by the Executive Committee is as follows: To discuss with representatives of Howard Johnson's, Holiday Inn, Horne's and Host of America, their attitude and position in regard to desegregating their motels, to-wit, particularly their sleeping accommodations. We have had complaints from both white and Negro community concerning these problems, and we that unless we can solve this problem with these said motel as we have solved so many others, we are likely to provoke and invite unfavorable reaction from certain elements of our community and others.


We have discussed upon numerous occasions this problem with representatives of the said motels in Executive sessions of our Council, but have not been able to arrive at a satisfactory solution. We, therefore, as members of the Executive Committee, feel that these said motels should have an opportunity to meet our entire Council rather than the continued discussions with the Executive Committee.


Very truly yours,


Ruben J. Dailey,



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