Asheville Area Human Relations Council


Minutes for January 28, 1966 meeting of Asheville Area Council on Human Relations.

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   The Executive Committee of the Asheville Area Council on Human Relations, met in a duly called luncheon meeting at 12:30 pm, January 28, 1966 at the Central YMCA, Asheville, North Carolina.

   Those present being as follows: Ruben J. Dailey, William E. Greene, Henry Burts, Clarence E. Morgan, Earl W. Eller, Mrs. D. R. Printz, W. P. Griffin, Cecil E. Sherman, Mrs. Phyllis B. Franz, John W. White. A. Allen Gardner, Jr., and Charles H. Lindsley, with Mr. L. H. McCord as guest for the luncheon.

   Chairman William E. Greene, presided at said meeting with Ruben J. Dailey, Secretary.

   The meeting was opened with prayer led by Rev. A. Allen Gardner Jr.

   Mrs. Goeforth catered the luncheon.

   Mr. Greene, the Chairman, reported that Cecil's Business College and Blanton's Business College were now opened, on an integrated basis, and serve all qualified applicants regardless of race.

   Mrs. Bruce Franz discussed the situation in regard to race, of the school at. Memorial Mission Hospital. It being stated that the nursing school, have not included any Negroes.

   Ruben J. Dailey called to the Chairman and the rest of the committee members' attention, the fact that representatives from the Asheville-County Citizen Organization were present, and desired to present certain petitions.

   President Greene acknowledged the fact, that Mr. L. H. McCord was guest by invitation and had expressed a request to be present at the the purpose of presenting, certain petitions and requests. The upon the said Mr. McCord, who made his request, directing that the City governments should employ Negroes on a percentage basis, representing age, as it compares with the ratio of Negroes and White citizens. The were discussed and received.

   Robert L. Harrell, President of the Asheville-Buncombe County Citizens Organization, presented William S. Jones, as spokesman for the Asheville-Buncombe County Citizens Organization, who presented a statement to request to Area Council. A copy of said request having been signed by members of the Interracial Committee, the Ministerial Alliance of Asheville and Buncombe County, The Committee on  Social Responsibility of the Unitarian Church of Asheville

   After the said William S. Jones presented said request in writing a discussion


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was had, where upon, a member of the Executive Committee, A. Allen Gardner represented a counter proposal, the same having been adopted, by the Executive Committee. The President, William E. Greene, appointed three (3) representatives from the Asheville Area Council on Human Relations o meet with a similar number, to be appointed by the President of the Asheville Buncombe County Citizens Organization. Those appointed by the said President Greene, were the Honorable Earl E. Eller, Mayor of the City of Asheville, Dr. Charles H. Lindsley and W. P. Griffin, Superintendent of City Schools of Asheville. A copy of Rev. A. Allen Gardner's report is hereby attached.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30 P. M.


The luncheon was paid from the treasure of the Asheville Areas Council on Human Relations, the amount of the luncheon was Sixteen ($16.00) Dollars. The expense of stamps and post cards, etc., was Two Dollars and Twenty-five Cent ($2.25) leaving a balance in the treasure of Seventy-three ($.73) Cents.


Respectfully submitted,


Ruben J. Dailey, Secretary-Treasurer


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