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Letter from Robert M. Walker, Field Representative of the North Carolina Fund, to Rev. A. Allen Gardner, Jr., First Presbyterian Church, concerning the school board OEO "confrontation." June 7, 1966.

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June 7, 1966

The Reverend A. Allen Gardner, Jr.

First Presbyterian Church

40 Church Street Asheville, North Carolina

Dear Reverend Gardner:

Many thanks to you, both for attending the School Board - OEO "confrontation" on Thursday and for your good letter!

We have talked with various people who were there and have seen the newspaper follow-ups, and mostly they confirm your own impressions. It does seem as if the School Board was determined not to transport children, and did not move from this position during the meeting. Bob Kayyem did not feel that combining the Hill and Randolph schools accomplished anything which moved toward racial balance in any significant way. It looks as if "dialogue" in the sense of making different sides clear may have occurred, but it is unfortunate if "dialogue" which produced new understanding or moved people closer together was impossible. As you say, "nuts!"

At least The Opportunity Corporation is taking on the job of providing Headstart for this summer, and maybe some efforts can be made along the way by you and other Board members to build for better understanding in the future. Let's hope so.

It was good to meet and talk with you. Please let Mary Ann or me know if we can work further on any matters there at any time. We will be in touch with you again.



Robert M. Walker

Field Representative


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