Asheville Area Human Relations Council


"Summary of Recommendations from First Town Meeting on School Desegregation" June 28, 1966.

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June 28, 1966


1. Have more public meetings,

   a. Keep up community interest,


2. School Board should discuss all issues publicly, rather than have formally structured pre-concluded meetings at four o'clock on the first Tuesday.


3. All interested persons should

   a. Attend the School Board Meetings,

   b. Let the Board know what is wanted.


4. Do not hesitate to voice complaints by letter, telephone or in person to the Asheville School Board.

   a. Write to the Office of Education or the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in Washington,

   b. All community organizations should voice complaints.

   c. Discuss and cultivate a concern for the quality of education.


5. Agitate to redraw School Attendance Zone areas to promote interrogation and eliminate "Feeder System."


6. Younger parents of children should express more concern,

   a. Request transfers for children.

   b. Many more transfers should be requested by all parent;


7. Expedite integration of faculty - including principals in white schools.


8. ESEA Funds should be secured for remedial work.

   a. Use Office of Education to help with projects.


9. Make Negro schools attractive so that white children will want to attend.


10. Sue the School Board and correct all of the "Evils" of the local system.


11. Request Human Relations Council "to act as mediator to resolve school desegregation problems.


12. We should have better communications between the School Board and the School Study Committee.


13. School Board should promote activities which would ease school desegregation procedures - for example, Bi-Racial City Wide PTA projects, intra-school activities, exchange classes.


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