Asheville Area Human Relations Council


Letter from Rev. Robert S. Busey, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, to Rev. Allen Gardner, First Presbyterian Church, February 13, 1967.

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(from) Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church


February 13, 1967


The Reverend Allen Gardner

First Presbyterian Church

40 Church Street

Asheville, N. C.


Dear Allen:


The executive committee of the Human Relations Council convened on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 7, and heard our Education Committee's recommendation having to do with enlarging the school board and the inclusion of Negro representation on the board. Members of the executive committee felt that the nine-member board we recommended would be out of line with other school boards in the state. They also raised serious question about the wisdom of seeking enabling legislation in Raleigh at this time, feeling that any additional controversy would jeopardize passage of the May vote on a tax increase for the schools. Opinion was also expressed that we would have a very good chance of getting one Negro board member in five if we simply left off the first part of our recommendation and asked for this. Since this seemed to be the unanimous opinion of the group assembled that afternoon, and since two of our committee members, Mrs. Dameron and Mr. Ray were there and concurred, I am submitting to you now a revision of our original recommendation. If I can get approval of this without calling a meeting of our committee, we can proceed to bring it before the City Council, since the executive committee of the Human Relation Council has already given its approval.


"We respectfully request the City Council to fill the vacancy that will occur on the City School Board this Spring with a qualified Negro so that the Board will have on it representation from both races wfth-in the school district."


(If you do not approve of this, or if you wish to suggest a change in the wording, please call me in the next few days. Otherwise, can I assume that this meets your approval? I'll be happy to call a meeting if you think it is necessary.)


A second matter of interest is our proposed meeting with the P.T.A. leadership from the Hill Street and Randolph schools. According to the directive of the committee I have talked with Superintendent Griffin. He indicated that the new federal guidelines seem to be a repeat of last year's guidelines and he believes that the current arrangement at Hill Street and Randolph will be satisfactory. At any rate the school board has heard nothing to the contrary ftom Washington. The situation there seems to be stable and will likely remain so


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unless some new directive comes from Washington. In light of this I question the effectiveness and need of our bringing the P.T.A. groups together at this time. I am inclined to let this matter ride until we hear of some proposed) change for next Fall. If you disagree, or if you have some information pertinent to the situation at Hill Street and Randolph, please call me, otherwise I will not set up the originally-planned meeting on February 20th.


I'm just trying to avoid calling you folks out for so many meetings. But if you have any question about any of this please let me know and I'll get the group together.


Yours sincerely,


Bob Busey


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