Asheville Area Human Relations Council


Letter to "Pastors of  Churches in the Asheville Area" from Rev. William S. Jones, chairman of Joint Action Committee, concerning a meeting on "The Church and Housing in Asheville" March 8, 1967.

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March 8, 1967


TO: Pastors of Churches in the Asheville Area


FROM: William S. Jones, Chairman, Joint Action Committee


Dear Co-workers in Christ's Name:


You and your congregation arc invited and urged to participate in a meeting on "The Church and Housing in Asheville". The mooting will be hold on Friday, March 17, 1967, at 7:30 p.m. in the Central Methodist Church, 27 Church Street, Asheville, H", C,


The meeting is for pastors and laymen who arc interest4d in the Christian's responsibility to love his neighbor as that responsibility is related to housing. The mooting will explore the housing situation in Asheville and other housing matters such as the effect of the March 7 defeat of the East Riverside Urban Renewal Bond Issue.


The meeting is being sponsored by the Joint Action Committee which is a committee formed in December, 1966 by the Calvary United Presbyterian Church, the Berry Temple Methodist Church and the Central Methodist Church to enable them to more effectively minister compassionately among the poor.


We ask that you do those things:

1. Plan to attend the meeting yourself.


2. Designate a contact person in your church to talk to specific people and secure the agreement of at least five people to participate in the mooting, and to fill in the enclosed reply form giving the host church the information requested.


This mooting will be of particular interest and benefit to persons in your church who are:


a) tenants

b) landlords

c) real estate dealers

d) lawyers handling real estate transactions c) representatives of church-wide (women's) committees on social concerns, education and action.


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3. Publicize the meeting on Sunday, March 12, so that everyone in the congregation will know of the meeting and be invited to participate. (Stop #2 above is to insure that there are some people from your church definitely planning to attend.)


The housing situation in Asheville needs the attention of the Christian community and oven more so since the Urban Renewal Bond Issue has boon defeated. Now is the time for Christian people to increase their awareness and their ability to act constructively in love. May we count on your coop-oration and concern?


Thank you.


Cordially yours


William S. Jones


End: Reply form and return envelope


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