Asheville Area Human Relations Council


List of the members of the Citizen's Advisory Committee and Sub-Committee to Study Minority Group Housing Problems.

July 14 and 18, 1967.

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Negro Public School Facilities

[Population and School Statistics]

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White Schools:


There are 247 elementary and 94 high schools for white students in 32 of the school systems of the 22 counties.

Every school system has 1 or more elementary school and high school for white student.

Only 5 of the high schools have less than 5 teachers each.


Counties and school systems with no Negro schools:


2 counties have no Negro schools but about 25 Negro students.

4 school systems in 4 counties have no Negro schools but about 370 Negro students.


6 counties have no Negro high schools but about 115 Negro students

16 school systems in 14 counties have no Negro high school but about 750 Negro students.


2 counties have no Negro elementary schools but about 20 Negro students.

4 school systems in 4 counties have no Negro elementary schools but about 250 Negro students


About 1000 Negro students from 16 school systems in 14 counties attend schools in other school systems (250 are elementary and 750 are high school)


About 150 Negro students (120 high school, 30 elementary) from 8 counties are required to travel to other counties to attend school0 (They travel 30 to 100 miles daily)


Negro high schools:


5 counties have high schools of 1 teacher and 6-16 students.

8 school systems in 8 counties have schools of 1 to 3 teachers and 6 to 51 students each.

1 school system has 1 school of 4 teachers and 89 students.

5 school systems in 5 counties have schools of 8-27 teachers and 180 to 666 student.

1 school system (Yancey County) has desegregated its 2 high schools (18 and 19 teachers each) There are 1063 students (1054 white, 9 Negro) at the schools.


Negro elementary schools;


9 counties have schools of 1 to 2 teachers each and 14-62 students.

13 school systems in 12 counties have schools of 1-2 teachers each and 14-72 students.

6 school systems in 5 counties have schools of 3-4 teachers each.

8 school systems in 7 counties have schools of 5-20 teachers each.


Cost of Negro Education:


If the 22 counties and 32 systems involved in above statistics should begin part or full desegregation of schools they would save an estimated total of $98,000 $213,000 per year.



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For several years Asheville has had a Human Relations Council that has been composed of community leaders representing all races. This council has received grievances on matters of human relations from all sources and has sought to mediate them. During this time, much progress has been made in eliminating the barriers between the races and in removing old laws and regulations concerning segregation. Many business houses have opened their lunch counters, a number of stores have employed Negro salesmen on a voluntary basis. A gradual program of desegregation has been worked out with the schools and Asheville-Biltmore College receives competent Negro students.


At a recent meeting of the Human Relations Council, it was the consensus of opinion of those present that the time had come to move toward total desegregation.


In conference with City and County officials, we have learned that .ill laws in regard to segregation have now been removed from the record of their government agencies. The committee finds an excellent spirit between the leaders of both races in our City and County. Recently several stores have voluntarily employed Negro salesmen. Our schools are in a progressive program of desegregation. Many other institutions have indicated they are ready to follow the community pattern. We believe, therefore, that the time has come to declare Asheville and Buncombe County fully desegregated and to appeal to every business organization, ever/ community leader, and every citizen to move in this direction immediately.


If unusual problems should arise because of this declaration, then we invite citizens or business leaders to confer with the Council concerning your problem. The leaders of the City and County government join with the members of the Human Relations Council in issuing this statement calling for complete desegregation of the races and the promotion of the basic American tradition of equal rights opportunities and complete freedom for all citizens.



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