Robert J. Godbey Collection - Journal, Vol. 2

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1 godB_cover Cover of Journal, Vol. 2
"The Experiences of Robert J. Godbey, Army Field Clerk, as a Member of the American Expeditionary Forces from February 18, 1918 to August 12, 1919. Vol. 2."
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1 godB000a Handwritten notes from Robert Godbey
1 godB0001 Text-"Hutchinson and O'Connel...where the word "PEUGEOT"..."

Picture-(1) Bottom: Saint-Nazaire-La Rue Amiral-Couret.

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1 godB0002 Receipt from Gindrey Fabricant.
1 godB0003


Army Requisition form-Permission to visit La Baule for Robert J. Godbey signed by Major Edwin K. Smith.
1 godB0004 Text: "Sainte-Marguerite...Y.M.C.A. as an officers club..."

Pictures (2) Top-Ste.-Maugerite, pres Pornichet Le Semphore et la Cote.

                   Bottom: Pornichet-Sainte-Maurgerite-Vue generale de la


1 godB0005 Pictures (2) Top: Ste-Maugerite "Ker Phia".

                   Bottom: Ste-Maugerite-Hotel Ste-Maugerite.

1 godB0006 Pictures (2) Top: Ste-Maugerite-Route de Bonne Source a Ste.-Maurgerite

                   Bottom: Ste-Maugerite-Avenue de la Plage.

1 godB0007 Text: "Hutchinson, O'connel, and I...found Lieutenant Strong and Lieutenant Steele..."

Train ticket (1) St. Nazaire.

1  godB0008 Text: "...we went for a swim...La Baule."

Pictures (1) Center: Splendid Hotel La Baule-sur-mer, E. Kohr, Proprietaire.

1 godB0009 Text: "..."French Beauties"...."Polar Bear Club"..."

Pictures (1) Top: Baigneuses

1 godB0010 Text: "...French beauties...If they married an American girl..."

Pictures (2) Top: Aux Bains de Mer.

                  Bottom: Sur Les Bords De L'Ocean-La Grotte des Sirenes.

Pictures (2) Top: Au Bord De L'Ocean-La Jolie Baigneuse.

                  Bottom: Baigneuse.

1 godB0012 Pictures (2) Top: Scene De Plage.

                   Bottom: Baigneuses.

1 godB0013 Pictures (2) Top: Baigneuses Sortant De Sa Cabine.

                   Bottom: Bain De Soleil-Baigneuses.


1 godB0014 Pictures (2) Top: Plaisics De La Mer-Au Bain.

                   Bottom: A La Mer-Sorlie Du Bain.

godB0014.jpg (259113 bytes)
1 godB0015 Pictures (2) Top: Baigneuses.

                   Bottom: Bains De Mer-Reverie.

godB0015.jpg (253170 bytes)
1 godB0016 Pictures (2) Top: Baigneuses

                   Bottom: Sur Les Bords De L'Ocean

godB0016.jpg (262215 bytes)
1 godB0017 Pictures (2) Top: Baigneuses.

                  Bottom: Sur Les Bords De L'Ocean-Le Bain De Lezard.

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1 godB0018


Pictures (2) Top: La Baule Sur-Mer L'Allee De La Chapelle.

                   Bottom: La Baule Le Casino A L'Heure De L'Apertif

godB0018.jpg (281318 bytes)
1 godB0019 Pictures (2) Top: La Baule-Ser-Mer L'Avenue De Planes.

                   Bottom: La Baule Le Passage Pres De La Gare.

godB0019.jpg (261072 bytes)
1 godB0020 Pictures (2) Top: La Baule-La Sortie De La Grand Messe.

                   Bottom: La Baule-Ker Maurice.

godB0020.jpg (262177 bytes)
1 godB0021 Text: "Soldiers of the U.S. Army gathered for the speech from General Pershing..."

Pictures (2) Top: General Pershing?

                   Bottom: St. Nazaire-La Jardin De Plantes.

godB0021.jpg (300734 bytes)
1 godB0022 Text: "Prettiest places in St. Nazaire..."

Pictures (2) Top: St. Nazaire-La Jardin De Plantes

                   Bottom: St. Nazaire Un Coin Du Jardin Des Plantes.

godB0022.jpg (312523 bytes)
1 godB0023 Text: "Tell the most interesting happenings as they come off..."

Pictures (2) Top: St. Nazaire Eglise Sainte Nazaire.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire-Le Eglise.

godB0023.jpg (301726 bytes)
1 godB0024 Text: "...It would be impossible to illustrate the walk from the station to the HQ..."

Pictures (2) Top: Sainte-Nazaire-La Rue De Nantes.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Rue De L'Amiral Courbet.

1 godB0025 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Chambre De Commerce.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Rue Theirs Prise De La Place De La Gare.

1 godB0026 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte-Nazaire Nufrage De Transatlantique La Champagne.

                   Bottom: Sainte-Nazaire-La Jardin Public.

1 godB0027 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire-L'Eglise Sainte Gohard.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Gare Du Trane De La Roche-Bernard.

1 godB0028 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Le Piece D'Eau Boulevard De L'Ocean.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Cesarne Les Douanes.

1 godB0029 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Le Place Portie Sur La Route De Saint Marc.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Tout Pres De La Ville On Trouve La Paix De Champs.

1 godB0030 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Rue De Nantes.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Rue De L'Ocean.

1 godB0031 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Vue Du Pont Roulanted De Jardin De La Nouvelle Entree.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Sous Prefecture Et La Rue De L'Ocean.

1 godB0032 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Panorama De La Plage A Maree Base.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Usine Elevatroire Et Usine Electrique.

1 godB0033 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Boulevard Albert Et La Plage.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Banque De France.

1 godB0034 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire L'Ecole Industrielle.

                  Bottom: Sainte Nazaire L'Hopital.

1 godB0035 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Sous Prefecture.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Place Marceau Et Rue De Palaise Eglise Saint-Gohard.

1 godB0036 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Vue Generale Chantiers De L'Atlantique Chantiers De La Loire.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Vue Panoramique-Cote Rue Waldeck Rousseau.

1 godB0037 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Panorama De L'Ecole A La Rade.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Vue Panoramique Cote De La Rue De Palais.

1 godB0038 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Vue Panoramique Au Fond L'Eglise Et La Rade.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Caesern De La Briaridais.

1 godB0039 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Grande Cafe, Place Carnot.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Place De La Gare, Cote La Rue Theirs.

1 godB0040 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Vue Panoramique De La Rue Amiral Courbet.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Caserne.

1 godB0041 Text: "...loaded 30,000 troops in a couple of days."

Pictures (2) Top: Troupe Americanes Venant De Debarque.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Les Villas Boulevard De L'Ocean.

1 godB0042 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Rue De Nantes.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Lies Postes.

1 godB0043 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Les Halles.

                  Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Monument A La Memoire De Combatants De 1870-71.

1 godB0044 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Etude De Rochers Sur La Cote De Villes-Martin.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Panorama De La Nouvelle Entree Du Port.

1 godB0045 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire L'Eglise De Et La Cure.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire La Douranne Et La Bureau Du Port.

1 godB0046 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Rue De Mean De Nantes Prolongee.

                   Bottom:  Sainte Nazaire La Rue Villies-Martin.

1 godB0047 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Rue Villies-Martin.

                   Bottom:  Sainte Nazaire La Rue Amiral Courbet.

1 godB0048 Text: "Field Clerk name Easterling, every inch a gentleman..."

Pictures (2) Top: A.F.C. Easterling.

                   Bottom: The Lieutenants in Swimsuit.

1 godB0049 Text: "No pictures are available of  O'Connel....the occupants of the Roundhouse..."

Pictures (3) Top Left: A.F.C. Easterling       Top Right: A.F.C. Godbey

                   Bottom: A.F.C. Hutchinson

1 godB0050 Text: "Along the beaches..."

Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Plage De Porsay.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Un Coin De La Plage De La Rougeole."

1 godB0051 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire La Piece D'Eau Des Yachts-Modeles

                  Bottom: Saint Nazaire Le Pont Tournament Et La Caserne Des Duones.

1 godB0052 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Scaphandrier Dans Le Basin.

                    Bottom: Saint Nazaire Les Phares Du Nuveau Port.

1 godB0053 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Vue Des Ecluses Et Du Pont De La Nouvelle Entree

                   Bottom: Saint Nazaire Phare De La Jetee Nord.

1 godB0054 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Embarcadere De Saint-Brevin.

                   Bottom: Saint Nazaire L'Avant Port Le Paquebot Transatlantique                      

1 godB0055 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Nouvelle Entree Perspective Des Ecluses Et De L'Avant Port.

                   Bottom: Saint Nazaire La Plage A Maree Haute.

1 godB0056 Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Nouvelle Entree Avant Port.

                   Bottom: Sainte Nazaire Rochers Et Phare De Ville Es Martin.

1 godB0057 Text:" American lady with Christian Science..."

Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire L'Hotel

                   Bottom: Military Pass "to and from his residence."


1 godB0058 Text: "Shortly after we moved into Acker..."

Pictures (2) Top: Sainte Nazaire Les Chartiers De La Lore.

                   Bottom: Five Mast Sailing Ship.

1 godB0059 Text Only Letter from General Records Office: "Reply to your letter requesting addresses of Lieutenant Homer and Private Eugene Moon..."
1 godB0060 Text: "...It was taken by Naval Aviator stationed at Le Crosis in the summer of 1918..."

Pictures (2) Top: American Tank.

                   Bottom: Basin.

1 godB0061 Text Only: Request for leave granted for Robert J. Godbey from Services of Supply Headquaters.
1 godB0062 Text Only: "I borrowed 100.00 from Lieutenant Feeley and 50.00 from Lieutenant Strong..."
1 godB0063 Text Only: "When we got off the train at Nantes this Frenchman told us where we could catch the train to Lyons..."
1 godB0064 Text Only: "...Adamson took out his pencil....Dub gave me for Christmas....Tomb of Napolean..."
1 godB0065 Text Only: "...he told me his name was G.A. Dooley....he came over from England where most of the Aero Squadron are stationed...."
1 godB0066 Text Only: "He is in the Air Service....back in the States when Potash gets back...all Adamson could say was "oui"..."
1 godB0067 Text Only: "Then I told Adamson and the Lieutenant what the price was...."
1 godB0068 Text Only: "...the M.P. told us the town was quarantined on account of the "flu"..."
1 godB0069 Text Only: " again was where I saw again the wonders worked by the French Red Cross-"La Croix Rouge Francais"..."
1 godB0070 Text Only: "The diagram I have drawn on page 44 is not correct....the correct diagram follows:..."
1 godB0071 Text Only: "Lieutenant Adamson...Adamson said...passed alongside the Rhone River...prettiest river I've seen with the possible exception...of the French Broad...."
1 godB0072 Text Only: "...hills along the French Broad...Lieutenant Familton...2nd-Lt. in the engineers and later proved to be one of the nicest persons I've ever met. He was Norburg."
1 godB0073 Text Only: "...full rate from Paris to Nice, when I got to Lyon...Lieutenant Norburg and me, for Adamson was asleep and Lieutenant where an Ammunition factory had been before it blew up..."
1 godB0074 Text Only: "The Y.M.C.A. man told us that further on we would come to a "Salt Mine"..."
1 godB0075 Text Only: "We kept on passing thru the same "Olive Grove"...(it's now Thanksgiving day 1918) as this trip was made in October...for Spoopie wasn't along..."Lieutenant, do you remember when you were little about seeing Lulu and Leander in the funny papers."
1 godB0076 Pictures (2) Top: Les Marais Salants-Le Recolte Du Sel

                   Bottom: Les Marais Salants-Le Recolte Du Sel

1 godB0077 Text Only: "...Salt Mine...Y.M.C.A man...we would thru one of the largest tunnels in the world, in fact it is the next largest, the Simplon. The tunnel is 7 kilometers long....The P.L.M. stands for Paris, Lyon, Mediterranean, and it is one of the finest trains..."
1 godB0078 Text Only: "...conception of what "Camouflage" meant...we were getting into Marseille...makes good business for the P.L.M....Scotch Soldier...very much like the English...Italian M.P.'s...Austrailians..."
1 godB0079 Text Only: "And then I saw a British General...When the train got to Marseille...outside of the diner a Red Cross nurse came up...from Aix on her way to Nice..."
1 godB0080 Text Only: "...have an American girl...The Lieutenant had gone ahead of me and the nurse...saw on the run from Lyon to France..."
1 godB0081 Text: "I was quite surprised to see such a fine meal."

Meal Tickets (2), Receipt Bottom: Cie Int Le Des Wagons Slits.

1 godB0082 Text: "The slip on the other page shows the kind of bill that is given for a meal on the French trains...we arrived at Cannes..."

Train Ticket?

Picture (1): Cannes La Garre.

1 godB0083 Text Only: "While riding from Marseille....Lieutenant Norburg asked me...find Lieutenant Familton....Adamson and the Lieutenant went back...talking to a Y.M.C.A. man....Hotel Gonnet..."
1 godB0084 Text: "Our room very much indeed looked like the picture above....Adamson told the Lieutenant that he would like a game of billiards..."

Picture (1) Top: Hotel Gonnet, Cannes

1 godB0085 Text: "I have never played billiards in my life before...."

Pictures (2) Top: Billiard Hotel Gonnet, Cannes.

                   Bottom: Salle A Manger Hotel Gonnet, Cannes.

1 godB0086 Text Only: "He was a Sous-Lieutenant in the Aviation Corp...he had a "morgue check"...Lieutenant Norburg always spoke of him after that as "window pane"...."
1 godB0087 Text Only: "We walked up the Promenade de la Croisette... and beyond the casino...people believe that there was a possiblity of the Germans bombing the place form the submarines..."
1 godB0088 Text: " ...we would go down to the Lieutenants room...The above picture was taken from the front porch under the Lieutenant's window...see this island of St. Marguerite..."

Picture (1) Center: Cannes La Pointe De La  Croisette Et I'lle Saint Marguerite

1 godB0089 Text: "There were not more than ten Americans in the whole town...and no M. P.s at all...entire Promenade de la Croisette was bordered with palm trees..."

Pictures (1) Top: Cannes Vue Sur L'Esterel.

1 godB0090 Pictures (2) Top: Cannes Le Port Et Le Mont Chevalier.

                   Bottom: Cannes Promenade De La Croisette Et Le Mont Chevalier.

1 godB0091 Text: "....automobiles...soldiers...millionaires....war...Mediterranean..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Cannes Le Port Et Le Mont Chevalier.

1 godB0092 Text: " The statue of King Edward VII is larger than life...went down to the Y.M.C.A....formerly some famous yacht club. All of the nobility of Europe...except maybe the Kaiser..."

Pictures (1) Top: Cannes Monument Edward VII Et Le Casino.

1 godB0093 Text: "Enlisted men have one side of the building and the officers the other...We asked the Y.M.C.A. man there in charge what time we could take a swim..."

Picture (1) Center: Y.M.C.A. Building

1 godB0094 Pictures (2) Top: Cannes-La Place Du Casino.

                   Bottom: Cannes Vue Generale Et La Croisette.

1 godB0095 Text Only: "There was quite a number of officers... and Adamson and I were the only people who were not officers....Captain....There must have been 15 or twenty of us out there at a time...Frenchmen began collecting, watching the "Crazy Americans" swimming..."
1 godB0096 Pictures (2) Top: Cannes Les Mouettes.

                   Bottom: Cannes Vue General Prise Du Mont Chevalier.

1 godB0097 Text Only: "Then I took a swim over to where Adamson and the Lieutenant were...back to the Y.M.C.A...The train left Cannes for Nice at about two something...arrived at Nice...we found the Major."
1 godB0098 Pictures (2) Top: Cannes Les Palmiers Croisette Et Le Mont Chevalier.

                   Bottom: Cannes Les Casino Municipat.

1 godB0099 Text Only: ""...came back to Cannes...The nurse came back with us, and Adamson was tickled to death with that. The Lieutenant and I were playing billiards..."
1 godB0100 Pictures (2) Top: Cannes Le Casino Vu De La Mer.

                   Bottom: Cannes Vielte Ville.

1 godB0101 Text: ...and the Lieutenant and I already made up our minds...At first Adamson and I had planned to go to Nice...and then go to Paris...then cam back to St. Nazaire..."

Ticket (1) Top: Cinema Monopole.

1 godB0102 Text: "We walked up the Promenade De La Croisette beyond the Casino...went down to get the Lieutenant..."

Pictures (2) Top: Cannes Promenade De La Croisette.

                   Bottom: Cannes Le Kiosque De Musique.

1 godB0103 Text: "I said to the Lieutenant...After walking around for some time in this part of town we came back to the Y.M.C.A...."

Pictures (2) Top: Cannes La Rue Felix-Favre.

                   Bottom: Cannes Promenade De La Croisette.

1 godB0104 Text: "We walked down the Boulevard Du Midi...stopped to admire the Carlton Hotel..."

Pictures (2) Top: Cannes Boulevard Du Midi.

                  Bottom: Cannes Vue Sur L'Hotel Carlton Et Les Bains De La Croisette.

1 godB0105 Text: "...the Y.M.C.A. man told us it was the most expensive place in Cannes...had been to Italy and were then returning to the U.S.A....our object at this point was to see an Orange Grove..."

Picture (1) Bottom:

1 godB0106 Text Only: "We came back to the Y.M.C.A. building again and after a billiard game...last swim at Cannes...The Captain got the boat..."
1 godB0107 Text Only: "The Captain got the boat on the beach...The Lieutenant got sopping wet...a poor little insignificant field clerk..."
1 godB0108 Text: "...we had written Adamson a note and the nurse to, telling them we had gone to Nice...maid on the Lieutenant's leave Cannes and go on to leave Marseille..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Cannes-Panorama Sur La Ville Et L'Esterel.

1 godB0109 Receipt (1): Cannes Hotel Gonnet.
1 godB0110 Text Only: "Some American Officer...just before the train...I mistook for a Frenchman, but he was reading the Stars and Strips. I asked the Lieutenant....thought he was Secret Service..."
1 godB0111 Text: "The above picture is a perfect picture of the Mediterranean Sea...along the coast from Cannes to Nice..."

Picture (1): Center: Cannes Vue Entre Les Rochers.

1 godB0112 Text: " a very short time we arrived in M.P.....I said: (to Lieutenant Norberg) "we've been here before..."

Picture (1) Top: Nice

1 godB0113 Text: "We walked thru the Public Garden and over to the Promenade des Anglais..."lazy Americans"...Allies giving the germans such a fit..."

Picture (1) Center: Nice-La Plate Forms Du Chateau.

1 godB0114 Text: "After walking up and down the Promenade for some time we came back to the Hotel...saw some Major in the Signal Corps..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Nice La Promenade De Des Anglais Et Le Jetee.

1 godB0115 Text Only: "...went over to the piano and sat down. The Lieutenant asked me if I could play anything...try and play...'Il Trovatore'..."
1 godB0116 Text: "...the Lieutenant and I told her good-bye...The above picture is an exact reproduction of the way it looked."

Picture (1) Bottom: Nice: Les Lavandieres Du Paillon.

1 godB0117 Text Only: "...passed a Stamp store...I told the Lieutenant that I intended coming back there...then this is war...not "necessary in the military service"...
1 godB0118 Text Only: "...this store was named the "Aux Lafayette Galleries" and it was one of the most beautiful stores...and I know that Spoopie would be delighted to see it..."
1 godB0119 Text Only: "...I wrote a 9 page letter home while the Lieutenant o.k.'d them...taking them down to the A.P.M....Nice, France, the "Playground of Europe"...
1 godB0120 Text Only: "The Lieutenant was game for a try at it, and I was all ready myself...with the bicycles at Villez-Martin...on account of being American...We passed lost of automobiles...we hardly se on in St. Nazaire unless it is a government car."
1 godB0121 Text: "After turning our bicycles we walked down the promenade...We ordered some ice cream...Strawberry Sherbert....slice of bread with damson jam..."

Business Card?-Confiserie Lapie Fabrique De Fruits Confit.

1 godB0122 Text Only: "Lieutenant and I sat down on  the bench...thought about...St. Nazaire...were all closed to Americans on account of the epidemic of "Flu"....Monte Carlo..."
1 godB0123 Text: "...I didn't have to pay as much as the Lieutenant as the conductor explained he was an officer and I was Militaire..."

Picture (1) Top: Nice-Casino Municipal

Train Tickets (2) Bottom

1 godB0124 Text Only: "This reminds me of a sign that I saw down stairs in the Mail Room. I was dealing with Block Signals over here on the Rail Road....The road from Monte Carlo to Nice...Rail Road tracks and the Street Car Tracks..."
1 godB0125 Text: "....and another beautiful place is Villefranche...where the Street Car line runs...from Nice to Monte Carlo..."

Picture (1) Top: Villefranche La Rade Et La Ville.

1 godB0126 Text: "The trip took little more than an hour, but  every minute of it was enjoyable..."

Pictures (2) Top: Monaco Le Prot of Monte Carlo

                   Bottom: Monte Carlo Le Place Et L'Entree Du Casino.

1 godB0127 Text: "Lieutenant and I had just gotten back from the casino..."

Picture (1) Top: Monte Carlo Cafe De Paris Et Entree Du Casino.

1 godB0128 Text: "The electric light fixtures were something..."

Pictures (2) Top: Le Casino De Monte Carlo La Salle Schmidt.

                   Bottom: Le Casino Monte Carlo La Salle Empire.

1 godB0129 Text: "He explained that some of the rooms had not been opened since the war..."

Picture (1) Top: Casino De Monte Carlo Salle De Trente Et Quarante.

1 godB0130 Text: "Then we went to the theatre..."

Picture (1) Center: Monte Carlo La Casino Et Le Theatre.

1 godB0131 Text: "...go thru the building once, he immediately wants to go thru again,...."

Pictures (2) Top: Monte Carlo Ensemble Du Casino.

                   Bottom: Monte Carlo Fountaine Monumentale.

1 godB0132 Text: "These pictures do not do the place justice..."

Pictures (2) Top: Monte Carlo Le Casino Salles De Fetes.

                   Bottom: Casino De Monte Carlo La Nouvelle Salle De Jeux.

1 godB0133 Text: "The description of the theatre that I have given is about all that can be said..."

Pictures (2) Top: Le Casino De Monte Carlo La Salle De Trente El Quarante.

                   Bottom Monte Carlo La Salle De Theatre.

1 godB0134 Text Only: "We started down to the depot...He took us over to a nice restaurant called "Freddy's"...walked down by the Post Office..."
1 godB0135 Text: "...we stood there and looked across the bay to the Prince's Palace..."

Pictures (2) Top: Monaco Vue Generale De La Principaute.

                   Bottom: Monte Carlo Le Casino.

1 godB0136 Text: "The Lieutenant told me that these trees only grew in the very hottest of places...Lieutenant was quite positive they were cactus Florida..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Monte Carlo Les Jardin.

1 godB0137 Picture Only (1) Center: Menton Vue Generale Les Roches Rouges.
1 godB0138 Text: "The car from Monte Carlo to Menton is the same sort of car that runs from Nice to Monte Carlo. We then started on our way to Italy."

Train Tickets (2)

1 godB0139 Text: "The picture clearly shows the boundary between France and Italy..."

Pictures (2) Top: Menton Visite De Marchandises A La Douanne.

                   Bottom: Menton Frontiere Franco Italienne.

1 godB0140 Text: "And so at last I was in Italy. I had no idea when I came over here as a member of the American Expeditionary force...Army..."

Picture (1) Top: Menton Le Pont Sainte Frontiere Franco Italienne.

1 godB0141 Text Only: "We stood on the bridge looked over to France then over to Italy...come back to U.S.A....come back to Menton...I asked the Lieutenant...."
1 godB0142 Text Only: "After dinner he brought some cigarettes and cigars around but the Lieutenant had some cigars with him...hotel in Nice...we came back to Monte Carlo..."
1 godB0143 Text: "After looking at the flower garden again we went down to the Post Office of Monaco."

Pictures (2) Top: Monte Carlo Le Casino.

                   Bottom: Monte Carlo Effet De Mer.

1 godB0144 Text: "The above gives some idea of the beautiful country of Monaco...I have visited three different countries today, France, Monaco, and Italy..."

Pictures (1) Top: Monte Carlo Vue Generale Prise De Beausoleil.

1 godB0145 Text: "...the Palace of the Prince of the Principality of Monaco..."

Picture (1) Top: Monaco Le Palais De Prince

1 godB0146 Text: "...we came back thru the Public Garden and bought a newspaper at the little stand shown above..."

Pictures (2) Top: Nice Les Jardins.

                   Bottom: Nice Avenue Massena.

1 godB0147 Text Only: "...but it isn't worth very much in America...told the Lieutenant...Stamps...United States...Cape of Good Hope...Then I asked her to show me some stamps from Prince Edward Island...North Borneo..."
1 godB0148 Text: "...while others are very much cheaper than they are in the States...After eating ice cream we went over to the Savoy Palace...Promenade des Anglais..."

Stamp (1) Timbres Pour Collections.

1 godB0149 Text Only: "The Savoy Palace is a meeting Place for all American Officers and most everybody in Nice, I think....There was no sugar, of course,...brought of some substitute called "Saccarine"..."
1 godB0150 Text Only: "...the Lieutenant started to smoke a cigarette...They had a very nice assortment of American cigars, but they didn't have any Portinas. He showed me a Corona."
1 godB0151 Text Only: "I talked with one boy who told me that he went form Bourges France to Menton....walked to the Promenade...The Lieutenant had been living for some time in Chicago..."
1 godB0152 Text: "We were intending to leave on the 11:Something train for Marseille...We saw the grotto as pictured above...the Lieutenant remarked..."

Picture (1) Center: Nice Le Grotte du Jardins Public.

1 godB0153 Receipt: Hotel Des Iles Britanniques for "Mr. Norburg R Godbey NO. 81" October 20-24, 1918.
1 godB0154 Text: "This train is for officers only...I thank him and came back to the entrance where the Lieutenant was waiting..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Nice Avenue De La Gare.

1 godB0155 Text: "We walked up the Avenue de la Gare..."

Receipt: Cafe-Restaurant Cecil Nice

1 godB0156 Text: "We walked down to the Cafe-Restaurant Cecil...I remembered what the Y.M.C.A. man told me coming down from Lyon to Marseille and told the Lieutenant..."

Train Ticket (1)

1 godB0157 Text Only: "The train stopped for Toulon...They read from Nice to Marseille...find some exit from the Rail Road yards...find an exit being used by French Soldiers..."
1 godB0158 Text: "Never in my life I seen quite as many French Sailors...A few Naval Officers...Toulon is quite a large Port..."

Theater Tickets (2): Kursaal Cinema and Comedia Cinema

1 godB0159 Text Only: "The places in Nice...When traveling in French trains..."
1 godB0160 Text Only: "...we got into Marseille..."Are you Lieutenant Norburg?" He said: "Yes." The M.P. said: "I have a telegram for you."...We walked thru the Station and went up to the Y.M.C.A...."
1 godB0161 Text: "There is 100 deaths a day from the "flu"...We could see French, English, American, Japanese...I suppose most every kind except German and Austrian..."

Picture (1) Top: Marseille Rue De La Republique.

1 godB0162 Text: "...these fishing boats have long since been replaced by the modern types of Commerce boats..."

Pictures (2) Top: Marseille Panorama Du Vieux-Port.

                   Bottom: Marseille Entree Du Vieux Et Port Transborder.

  godB0163 Text: "The bridge is directly in front of the street that we came down when we stopped at the Rue de la Republique."

Picture (1) Top: Marseille Vue Generale Sur De La Garde.

  godB0164 Text: "I never climbed the Washington Monument nor the Woolworth Building..."

Picture (1) Center: Marseille De La Garde A Travers Les Pins.

  godB0165 Text: "The picture gives a good idea of the enormous size of the statue..."

Pictures (2) Top: Marseille Sanctuaire De La Garde.

                   Bottom: Marseille Chateau D'if.

  godB0166 Text Only: "This is the place where the Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned...They look like they must be 3 or 4 inch cannon..."
  godB0167 Text: "We walked out to the walk that led to the elevator business..."

Picture (1) Top: Marseille Ascenseurs De La Garde.

1 godB0168 Text Only: "It was the French population lining up for sugar...We would walk up the Rue De Republique...reade the President's reply to Germany and talked about it over my lemonade and the Lieutenant's beer."
1 godB0169 Text Only: "...Chateau D'If...I understand it is full of German prisoners...picture show there, which is next to Zellner's. Majestic Number 1, isn't it?
1 godB0170 Theater Program (1) Center: Programme Kursaal Cinema.
1 godB0171 Text Only: "The chocolate was very nice...There were the greatest number of Automobiles in the streets and it seemed that the war might be in some far off country..."
1 godB0172 Text: "The billboards outside announce that tonight they would have Wm. S. Hart and Douglas Fairbanks..."

Theater Ticket (1) Bottom: Comedia Cinema.

1 godB0173 Theater Program (1): Mascamor.