Robert J. Godbey Collection - Journal, Vol. 3

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1 godC_cover Cover-"The Experiences of Robert J. Godbey Army Field Clerk As A Member of the American Expeditionary Forces From February 18, 1918 to August 12, 1919 Vol. 3."
1 godC000a Handwritten notes
1 godC0001 Text Only: "...for I hardly ever get a chance to see anything quite so good in St. Nazaire...It is called the Splendid Hotel...two American soldiers came in..."
1 godC0002 Text Only: "I woke at 10:30 and the Lieutenant was already awake...The street cars her have the most peculiar gongs on them...."
1 godC0003 Text: "On account of the "Flu" they took all the express trains off the P.L.M...."

Picture (1) Top: Marseille Cours Belsunce

1 godC0004 Text: "The Lieutenant came in from his shave before the train started..."

Train Ticket (1)

1 godC0005 Text Only: "I remember the Stars and Stripes said something at one time about moving some of the the wounded thru the country on canal boats...train stopped at a crossing-Avignon-here I got off...The Lieutenant asked close to Italy and Spain..."
1 godC0006 Text Only: "Then I brought out  the can of candy that I had bought at Marseille. The Lieutenant helped himself...I doubt if they ever had any candy given to them by any Americans..."
1 godC0007 Text Only: "Here is where the Lieutenant and I were to part; he going on to Dijon and transfer, and me to go on to Tours and then to St. Nazaire...I have heard that the Germans bombarded Lyon at one time...Imagine that! Me of all people going to Paris..."
1 godC0008 Text Only: "I told the man I wanted a ticket to Paris and he shove one out to was 50 something francs...passed thru the M.P.'s office..."
1 godC0009 Text: "The train was the only express train that was running between Lyon and Paris...Some American soldiers got on...when I got off at Paris..."

Train Ticket (1)

1 godC0010 Text Only: "There were a lot of "garlic hounds" near Potash has said to me many times...and the Lieutenant got off. He left at Dijon...left me to go along the wicked city of Paris..."
1 godC0011 Text Only: "He rolled it like a veteran, and then pulled out some of the evil-smelling French matches...The train began, about this time, to developing the desire to stop..."
1 godC0012 Text Only: "The French have the most peculiar lighters for the midst of a bunch of these "garlic hounds"...Some American soldiers come from leave...They said they had some "Corned Willy" and some French bread..."
1 godC0013 Text Only: "...French officer standing next to me...One of the French officers, a Captain, asked me to close it. He spoke in French...getting close to Paris...hurry to get back to St. Nazaire..."
1 godC0014 Text Only: "...increasing line of Americans. Both officers and enlisted men and civilians...some of the famous Italian fighters. When one registers in Paris..."First or Second Lieutenant?" I said. "Neither, Field Clerk." He said..."
1 godC0015 Text: "...he directed me to the R.T.O.'s office...I went outside and asked another off the steps from the Gare de Lyon..."

Picture (1) Center: Paris La Gare De Lyon.

1 godC0016 Text Only: "He left his bag at the R.T.O.'s I told him I was only a field clerk...very small hotel with an "English Spoken" sign...another victim of the "Flu" wait for a taxi...take us out to the Eiffel Tower..."{
1 godC0017 Text: "I've never seen so many people before since I left New York...small place like St. Nazaire...We passed by the Place De Concorde...4th "Liberty Loan"...never seen so much ordinance in my life...every kind of gun...aeroplanes of every kind....Zeppelins..."

Picture (1) Top: Untitled-Captured German Ordinance.

1 godC0018 Text: "Everywhere you could see thousands and thousands of German helmuts...."potato mashers"...."

Pictures (2) Top Untitled-"German Potato Mashers."

                   Bottom: Untitled-Captured German Tank.

1 godC0019 Text: "Every statue in the large Square was draped with flags, except the Statue of Strasbourg. It was still draped in mourning...since 1870...started onto the Eiffel Tower..."

Picture (1) Center: Untitled-Captured German Cannons.

1 godC0020 Text: "...making it an even 1,000 feet high-the highest structure ever reared by man...."

Picture (1) Center: Paris La Tour Eiffel.

1 godC0021 `Picture Only Center: La Tour Eiffel Vue De Prise Du Trocadero
1 godC0022 Text: "Just across the river from the tower is the Trocadero...and I told the driver to take us to the Hotel de Louvre..."

Picture (1) Top: Paris Le Pont D'Iena Et El Trocadero

1 godC0023 Picture Only: Perspective De L'Avenue Des Champs Elysees.
1 godC0024 Text: "This time we passed by...the Giant Ferris Wheel....we came down the Champs Elysees..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Paris Le Grande Roue Avenue De Suffren

1 godC0025 Text: "We rode down the avenue, and then we told the driver to take us to the tomb of Napolean..."

Picture (1) Center: L'Avenue Des Champs Elysees Les Chevaux De Marly.

1 godC0026  Picture Only: Le Dome De L'Hotel Des Invalides
1 godC0027 Text: "This time we went by the Arc of Triumph..."

Pictures (2) Top: Untitled-"Tomb of Napolean"

                 Bottom: Paris L'Arc De Triomphe      

1 godC0028 Picture Only: Le Avenue Du Bois-De-Boulogne Et L'Arc De Triomphe.
1 godC0029 Picture Only: L'Opera Academie National De Musique
1 godC0030 Text: "Leaving the Arc of Triumph we rode down the Champs Elysees, passed thru the Place de Concorde and went to the opera."

Picture (1) Top: L'Opera Et La Station Du Metropolitan

1 godC0031 Text Only: "...I hadn't seen a real show since I left New York...The lobby was about the largest of ever seen at any theatre..."
1 godC0032 Text:
"Smoking was allowed here, the same as some of the big Theatres in New York City..."

Picture (1) Center: Folies-Bergere Programme Miss Shirley Kellogg.

1 godC0033 Text: "The Lieutenant and I went outside and decided we would was our the Hotel De Louvre..."

Theater Ticket (1)

1 godC0034 Text Only: "...and at the very last as song was sung about Great Britain, the United States of America, Italy and France...I turned around, and there was Pryor. And with him was Van Landingham...You see Pryor works for G-2..."
1 godC0035 Text Only: "We walked for a block or so over to the Rue St. Denis and looked for a taxi...Pryor told us...directed the driver to take us to the Gare de Lyon...The Lieutenant said it was about time for his train..."
1 godC0036 Text Only: "Then I asked him where to go and he directed me to the Y.M.C.A.. He told me to take the Metro..."
1 godC0037 Theater and Train Tickets (5)
1 godC0038 Text Only: "...what direction to walk to get to the Y.M.C.A...When I started to the Metro Station...used to be a Hotel, but it had been taken over by the M.P.E.S....the Hotel de France..."
1 godC0039 Text Only:"...went over to the American Express Company's office to get a German gun that Lieutenant Strong..."
1 godC0040 Text Only: "To make a long story short, in an hour and a half I received some cold vegetables, a ham and egg omelet..."
1 godC0041 Text Only: "Then I went over to the R.T.O. and asked him if there was any afternoon trains to St. Nazaire..."
1 godC0042 Text Only: "Then I walked down to the next Metro Station, which was the Palais Royale..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Paris Vue Generale Du Louvre

1 godC0043 Text: "...very much like the subway stations in New York....these metro stations are spotless...I rode down the Place de Concorde...for every subscription to the French "Liberty Loan"...continued my walk down to the bridge of Alexander III..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Paris Le Pont Alexandre III.

1 godC0044 Picture Only: Le Pont Alexandre III Et Le Grand Palais.
1 godC0045 Text: "Then I came back from across the bridge and took a good look at the Grand Palais..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Paris.- Le Grand Palais.

1 godC0046 Picture Only: La Place De La Concorde.
1 godC0047 Text: "I walked around the neighborhood of the Place de Concorde and saw some Signal Corps Men...then took the Metro...lots of people recently locked up in Paris, who had no business there, even part of the M.P.s..."

Picture (1) Center: Paris La Place De La Bastille

1 godC0048 Text: "When I finished, I crossed the street and got on the bridge and watched the boats there...To see the street cars come thundering thru..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Paris Gare D' Austerlitz.

1 godC0049 Text: "An electric Engine came thundering by pulling about 100 passengers coached at a speed of at least 50 miles per hour...for I had hardly been seated when lots of Americans came thru...pretty soon a Lieutenant who was across...I arrived at St. Nazaire..."
Train Ticket (1)
1 godC0050 Text Only: "Potash Hobson had been coming here on the U.S.S. Westerdyk. He was a Seaman...Armistace had been signed...99 9/10% of the French population..."
1 godC0051 Text Only: "That same afternoon the Colonel-the Base Commander-issued an order to the effect all the cafes "Off Limits" to American soldiers...Some of the soldiers from the 17th Engineers were passing by Camp #4, which is the negro Stevedore camp...for fear of a fight between the French and the Americans...Armistace was signed..."
1 godC0052 Text: "These pictures were taken as a celebration of the signing of the Armistace..."

Pictures (5): Untitled.

1 godC0053 Text Only: "..."Isn't your name Godbey"...He was Robert Neely...He had been in the Navy since April 6th 1917...They were working for the Landing Officer...Acker was with me..."Quoth Teddy Bear: 'Never Again'."
1 godC0054 Text: "I saw some real honest to goodness PORTINA cigars...The picture on the left is AFC Hutchinson taken in front of the "City Hut" Y.M.C.A....The one on the right is 1st Lieutenant F.L. Feely and AFC Godbey..."

Pictures (2) Bottom Left: AFC Hutchinson

                   Bottom Right: Lt. F.L. Feely and AFC Godbey

1 godC0055 Text: "...some read headed Marine Sergeant...if it wasn't R.J. McElroy. He used to be a teller at the Mercantile Bank...I had beaucoup Portinas with me...He used to smoke them in Memphis..."

Picture (1): Bottom: From Left to Right- Lt. Fred L. Feely, AFC Elias, 1st Lt. Jessie Strong, Sgt. John Titly, AFC Feldman, AFC Godshaw.

1 godC0056 Military Request Form for Robert J. Godbey to visit Pont-Chateau, granted by Jno. R. Dickson.
1 godC0057 Text Only: " go to the town of where...great many statues depicting the differing stages of the life of Jesus...We, Acker, Mike, and I had our breakfast...We checked out with R.T.O...."
1 godC0058 Text: "...we had hardly gotten out of the station when took out their Field Glasses and gave them a try out..."

Train Ticket Top.

1 godC0059 Text: "Right behind us were several Red Cross nurses...

Pictures (2) Top: Pont-Chateau La Gare

                   Bottom: Pont-Chateau  Rue La Gare

1 godC0060 Text: "Acker took out his glasses and he saw a large statue off in the distance...we came to a small store that sold "Objets de Piete"...on the way to Calvaire..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Untitled Pont-Chateau Monument

1 godC0061 Text: "Acker...and Mike, had been Catholics...seems these different stations represents the fourteen different Stations of the cross..."

Picture (1) Top: Calvaire De PontChateau Hotel Du Pelerinage.

1 godC0062 Text: "I don't know what it is supposed to represent nor did Mike or Acker..."

Pictures (2) Top: Untitled Pontchateau Monument

                   Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau.

1 godC0063 Text: "...passed on to the next group: "Ascension."...The statues are almost life like...made of iron and painted white."

Pictures (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Ascension.

                   Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Ascension.

1 godC0064 Text: "Especially life-like is the figure in the center of the picture at the bottom..."

Pictures (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Ascension Les Saintes Femmes.

                   Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Ascension Vue De Detail.

1 godC0065 Text: "The picture of Jesus in this picture is certainly a splendid piece..."

Pictures (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Ascension.

                   Bottom: Pontchateau Calvaire De La Madeleine La Grotte De Gethsemani.

1 godC0066 Text: "...thru which the light was shown on the face of Jesus...A large sign at the entrance announces that to drive an Automobile in the grounds is "Defendu"..."

Picture (1) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Grotte De L'Agonie De Jesus.

1 godC0067 Text: "...we saw a Frenchman going up the steps...when a Catholic...We walked to the top of the steps and admired the beautiful statues..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Scala Sancta Le Pretoire.

1 godC0068 Text: "...I hardly think comment is necessary on the following views..."

Pictures (2) Top: Ecce Homo Et Transfiguration Calvaire De Pontchateau.

                   Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Est Condamne A Mort.

1 godC0069 Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Couronnement D'Epines.

                           Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Couronnement D'Epines.

1 godC0070 Picture Only Center: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Devant Pilate.
1 godC0071 Picture Only Center: Calvaire De Pontchateau Le Flagellation.
1 godC0072 Picture Only Center: Calvaire De Pontchateau Transfiguration.
1 godC0073 Text: "...the first station which is shown at the bottom of the page..."

Pictures (2) Top: Pontchateau Fountaine Du Pere De Montfort.

                   Bottom: Pontchateau Calvaire De Madeleine Jesus Est Condamne A Mort.

1 godC0074 Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Est Charge De Sa Croix.

                          Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Tombre Pour La Premier Fois.

1 godC0075 Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau  Jesus Recontre Sa Tres Sainte Mere.

                          Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Simon, Le Cyreneen, Aide Jesus A Porter Sa Croix.

1 godC0076 Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Un Femme Pieuse Essuire La Face De Jesus.

                          Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Tombre Pour La Second Fois.

1 godC0077 Text: "Do these statues not look life-like

Pictures (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Console Les Filles D'Isreal.

                 Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Tombre Pour La Troisieme Fois.

1 godC0078 Text: "The above shows the high hill above upon which the remainder of the statues are located..."

Pictures (2) Top: Le Calvaire De Pontchateau

                 Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Est Depouille


1 godC0079 Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Cloue A La Croix.

                          Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Muert Sur La Croix.

1 godC0080 Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Remis Entres Les Mains De Sa Sainte Mere.

                          Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Jesus Porte Au Tombeau Sainte Sepulcre.

1 godC0081 Text: "We went inside the Church, and it is very pretty, but most all of the churches over here are the same..."

Pictures Only (2) Top: Calvaire De Pontchateau Chapelle Du Pelerinage.

                          Bottom: Calvaire De Pontchateau Chapelle Du Pelerinage Autel Du Bienheureux.


1 godC0082 Text: "Picture below shows an enormous crow collected for some religious ceremony...These people are typical residents of Britanny...getting back to St. Nazaire by supper..."

Picture (1) Center: (24 Juin 1909) Calvaire De Pontchateau.


1 godC0083 Text: "We went to one place but it was a "Buvette"...what the Americans call dancing...Right across the street from where we got the Post Cards was a sort of wine shop..."

Picture (1) Top: Pont-Chateau Vu Prise De La Gare.

1 godC0084 Text: "..."c'est la guerre" and they still can't believe the war is over..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Pont-Chateau L'Eglise.

1 godC0085 Text: "It seems that it is a custom among the Catholics to pay the fathers or the priests...It reminded me very much of the famous "Celubra Cut" in the Panama Canal..."

Picture (1) Center: Pont-Chateau Len Pont De Grenebo.

1 godC0086 Text: "I've often talked about French Trains about how slow they go..."

Pictures (2) Top: Pont-Chateau Tranchee De Grenebo.

                 Bottom: Pont-Chateau Le Tunnel.

1 godC0087 Text: "...the small canal or river, or whatever it is...The picture below will show... as to the great height of the water..."

Picture (1) Center: Pontchateau Le Brivet Pres De Halles.

1 godC0088 Text: "...and Acker suggested we break a few more...We came over to the mayor's house and sat on the steps..."

Picture (1) Top: Pont-Chateau La Maire.

1 godC0089 Text: " I should judge the leaning Tower of Pisa to lean...fortunate enough to visit almost to the station when Acker...We finally reached the station and the train was ready for Mike's attention to it..."

Newspaper Article: "SLANG CAMOUFLAGE: Americans Use Bowery and Block German Spy System."

1 godC0090 Text Only: "...just like the Stations at Fitzhugh, Mississippi or Cottondale, Mississippi...Mike and I were talking to this French girl...We found a seat in the 3me-classe compartment...Acker said..."
1 godC0091 Text: "Our room we had at number 64 Rue de Paris..."

Hand written note from a French women: "Master, It is necessary for me to have my bedroom for the end of this month..."

1 godC0092 Text: "Colonel Hodges, Mike's "Boss" had just received his order to go up to Neufchateau...right across the street from the Young Ladies College."

Pictures (2)  Center: St. Nazaire Le College.

                   Bottom: Rue D'Anjou.

1 godC0093 Text: "These views on this and the next page were taken in our backyard...we have all kinds of roses, Fleur de lys, Flags, Lily of the Valley..."

Pictures (3) All Untitled-"Views from the backyard" highly faded.

1 godC0094 Pictures Only (3) All Untitled-"Views from the backyard" highly faded.
1 godC0095 Text: "When I got back from work Mike was already there...In a few minutes Mlle. Parre came in she is the school teacher Col. Hodges told us about...speaks very good English. (She now speaks American)...She is a teacher of Psychology...can tell you considerable about the history of the U.S.A."

Picture (1) Top: Mlle. Parre.

1 godC0096 Pictures Only (4) All Untitled. Interior of the room where Godbey was staying?
1 godC0097 Document (1) Center: "Societe Du Gaz De Saint Nazaire."
1 godC0098 Text: "The coal these french people have is nothing but dust and tar mixed and pressed...It was quite cold when we moved in and Mlle. Parre..."

Receipt (1) Center: Logement Autorises.

Picture (1) Bottom: Building with sign of Hart Shaffner & Marx. 

1 godC0099 Text: "The picture at the top is taken of one of the German freight cars...surrendered to French...under armistace...Each building...has a large cess pool that is pumped...out by the Steam engine..."

Pictures (3) Top: German Freight Car

                 Center: AFC Goshaw, AFC Christy

                  Bottom: Steam Engine.

1 godC0100 Program: Y.M.C.A. "Opening of Salvation Army Hanger" Saint Nazaire. "A Buck on Leave."
1 godC0101 Text Only: "...February 27th a number of file clerks from Headquarters went out to Camp #1 to of the A.E.F. act...It was about 2 negroes-blackface-who were talking who were talking...officers, field clerks, enlisted men from these headquarters had reserved seats for the show...a part entitled "A Buck in the Audience"..."
1 godC0102 Text: "...if it wasn't Toof Brown...with him was Lieutenant Holden, who used to work at White-Wilson-Drew Company, and Lieutenant Maxey, who is some kin to the Pumphreys...saw Frank Govan...They were all with the 30th Division...Captain Bain from South Carolina and a Captain St. James from Denver...good times talking about everybody and everything from Memphis...A grand concert was the Palace Theatre...benefit the orphans of the war."

Theatre Ticket (1)

1 godC0103 Program (1) "Palace-Theatre Grand Concert Avec Le Concours."
1 godC0104 Military Request of Leave form for Robert J. Godbey for 14 days. Approved by John F. Daniell, Adjutant.
1 godC105 Request Form: From: Robert J. Godbey, Army Field Clerk, Hdq. B.S. #1
                       To: Commanding General, Base Section No. 1
                       Subject: Leave of Absence.

.....Permission to visit the following places: Chateau-Thierry, Epernay, Reims, Bar-le Duc, Soully, Toul, Nancy, Verdun, St. Mihiel, Bayonville, Amiens, St. Quentin, Cambraik, Arras, Douai, Lille, Bailleul, Warneton, Passchendaele, Ypres, Godewaersville, Messines, Burssels, Waterloo, and Zebrugee....

By command of Brig-Gen'l Rockenback

John F. Daniell, Adjutant.

1 godC0106 Text Only: "...went down to the Finance Department and got my check along with a check for Lieutenant Strong...I left hurried instructions with Mike about the arrival of the Finland...and saw Miss. Morrisy..."
1 godC0107 Text Only: "...this frenchman and I had been talking about the Red Cross nurses and the Army nurses...across the aisle were 3 Nurses and one Lieutenant..."
1 godC0108 Text Only: "The first was Harris Ryland's brother's child...Then "Ditty"-the boy's nickname...we got off the train in I was to see Lily May Crawford in New York...and Miss Morrisy and I walked up the stairs...already talking to Pryor..."
1 godC0109 Text: " favorably with the Orpheum...nothing as good as the Follies Bergere..."

Program (1) "Olympia Programme"

1 godC0110 Text: "After the show we went back to Pryor's room at the Hotel de Crillion...Members of the  Peace Commission stay-with the exception of the President...Pryor took my haversack and Kodak..."

Theater Ticket (1)

1 godC0111 Text: "In a few minutes Pryor got up and dressed...I went over to the Y.M.C.A....I was going to Chateau-Thierry...I walked up to the Arc of Triumph...I came back down the Champs-Elysees...heard so much about-The Pantheon de la Guerre..."

Ticket (1) "Pantheon De La Guerre."

1 godC0112 Text: "The portraits on the wall are very fine pieces..."

Catalogue (1) "Pantheon De La Guerre Grand Panoram National Par Pierre Carrier Belleuse et August Francois Gorguet."

1 godC0113 Text: "The picture is in a building made especially for that purpose..."

Picture (1) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre

1 godC0114 Text: "...on the left is without a doubt the most remarkable painting in the world..."

Pictures (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Alliance Russe 1914-1916.

                   Bottom: Pantheon De La Guerre Monument Aux Morts.

1 godC0115 Pictures Only (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Belgique

                         Bottom: Duplicate.

1 godC0116 Text: "...the rifling on the inside of the gun are so realistic that one is convinced it is a real gun instead..."

Pictures (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Les Goumiers.

                 Bottom: Pantheon De La Guerre A Paul Deroulede.

1 godC0117 Picture Only Center:  Pantheon De La Guerre Les Cuirassiers.
1 godC0118 Pictures Only (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Angel Terre.

                          Bottom: Pantheon De La Guerre La Victoire.

1 godC0119 Picture Only Center: Pantheon De La Guerre Angel Terre.
1 godC0120 Pictures Only (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Les Pepers.

                          Bottom: Pantheon De La Guerre Italie.

1 godC0121  Picture Only Center:  Les Goumiers.
1 godC0122 Pictures Only (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Romaine.

                          Bottom: Monument Aux Morts.

1 godC0123 Picture Only (1) Center: Untitled.
1 godC0124 Text: " is so realistic..."

Picture (1) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Fragment De La Russie.

1 godC0125 Pictures Only (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Statue De La Victoire.

                          Bottom: Pantheon De La Guerre Les Cuirassiers.

1 godC0126 Pictures Only (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre La Serbie.

                          Bottom: Duplicate.

1 godC0127 Text: "...the Scotchman in the above pic..."

Pictures (2) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Miss Edith Cavell.


1 godC0128 Picture Only (1) Center: Pantheon De La Guerre La Victoire.
1 godC0129 Picture Only (1) Center: The Heroes.
1 godC0130 Text: "one can come to this particular portion of the painting and recognize acquaintances on the top step..."

Picture (1) Top: Pantheon De La Guerre Sur Les Marches Du Pantheon.

1 godC0131 Picture Only (1) Center: The Authors and Their Fellows.
1 godC0132 Text: "Leaving the Pantheon de la Guerre... and asked them the way to the Notre Dame Church...I took the metro and came out at the Louvre..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris-Les Guichets Du Louvre.

                   Bottom: Paris La Colonnade Du Louvre.

1 godC0133 Text: "...peculiarity of the French people on my trip to never sees horse drawn "rubber-neck-wagons"...all automobile...These red caps and red breeches almost the "ruination" of France, for the germans could spot a Frenchman miles away..."

Picture (1) Center: Paris La Rue De Rivoli.

1 godC0134 Text: "...found myself at Madeleine Church, where the Notre Dame Church was, but I asked a K of C man the direction, and the M.P....retraced my steps as far as the Place de la Concorde.."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris La Madeleine.

                   Bottom: Paris Panorama Vers La Place De La Concorde.

1 godC0135 Picture Only (1) Center: L'Eglise De La Madeleine.
1 godC0136 Text: "...I passed the Obelisque in the square...and also saw the Chamber of Deputies across the river from the Place De Concorde..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris Place De La Concorde, L'Obelisque.

Bottom: Paris Le Pont De LA Concorde Et La Chambre Des Deputes.

1 godC0137 Text: " search for the Notre Dame Church...thru the Tuileries Gardens on my way back to the Hotel de Crillion..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris Arc De Triomphe Du Carrousel.

                   Bottom: Paris Perspective Du Jardin Des Tuileres Et La Rue De Rivoli.

1 godC0138 Text: "Since the War of 1870 this statue has been draped in mourning..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris La Statue De Strasbourg.

                   Bottom: Untitled.

1 godC0139 Text: "...around to the Olympic Cafe under the Olympia Theatre...Pryor had been eating here for some time..."

Receipt from Taverne De L'Olympia.

1 godC0140 Text Only: "....It was Private Sam Weiss...."gin mill"...Park Field some time in 1917...Mrs. Godbey...New York City...Lilie May Paris I met Pryor and Van Landingham...Field Clerk, Rosenfield...R.T.O.'s Office...Norway and Sweden...Rosie...all over France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Russia...If General Pershing was a field clerk...Food Administration under Mr. Hoover...Norway and Sweden...St. Nazaire..."
1 godC0141 Picture Only (1) Center: La Place Vendome.
1 godC0142 Text: "When I left Weiss....We are unable to secure any in St. Pryor had secured the location..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris Perspective De La Rue De Castiglione..

                  Bottom: Paris La Place De Vendome.

1 godC0143 Text: "...waited for about 10 minutes for an American soldier or sailor..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris La Rue De La Paix.

                 Bottom: Paris Une Station Du Metropolitan.

1 godC0144 Text: "I took a subway and in a few minutes was at the Gare De L'Est....for I had my haversack and my Kodak with me..."

Pictures (2) Top: Paris La Gare De L'Est.

                 Bottom: Paris Porte Saint-Martin.

1 godC0145 Text: "...I saw a place that sold Kodak films...until I came to the Porte St. Martin passing the church of St. Laurent..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Paris L'Eglise Saint-Laurent Et Le Boulevard Magenta.

1 godC0146 Text Only: " eat at the Red Cross...great number of French soldiers...I asked an M.P. which train I should take to go to Chateau-Thierry..."
1 godC0147 Text Only: "..."Are you a Sergeant?"..."Are you a Corporal?"..."Field Clerk." far it was to Chateau-Thierry...train at Meaux...Paris..."
1 godC0148 Text Only: "...that we would reach Reims...the only hotel in town-the Hotel Continental...these Lieutenants were name Strand and Fessler and were from Base Hospital No. 81...find the Provost Marshall..."
1 godC0149 Text: "...A great number of French civilians...Some of the monkeys conceived of the idea of building a fire...that in the parlance of the American soldier..."
1 godC0150 Text: "One of the Lieutenants had heard the Red Cross was operating in Reims..."

Train Ticket (1)

Picture (1) Bottom: La Gare Bombardee Par Les Obus Allemands Cliche Dec. 1919.

1 godC0151 Text: "As we left the Station and started up the street to the Red Cross...the pictures below give some idea of the total destruction..."

Pictures (2) Top: La Grand Guerre Bombardement De Reims.

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre Reims Entree De La Gare.

1 godC0152 Text: "We found the Red Cross selling coffee and bread to French civilians..."

Pictures (2) Top: Reims Dans Ses Annees De Bombardements.

                 Bottom: La Grande Guerre Le Crime Reims.

1 godC0153 Text: "...The same as with the Pantheon De Guerre...What can a person say about ruins like these?"

Pictures (2) Top: Bombardement De Reims Rue Chanzy.

                   Bottom: Reims Dans Ses Annees De Bombardements 1914-18. La Cour Du Capite.

1 godC0154 Text: "We passed by the Royal Square...Of course a few shrapnell balls have hit..."

Pictures (2) Top: La Grande Guerre Bombardement De Reims.

                   Bottom: Reims Dans Ses Annees De Bombardements 1914-18.

1 godC0155 Pictures Only (4) Untitled and highly faded.
1 godC0156 Pictures Only (3) Top: Reims Place Drouet-D'Erlon

                           Bottom Left: Untitled Reims Cathederal

                           Bottom Right: Untitled.

1 godC0157 Text: "The picture below gives some idea as to the great height of the Cathederal, also of the complete wreckage of the town...noticed in the picture below there are street car tracks in Reims."

Picture (1) Bottom: Untitled Reims Cathederal  and the Town of Reims.

1 godC0158 Picture Only: Untitled Reims Cathederal. 
1 godC0159 Text: "...statue of Joan of Arc in front of the Cathederal. This is not there now..."

Picture (1) Top: Untitled Reims Cathederal.

1 godC0160 Pictures Only (2) Top: La Grande Guerre Bombardement De La Cathedrale.

                           Bottom: La Grande Guerre Bombardement De Reims La Palais De Justice.

1 godC0161 Picture Only Center: Untitled Reims Cathederal.
1 godC0162 Picture Only Center: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims Statues De La Facade De La Cathedrale.
1 godC0163 Picture Only Center: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims Statues De La Facade De La Cathedrale.
1 godC0164 Picture Only Center: Untitled Inside Reims Cathedral.
1 godC0165 Pictures (2) Top: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims La Sous Prefecture Bombardee Et Incindee Par Les Allemands.

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims La Sous Prefecture Bombardee Et Incindee Par Les Allemands.

1 godC0166 Pictures (2) Top: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims De La De Tissus Prieur.

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims Maison De M. Villet.

1 godC0167 Pictures (2) Top: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims Usine Lelarge

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims Place Royale.

1 godC0168 Picture Only (1) Center: Untitled Reims Cathedral.
1 godC0169 Picture Only (1) Center:  Untitled Reims Cathedral.
1 godC0170 Picture Only (1) Center:  Untitled Reims Cathedral.
1 godC0171 Picture Only (1) Center:  Untitled Reims.
1 godC0172 Pictures (2) Top: La Grande Guerre Le Crime De Reims Le Mont-De-Piete.

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre Bombardement De Reims Maison Ecroulee Dans Le Quatier Ceres.

1 godC0173 Pictures (2) Top: Reims Dans Ses Annees Le Bombardement 1914-18.

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre Bombardement De Reims Ruines Pres De La Cathedrale.

1 godC0174 Text: "...I saw beaucoup trenches, dugouts, shell holes...hurry to see Yandell and Moon and then I was going up to Brussels Belgium..Arrived at Chalons Sur Marne..."

Picture (1) Bottom: Chalons-Sur-Marne.

1 godC0175 Text: "...and I would come to the A.P.M. ...passed the Cathedral..."

Pictures (2) Top: Chalons-Sur-Marne La Cathadrale.

                   Bottom: Chalons-Sur-Marne La Fourche Du Canal.

1 godC0176 Text: " The statue on the left is in the side yard of the Cathederal  and is typical what is calle "French Art"...go to the Hotel de Ville..."

Pictures (2) Top: Chalons-Sur-Marne Square De La Cathedrale Gloria Victis.

                   Bottom: Chalons-Sur-Marne La Place Et L'Hotel De Ville.

1 godC0177 Text: "...but just as I got to the desk a Lieutenant in the Marines was there...We passed another church and a large school and finally wound up at a nice hotel..."

Pictures (2) Top: Chalons-Sur-Marne L'Eglise Sainte-Jean.

                   Bottom: Chalons-Sur-Marne Ecole Nationale Des Arts Et Metiers.

1 godC0178 Text: "...and when I passed this canal..."

Pictures (2) Top: Chalons-Sur-Marne Le Quartier Forgeot.

                   Bottom: Chalons-Sur-Marne Le College Saint-Etienne.

1 godC0179 Text: "I was on my way to Verdun, and from there would go to Troul and see Yandell. On the way to Verdun we passed thru part of the Argonne forest where the American made such a name for themselves."

Picture (1) Bottom: Untitled Argonne Forest.

Train Ticket (1).

1 godC0180 Text: "I arrived at Verdun at noon...on to the Y.M.C.A...

Pictures (2) Top: Verdun La Gare.

Bottom: Untitled- Faded- Statue of the Fallen Heroes of the War of 1870.

1 godC0181 Text: "The city of Verdun is on  a hill...started up the hill to the Y.M.C.A...

Pictures (2) Top: La Grande Guerre 1914-18 Verdun Place De La Cathedrale.

                   Bottom: La Grande Guerre 1914-18 Verdun Le Seminaire.

1 godC0182 Pictures Only (2) Untitled-Faded-Verdun.