Robert J. Godbey Collection - Journal, Vol. 6

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3 godF0000 Cover-"The Experiences of Robert J. Godbey Army Field Clerk As A Member of the American Expeditionary Forces From February 18, 1918 to August 12, 1919 Vol. 6."
3 godF0005 Form-Indentification de service...Memphis Tennessee
3 godF0009 Form-U.S. Army Post Offices
3 godF0013 Stamps?
3 godF0014 Stamps?
3 godF0018 America's way to the war in France 
3 godF0023 A Collection of A.E.F. Poetry.

Poem-"Stop and Think"---anon.

3 godF0024 Poem-"Stevedore Steve"---Gangplank News.
3 godF0025 Poem-"The Battle of Combien."
3 godF0026 Poem-"The Battle of Combien." Continued--Anon.
3 godF0027 Poem-"As You Were."---Anon.
3 godF0028 Poem-"The Service of the Rear."---Stack FC.QMC
3 godF0028a

Poem-"The French Vampire."---Charlie Russell

3 godF0029 Poem-"The Ladies."
3 godF0030 Poem-"The Ladies." Continued----Kipling.
3 godF0031

 Poem-"Army Life."

3 godF0032

Poem-"Army Life." Continued

3 godF0033 Poem-"Kansas."---Charlie Russell
3 godF0034 Poem-"The Quad."---Charlie Russell
3 godF0035 Poem-untitled.
3 godF0036 Poem-"When The War Is Going To End."---Shakespeare.
3 godF0037 Joke Sentry-Soldier.
3 godF0038 Song-"St. Nazaire."
3 godF0039 Poem-"Fags." (Cigarettes)
3 godF0040 Poem-"Need Experience."
3 godF0041 Poem-"Keep Smiling."---R.V. Brady.
3 godF0042 Poem-"For Better or Worse."
3 godF0043 Poem-"A Soldier's Vision."
3 godF0044 Poem-"Reveries Of A Cannoneer."---Anon.
3 godF0045 Poem-"The National Guard."---Soldier.
3 godF0046 Poem-"The Woman in Overalls."---Edgar A. Guest.
3 godF0047 Poem-"If I Were in Command."---Charles H. Russell
3 godF0048 Poem-"If I Were In Command."--Charles H. Russell.
3 godF0049 Poem-"Slum."--Charles H. Russell.
3 godF0050 Poem-"Modern Warfare,"--Charles H. Russell.
3 godF0051 Poem-"O Dear Mother Of Mine."--M.M.
3 godF0052 Poem-"Then We'll Come Back Again."---Charles H. Russell
3 god0053 Poem-"Truck Co. No. 3"--Charles H. Russell
3 godF0053a Poem-"Truck Co. No. 3"--Charles H. Russell Continued...
3 godF0054 Poem-"Shell Haulers."---Charles H. Russell
3 godF0055 Poem-"The Ammunition of Men."--Charles H. Russell
3 godF0056 Poem-"Hunka Tin."
3 godF0057 Poem-"Hunka Tin." Continued...
3 godF0058 Poem-"Funk."
3 godF0059 Poem-"Beeping."---J.N.
3 godF0060 Poem-"A Doughboy's Prayer: On the Lines of Communications."--Corp James Stevens 162nd Infantry.
3 godF0061 Poem-"A Doughboy's Prayer: On the Lines of Communications."--Corp James Stevens 162nd Infantry. Continued...
3 godF0062 Poem-"After The War."
3 godF0063 Poem-"The Vampire."--Kipling.
3 godF0064 Poem-"The Passing of the Blackhouse."--James Whitcomb Riley.  
3 godF0068 Picture-A Soldier. (?)
3 godF0069 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0070 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.  
3 godF0071 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.  
3 godF0072 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0073 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.  
3 godF0074 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.  
3 godF0075 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0076 Picture-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0077 Picture (2)-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0078 Picture (2)-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0079 Picture (2)-Moeurs Et Types Bretons.
3 godF0080

Receipt? Stamps?

3 godF0081 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun
3 godF0082 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun, Fort Douaumont
3 godF0083 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Paris
3 godF0084 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun
3 godF0085 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun
3 godF0086 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun
3 godF0087 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun
3 godF0088 Picture (2) La Grande Guerre-Verdun
3 godF0089 Picture (2) Varennes, Montfaucon. 
3 godF0090 Picture (2) Montfaucon
3 godF0091 Picture (2) Montfaucon, Les Paroches
3 godF0092 Picture (2) St. Mihiel, Nuiron
3 godF0093 Picture (2) Ligny-em-Barrois, St. Mihiel
3 godF0094 Picture (2) St. Mihiel
3 godF0095 Picture (2) St. Mihiel, Ruel-sur-marne.
3 godF0096 Picture (2) Ruel-sur-marne.
3 godF0097 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.                    
3 godF0098 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0099

Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.  

3 godF0100

Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.  

3 godE0101 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godE0102 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godE0103 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0104 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0105 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0106 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0107 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0108 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0109 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0110 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0111 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0112 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0113 Picture (2) La Grand Guerre-Reims.
3 godF0114 Picture (2) Marne
3 godF0115 Picture (2) Les Meneux
3 godF0116 Picture (2) Les Meneux
3 godF0117 Picture (1) Yres
3 godF0118 Spad and Handley-Page Ships
3 godF0119 Picture (2) Boches ready to be buried, Bellau Woods
3 godF0120 Picture (3) German Observation Ballon.
3 godF0121 Picture (2) Gas Attack, Rheims
3 godF0122 Picture (3) British Tank, Argonne Forest, Big German Gun
3 godF0123 Picture (2) Von Hindenburg, Bellau Wood American Cemetary
3 godF0124 Picture (5) Yank Barrage Near Soissons, Dead German, French Flame Throwers, German Trenches, German Dead
3 godF0125 Pictures (3) Argonne Forest, Shell Holes Chateau-Thierry, French Soldiers
3 godF0126 Pictures (4) Deadman's Verdun, Krownprinz at Soissons, Hotel, Trench St. Mihiel
3 godF0127 Pictures (5) Clovencourt, St. Mihiel Bridge, Dead Soissons, Dead Amiens, After the German Retreat
3 godF0128 Pictures (3) Argonne Forest, German Camp, Rheims Town Hall
3 godF0129 Pictures (5) Ruined Belgium Village, German 420, French Reviewing troops, French Troops Chateau-Thierry, German Machine Gunners
3 godF0130 Pictures (2) Dead Germans, French Tanks
3 godF0131 Pictures (3) Marshall Foch and General Pershing, Railway Guns, Captain Guynemer
3 godF0132 Pictures (5) Tank Attack Montdidier, Air Man Fighter, Bellau Wood After Fight, Tank Attack Montdidier, U.S.A. Boys St. Mihiel
3 godF0133 Pictures (3) Prisoners, Verdun American Division, U.S.A. Trench Beaumont
3 godF0134 Pictures (5) German Time Bomb Cambria, French Sausage, Tanks, U.S. Field Battery, Captured German Guns
3 godF0135 Pictures (3) Chateau-Thierry Bridge Blown by Americans, Conveying Shell, Presentation of Flags by Rochambeau to 6th U.S. Regiment
3 godF0136 Pictures (3) Observation Balloon, Search Light, Reims Ruins
3 godF0137 Pictures (2) French Artillary, U.S. Light Battery
3 godF0138 Pictures (5) Lerouville German Flight Corps, Vhat, American Troops Ready for Gas Attack, Night Flight, Belleau American Attack
3 godF0139 Pictures (3) German Aeroplane, Bombing Plane, French Heavy Mortars
3 godF0140 Pictures (3) Roye Ruins, Montdidier 400 Ordinance Gun, U.S. Division
3 godF0141 Pictures (2) Tanks, Reims
3 godF0142 Pictures (3) American Troops, American Machine Gun, Aerial View of Germans
3 godF0143 Pictures (3) American Stretcher Bearers, Fritz Fini, U.S. Heavy Gun
3 godF0144

 Pictures (2) Pershing Joffre, Rest

3 godF0145 Pictures (5) French Tanks, Marines Encamped, Friendly Game, French Battery, German Cannon
3 godF0146 Pictures (3) Hot Stuff, U.S. Marines Belleau Wood, Americans  In Attack
3 godF0147 Pictures (5) U.S. Troops, Chateau-Thierry, U.S. Troops, Trees Felled by Germans, U.S. Camp at St. Aignan
3 godF0148 Pictures (3) Three Beans in A Mess Kit, A.E.F. Kitchen, U.S. Troops on the way to the Front
3 godF0149 Pictures (5) Field Kitchen, American Camp Hospital, Mess Time, U.S.S. Rambler, French 220 Argonne
3 godF0150 Pictures (5) U.S. Artillery, Studying French, Allies, U.S. Cemetery Near Paris, Brest
3 godF0151 Pictures (2) Reims, U.S. Artillery
3 godF0152 Pictures (2) Nieuport Chasse Plane, New Position
3 godF0153 Pictures (5) Americans, Quartermaster, German Bodies, Repairing Shoes, U.S. Infantry Demange
3 godF0154 Pictures (3) U.S.S. Prometheus, Reims Cathederal, Comrads
3 godF0155 Pictures (3) U.S. Soldiers At Chateau-Thierry, President Wilson Brest, Whip the Hun
3 godF0156

Pictures (3) Belleau Wood, U.S. Troops Hill 204, 370 In Action

3 godF0157

Pictures (2) Fourth of July in Paris-1918, Americans Attacking at Cantigny

3 godF0158

Picture (3) Policing Up, Pistol Practice, U.S. Ships At Brest

3 godF0159

Pictures (2) Firing C.A.C, Artillery

3 godF0160

Pictures (4) Advanced Position, Boche Helmet, Camp St. Nazaire, Rifle Grenades

3 godF0161

Pictures (3) Street Mined by Germans, Fritz Fini Belloy, Ruins St. Nazaire

3 godF0162 Pictures (3) U.S.S. Rumpler, Bridge Chateau-Thierry, Dinner At American Camp
3 godF0163

Pictures (3) Hillside Encampements, U.S. Trench Mortar, Captured German Machine Gun

3 godF0164

Pictures (3) German Guns Captured by English, Capt. Guynemer, Rheims Cathederal

3 godF0165

Pictures (3) Dead Boche, Rue De Chauny, Destroyed Boche Stronghold

3 godF0166

Pictures (2) Clemenceau Visiting French Aviation Camp, Communication Trench

3 godF0167

Pictures (5) French Wounded, Action, Alsatian Girls, Ruined Homes Chateau-Thierry, German Battery

3 godF0168 PIctures (4) Chasse Plane, French Grenades, Camouflaged Road Livry, French Front Line
3 godF0169

Pictures (2) French Tanks, French Artillery

3 godF0170 Pictures (3) Night Flight Le Bourget, Boche Soldiers Roye, Remains of Boche
3 godF0171 Pictures (2) Soissons German Machine Guns, R.C. Dogs In the Trenches Near Luippes
3 godF0172

Pictures (5) German Chasse Plane, French Tank, U.S. Coast Artillery, French Artillery, French Chasse Plane

3 godF0173

Picture (3) American Ambulance Service, American Artillery Near Lenoncourt, French Sausage

3 godF0174 Pictures (5) French Artillery, German First Aid Station, French 75, U.S.S. Rambler, ?
3 godF0175 Pictures (3) French 220, Tree Felled by Shell, German Time Bomb Cambria
3 godF0176 Pictures (5) Trench Scene, French Caudron Plane, Camouflaged French Heavy R.R. Car, German Plane Brought Down, U.S.S. Lianga Bordeaux
3 godF0177 Pictures (5) U.S. Cemetery Belleau Woods, Bridge at Mousson, French Troops, Chateau-Thierry, Bridge at Chateau-Thierry
3 godF0178 Pictures (5) German Planes Raid Paris, Wrecked Airplane, German Cemetery, Church Arms, Blue Devils Saluting American Flag
3 godF0179 Pictures (3) German Gun, German Prisoner, Americans on Parade
3 godF0180 Pictures (3) Wounded Boche, Rheims, Dead Soldier
3 godF181 Pictures (3) Soissons Church, Church Arms, German Anti-Aircraft Gun
3 godF182 Pictures (5) American Doughboys, Bombarded House, Hindenburg Line, Ruined House Soissons, German Entertainment
3 godF183 Pictures (3) Wrecked Airplane Toul, ?, German Flame Thrower
3 godF184 Picture (1) Effects of 75 Shell