Down Under the Hill
Song of the Biltmore Forest School

"'Down under the Hill' was the alma mater song of the Biltmore Forest School -- The first school of Forestry in the U.S. A.. Founded in 1898. The School flourished at Biltmore N.C. until 1909 when it became a traveling school of Forestry. It was abandoned in 1912. -- since then this song has been sung by Glee Clubs in various universities and at the request of many. The Alumni of Biltmore have had printed 500 copies.

Words and music to "Down Under the Hill were written by Douglas Sayre Rodman of the Class of 1902-03. While attending Biltmore he also wrote "The Man Who Looks Like the Kaiser" and "Schenck's Grenadiers" and dedicated all three songs to the Founder, Dr. Carl A. Schenck...."

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