Capt. Robert E. Harris, USN and Joanne S. Harris - USS Asheville Collection
[Program] USS Asheville Commissioning 6 August 1966
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Front Cover
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  Page 1 harr_001 USS Asheville
  Page 2 harr_002  
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  Page 6 harr_006  
  Page 7 harr_007  
  Page 8 harr_008 The Patrol Motor Gunboat
  Page 9 harr_009  
  Page 10  harr_010 The Launching
  Page 11 harr_011 Our Sponsor
  Page 12 harr_012  
  Page 13 harr_013 USS Asheville
  Page 14 harr_014 Asheville North Carolina
  Page 15 harr_015 Tacoma, Washington
  Page 16 harr_016 Officers of the USS Asheville
  Page 17 harr_017  
  Page 18 harr_018 Men of the USS Asheville, PGM 84
  Page 19 harr_019 Men of the USS Asheville, PGM 84
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