Lou Harshaw Papers and Photographs
Series 03 Writings
The "Writings" series includes material under construction by Harshaw  for her various publications and is listed thematically.
Box Folder Item Description
.01 .01   Asheville: Places of Discovery (History of Asheville), corrections for book revision
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 Letter to and a statement from William A.V. Cecil, Jr., President and CEO of The Biltmore Company to be included in Asheville, Places of Discovery by Lou Harshaw
    02 List of photographs and descriptions for History of Asheville book
.01 .02   Asheville: Places of Discovery (History of Asheville), book revisions and outline
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 outline for the History of Asheville book from 1996
    02 photocopies of some photos with cut lines to be corrected
    03 Asheville History Timeline
.01 .03   Asheville: Places of Discovery (History of Asheville), book revision.   
[Folder Includes items listed below and more as grouped by Lou Harshaw.]  
    01 Small, unlabeled photograph
    02 Original newspaper articles
    03 Photocopies of maps
    04 Information about social neighborhoods of Asheville
    05 Cherokee timeline
    06 Notes from lectures and classes
    07 Evaluation of Buncombe County business environment
    08 Asheville/Buncombe VISION
    09 Notes on Thomas Clayton Wolfe
    10 Asheville Bicentennial Year Event application and events list, 1997
    11 Correspondences regarding drafts of the book
    12 History of Asheville Bibliography
.01 .04   East Tennessee: Places of Discovery - Cutlines
.01 .05   The Gold of Dahlonega
[Includes pamphlet and text for news release for The Gold of Dahlonega book authored by Lou Harshaw as well as information about other books published by the Hexagon Company of Asheville.]  
.01 .06   Social Neighborhoods of Asheville, Development of
[Folder Includes items below.]
    01 "Notes on the Development of the Social Neighborhoods of Asheville"
    02 Articles in two issues of Realtor Times in 1993 written by Lou Harshaw
.01 .07   Thomas Wolfe book, I
[Folder includes items listed below, newspaper clippings, and more.]   
    01 Monograph, Asheville and Thomas Wolfe: A Study in Changing Attitudes by Betty Lynch Williams
    02 Reprint of an article, "Asheville and Thomas Wolfe" by George W. McCoy
    03 issue of The Thomas Wolfe Review, Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1983
    04 Asheville Citizen-Times Anniversary Edition print of Thomas Wolfe's "Altamont" of Look Homeward, Angel with Illustrated Map
    05 Information from the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Advisory Committee about Thomas Wolfe and The Thomas Wolfe Memorial
.01 .08   Thomas Wolfe book, II
[Folder contains items listed below.]
    01 Envelope from Aldo P. Magi containing 1981 typed letter to Lou Harshaw; photocopy of newspaper article, "His dharma has a hole in it"; Madeleine Boyd monograph, "Thomas Wolfe: The Discovery of a Genius" edited by Aldo P. Magi with an introduction by Elizabeth Evans.
    02 Typed note dated 4/10/78 from N. Duncan to Lou Harshaw with photocopy of The Thomas Wolfe Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring 1978.  Photocopy includes a marked entry on pg. 39 about Mr. Duncan's father, the Rev. Norvin C. Duncan, an Episcopal minister. 
    03 Postcard from Fred Wolfe, 3-12-78. 
    04 Photocopy of March 16, 1978 handwritten letter from Lou Harshaw to David.
    05 Photocopy of March 16, 1978 handwritten letter from Lou Harshaw to Mr. Wolfe. 
    06 Typed April 7, 1978 letter dictated to Norvin C. Duncan, Jr. from Fred Wolfe to Lou Harshaw in an envelope postmarked 7 Apr 1978. 
    07 Handwritten letter dated 16 April 1978 from David W. Gambrell, nephew of Fred Wolfe, to Lou Harshaw inside an envelope postmarked 17 Apr 1978.
    08 Typed April 20, 1978 letter from Lou Harshaw to Ms. Marion Stephenson, Vice President - General Manager, NBC Radio Network, New York.
    09 Photocopied article by A. Scott Berg entitled, "The Elusive Man Who Was America's Greatest Literary Editor" from Esquire, 18 July 1978. 
    10 Calendar photograph of monument carved by Wolfe's father, Hendersonville, North Carolina with quote from Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe. 
.01 .09   Thomas Wolfe book, III
[Folder includes items below plus newspaper clippings.]
    01 Manuscript suggestions from Ted Mitchell, Thomas Wolfe Memorial.
    02 Monograph, Thomas Wolfe K-19: Salvaged Pieces edited, with an introduction, by John L. Idol, Jr. 
.01 .10   Timelines Asheville, Buncombe County
    01-05 5 copies of "Asheville History Timeline" compiled by Lou Harshaw.
    06-07 Typed copy of "Historical Time Line - Asheville and Buncombe County" with photocopy of newspaper articles, "French Will Honor Rockwell Brothers" and "Ellington, Architect and Artist, Dies Here".   
    08 Copy of "Asheville 1940 - 1970.  
    09 "Asheville, N.C. History Ranges From Early Settlements to Downtown Skyscrapers".