Lou Harshaw Papers and Photographs
Series 05 Readings, Lectures, and Collaborations
This series includes materials used by Harshaw to prepare for courses she taught and speeches and symposiums that she presented.
Box Folder   Description
.01 .01   Course: Asheville Architecture and Architects, Montreat College
.01 .02   Course: Asheville, History of Asheville Heritage
.01 .03   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture
.01 .04   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture (continued)
[Includes a bibliography of Cherokee Indian history and cultural resources.]
.01 .05   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture (continued)
    01 Cherokee Timeline compiled by Lou Harshaw (3 copies)
    02 Cherokee Alphabet (3 copies)
.01 .06   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture (continued) Museum.  [Museum of the Cherokee Indian folder.]
    01 Selected repositories where genealogical information can be located; list of professional genealogists.
    02 List of items in the museum information packet. 
    03 Important dates in Cherokee history. 
    04 Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians: The Land
    05 The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians: Tribal Government
    06 Cherokee, NC Fact Sheet
    07 Eastern Cherokee Government since 1870 [Includes a list of Chiefs of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation since 1870.]
    08 The Cherokee Clans (seven-clan system)
    09 Cherokee Language (general information)
    10 Article photocopies of "The Animal That Changed History" and "Naming the Hunting Grounds".  
    11 Cherokee Bows and Arrows
    12 Cherokee Clothing
    13 Cherokee Education
    14 Cherokee Marriage Ceremonies
    15 Cherokee Villages and Dwellings in the 1700s
    16 Thanksgiving and Christmas for the Cherokee
    17 Tobacco, Pipes, and the Cherokee
    18 Activities (handouts): Museum Word Seek created by Frances Sequoyah (2 photocopies), Scavenger Hunt developed by Leo Snow for Expeditionary Learning-Outward Bound 7/98 (2 photocopies), Trail of Tears map (source and date unknown, 2 photocopies), Tsa Lagi Puzzle created by Vickie Murphy (2 photocopies).  
    19 Article photocopy, "Let's Put the Indians Back Into American History" by William Anderson.  [Includes a suggested classroom project and a bibliography of resources cited.]
    20 Article photocopy, "The Cherokee Trail of Tears" by William L. Anderson.  [Includes a bibliography of additional sources of information.]
.01. .07   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture (continued) Pamphlets, Tourist and Travel Information, Posters
[Includes 2 copies of the poster, "Public Indian Sites of Georgia".  One poster has handwritten notes on the back.]
.01 .08   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture (continued)
.01 .09   Course: Cherokee Indian History and Culture (continued) [Includes newspaper clippings on various topics.]  
.01 .10   Course: Civil War, Mars Hill
[Includes course proposal.]
.01 .11   Course: Southern Appalachians, History and Culture
[Includes course synopses.]
.01 .12   Speech: Gold of Dahlonega
[Includes: The Gold of Dahlonega by Lou Harshaw ; information on Helen, GA ; notes on Dahlonega slide show and New Echota.]
.01 .13   Speech: The Murphy Branch Logging Industry Information
.01 .14   Speech: Railroads and Logging, Mars Hill, 1995
.01 .15   Speech: Southern Appalachian Railroads, Bash at Cass [Includes notes for "Mountain Trains and the Logging Industry Speech for Bash at Cass" by Lou Harshaw.]
    01 List of train photos on accompanying slides on Carousel Number One, which is in a separate box
    02 Notes for "Mountain Trains and the Logging Industry Speech for Bash at Cass" by Lou Harshaw
.01 .16   Symposium: Logging History Southern Appalachian Mountains, 1983  [Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Print notes of "Mountain Trains and the Logging Industry" by Lou Harshaw
    02 Photocopy of the article, "Romancing the Rails" in Mountaineer Times Vol. IV, No. 1, Spring 1989
    03 Photocopy of the booklet, Gatlinburg and The Great Smokies by Ernie Pyle, a reprint of 1940 columns written "for the Scripps-Howard Newspapers about Gatlinburg, the native people, and a trip he took to LeConte" as shared by C.C. Callaway, 1951