Lou Harshaw Papers and Photographs 
Series 07 Research Subjects with related Newspaper Clippings
M2009. and M2009. -.108 
This series includes materials used by Harshaw throughout her professional writing, teaching, speaking, and editorial accomplishments.
Box Folder Item Description
.02 .01   African Americans - Lucy Saunders Herring
[Original newspaper article entitled, "A Lifetime of Education" from Asheville Citizen-Times, Section C, 16 Jan. 1983.]
.02 .02   African Americans - Migration ; Young Men's Institute (YMI)
[2 original newspaper articles.]
.02 .03   African Americans - Miscellaneous
[Includes newspaper clippings on various topics: Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 speech; health care; integration; a slave and Mars Hill college; Isaac Dickson; Elizabeth Harper; schoolhouse fire; Eagle Street; churches; Southside neighborhood; Ethel K. Mills; and reference to an additional document about "Blacks", "Jews", and "Greeks" in Asheville which is located in folder 17.]
.02 .04   African Americans - South Asheville Colored Cemetery, oral history project
.02 .05   Architects and Architecture
.02 .06   Arts and Crafts, Artisans
.02 .07   Asheville - About, I (undated)
[Folder includes Asheville History Timeline, newspaper clippings, and more.]
.02 .08   Asheville - About, II (1912 - 1959)
.02 .09   Asheville - About, III (1960 - 1982)
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 "Asheville Citizen-Times: 90th Anniversary, 1870-1960", newspaper edition.  [Stored separately in Ramsey Library: Special Collections - serials and periodicals section.]
.02 .10   Asheville - About, IV (1983)
[Includes items listed below and more.]
    01 IWANNA Centennial Edition entitled, "Asheville, NC 100 Years: 1883 - 1983"
    02 "Asheville, 1883: On The Move."  Asheville Centennial Edition: A Special Supplement of the Asheville Citizen-Times, Thursday/Friday, Dec 15/16, 1983.  [Stored separately in Ramsey Library: Special Collections - serials and periodicals section.]
.02 .11   Asheville - About, V (1984 - 1993)
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 Article photocopy, "Of Time and the Mountains: Asheville maintains its sense of place while looking to the future", Country, Oct 1984
    02 1988 calendar of "Faces & Places from Asheville's Past" presented by The Preservation  Society of Asheville & Buncombe County
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Lexington Avenue Open Air Market former prime location for fresh food", March 1993
    04 Newspaper clipping, "William F. Hart's career of service ends at 75: Ex-Marine became relief leader" (William Frederick "Bill" Hart Jr., Asheville Citizen-Times, HOPE International, Africa Foundation Inc.
    05 Newspaper clipping, "Petty awesome in 1966 race in Asheville", 1993
.02 .12   Asheville - About, VI (1994 - 1995)
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Fate brought the Winkenwerder family to town", 1995
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Glenn Wilcox ...", 1995
.02 .13   Asheville - About, VII (1996 - 1997) 
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 Local writer, Sarah Griffith Upchurch, newspaper clipping, 1996
    02 The Wall Street Journal, Southeast Journal: "Asheville's Factions Give Peace a Chance to Foster Growth: Quarrelsome Diversity Yields to Efforts at Cooperation After Warning About Jobs", July 1996, photocopy
    03 Obituary, Robert Gruber Beard, b. 1927 - Asheville Civitan Club, Sons of Confederate Veterans Asheville Camp No. 15 (Zebulon Baird Vance Camp), Carolina Mountain Club, Boy Scouts, sales and marketing, Blue Ridge Packard Association, and other community activities and professional accomplishments. 
    04 Leni Sitnick, Asheville's first female mayor, newspaper clipping
.02 .14   Asheville - About, VIII (1998 - 1999)
    01 Obituary, Dr. John H. Killian, 1998
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Stagecoaches: Travel of yesteryear", 1998
    03 Asheville Citizen-Times article, "Reflecting on the past", Dec 1999, pp. 3-16, 21-23, 26-31, photocopy
.02 .15   Asheville - About, IX (2000 - 2003)
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Choo Choo ... Former Heel, Asheville star placed among football's best" (Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice) [2000]
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Creator of 'Buncombe' ..." (Felix Walker) [2000]
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Courthouse turns 75" (Buncombe County Courthouse) [12/2003]
    04 Newspaper clipping, "Justice could be harsh in early Buncombe courts" [12/2003]
.02 .16   Asheville - About, X (2004 - 2007)
[Folder contains items listed below and more.]
    01 Newspaper section, "Day in the Life: West Asheville" [01/2004]
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Rally heats up gay marriage debate" [03/2004]
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Downtown Asheville's bygone businesses part of its rich heritage and history" [05/2004]
    04 Newspaper clipping, "Asheville author recalls the elite of Park Avenue" [06/2004]
    05 Newspaper clipping, "City Market was once hub of downtown" [08/2004]
    06 Newspaper clipping, "Gamble: Taking pictures at a time when pictures didn't lie" [08/2004]
    07 Newspaper clipping, "Progress came in form of buses in Asheville's stagnant year" (electric streetcar system, trolleys) [09/2004]
    08 Newspaper clipping, "Setting the historical record straight about Sheriff Brown" (Sheriff Laurence Brown) [10/2004]
    09 Newspaper clipping, "Early settler Sams led varied, colorful life" (Edmund Sams) [12/2004]
    10 Newspaper clipping, "Memorial Mission emerged in 1885 from patient's outreach" [02/2005]
    11 Newspaper clipping, "You're wasting your time fooling around with cars.  You ought to get a job and go to work." (Harry Blomberg, Cadillac-Pontiac-GMC company) [02/2005]
    12 Newspaper clipping, "John Burton: the 'father of Asheville' " [03/2005]
    13 Newspaper clipping, "Twenties were roaring for Asheville" [03/2005]
    14 Newspaper clipping about Asheville City Manager, Weldon Weir
    15 Newspaper clipping about Vietnam War veterans
    16 Dr. Chase P. Ambler, 1865-1932
.02 .17   Asheville - Blacks [African Americans], Jews, and Greeks
[Includes photocopy of a handwritten document.  Major subjects covered in the document are listed on the outside of the folder.  Note: Refer also to folders .01 - .04 listed above in this series for additional information regarding African Americans.]
.02 .18   Asheville - Chamber of Commerce
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Obituary: Minnie Hazel Green, prior Asheville Chamber of Commerce employee
    02 "A 'History of Hardwon Gains' for the Asheville Area ..... by the Chamber" from 1899 - 1983
    03 Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce: Annual Report, 1995-1996
    04 "Off to the Future: The Five-Year Strategic Plan to Guide the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce into the 21st Century: 1996-2001"
.02 .19   Asheville - Chestnut-Liberty Local Historic District
[Includes design review guidelines.]
.02 .20   Asheville Civic Center
    01 Obituary: B. Paul Goodman, Civic Center's first chairman
    02 "Asheville Civic Center History" information
.02 .21   Asheville - Montford Historic District
[Includes design review guidelines.]
.02 .22   Asheville Schools, I
.02 .23   Asheville Schools, II - The Asheville School
.02 .24   Asheville Tourists Baseball Club
    01 "Asheville Tourists Baseball Club Through the Years, 1897-1997, Celebrating 100 Years of Baseball in Asheville: 1997 Commemorative Yearbook"
    02 Photocopy of 1997 newspaper article, "A Century of Memories: Tourist celebrate 100 years of baseball in Asheville"
    03 Document entitled, "Asheville Baseball History: 100th Anniversary of Organized Baseball in Asheville (1897-1997)"
.02 .25   Asheville - Urban Renewal, East Riverside
.02 .26   Asheville - Urban Trail
.02 .27   Authors/Writers
[Information about Thomas Wolfe appears in separate folders in Series 03 of this collection, "Writings: Thomas Wolfe book".]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Asheville boy of 1860s wrote of his generation" (George F. Robertson; Civil War)
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Asheville crime could be best seller"
    03 Newspaper clipping, "O. Henry Program ...", 1984
    04 Newspaper clipping, "Reliving Fitzgerald's sad summers in Asheville", 1996
    05 Newspaper clipping, "Salisbury novelist named region 'Land of the Sky' " (Christian Reid/Frances Fisher Tiernan; Salisbury, NC)
    06 Newspaper clipping, "Sandburg Is Remembered By Family Members, Church", 1985 (Carl Sandburg
    07 Newspaper clipping, " 'Unto These Hills' author dies", 2001 (Kermit Hunter)
    08 Dr. F. A. Sondley
.02 .28   Basilica of St. Lawrence
.02 .29   Big Ivy Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
.02 .30   Biltmore Forest
.02 .31   Biltmore Industries
.02 .32   Biltmore Village
[Folder includes "Biltmore Village Historic District Design Guidelines: Book 1 - General Design Guidelines and Policies", and more.]
.02 .33   Black Mountain College
.02 .34   Blue Ridge Community College
.02 .35   Blue Ridge Parkway
.02 .36   Buncombe County
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Davidsons Among Earliest Buncombe County Settlers", 1985
.02 .37   Cemeteries
[Note: A separate folder exists for "African Americans - South Asheville Colored Cemetery, oral history project"]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "The Henry Family Cemetery in West Asheville recalls Civil War life"
    02 Pamphlet: Historic Riverside Cemetery (2 copies)
[Cemetery is located in Historic Montford District, Asheville.  Burial site of: Thomas Wolfe, O'Henry (William Sidney Porter), Zebulon Vance (N.C. Governor and U.S. Senator), and many of Asheville's founding families.]
.02 .38   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Arts and Crafts
.02 .39   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Big Cove, Newspaper Article, 1998
.02 .40   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Casino
.02 .41   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Drama, "Unto These Hills", I
.02 .42   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Drama, "Unto These Hills", II
.02 .43   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Drama, "Unto These Hills", III
.02 .44   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Museum of the Cherokee Indian
.02 .45   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Oconaluftee Indian Village Replica
.02 .46   Cherokee Indian Reservation - Press Kit
.02 .47   Cherokees - History 
[Folder contains items listed below and more.]
    01 District Boundaries of the Cherokee Nation 1820
    02 Newspaper clipping, "The Ancient Rites of the Cherokee ... "
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Author (Charles Frazier) gives back to Cherokee community with translation: 'Thirteen Moons' rewritten in tribe's language"
    04 Newspaper clipping, "Blue Ridge Parkway is high road of history" (Kanasta, the lost settlement of the Cherokees]
    05 Newspaper clipping, "Bob Ross holds great pride in the honored Cherokee blood in his heritage"
    06 Newspaper clipping, "Cowee was an important Cherokee town"
    07 Newspaper clipping, "Daniel Smith waged long-term war vs. Indians"
    08 Newspaper clipping, "The great Cherokee Junaluska saves Jackson's life only to have his freedom denied"
    09 Newspaper clipping, "North Carolina recognized debt owed to Junaluska following the War of 1812", 1994
    10 Newspaper clipping, "Legendary Judaculla ..."
    11 Newspaper clipping, : Marker serves as reminder of tree's importance" (Tulip poplar tree historic marker; land grant, 1978; Cherokee village)
    12 Newspaper clipping, "Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, preached peace with Americans"
    13 Newspaper clipping, " 'Old ones' tell tale of Smokies' secret enchanted waters" (Atagahi/Gall Place/Secret Lake, Clingman's Dome/Kuwahi)
    14 Newspaper clipping, "Storyteller Mose Owl helped preserve Cherokee legends"
    15 Newspaper clipping, "What Makes a Cherokee?"
.02 .48   Cherokee - New Echota
.02 .49   Churches
[Includes their Assemblies and Conference Centers.]
.02 .50   Civil War
[See also Research Subjects, Series 7, Box 3, folder number 90, Zebulon Vance, for: photocopy of Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper article, Section D, Sunday, 6 June 1976, Features/Editorials: " 'Let Them Make Their Crops' ... Civil War Plea From Western Carolina" written by Sen. Leander Sams Gash of Transylvania County to Gov. Z. B. Vance.] 
.02 .51   Clayton, Ephraim
.02 .52   Coxe, Frank
.02 .53   Cradle of Forestry
.02 54   Drama and Theater
[Also see Research Subjects folders for Cherokee Indian Reservation - Drama".]
.02 .55   Emerald Village, McKinney Mine, Little Switzerland
.02 .56   Etowah Indian Mounds
.02 .57   French Foreign Legion
[Photocopy of newspaper article about Colonel Paul Ayres Rockwell and his brother, Sgt. Kiffin Rockwell.]
.02 .58   Gems and Minerals
.02 .59   Gilded Age
.02 .60   Great Smoky Mountains Park
.02 .61   Grove Arcade
.02 .62   Grove Park Inn
.03 .63   Highlands, NC
    01 Newspaper clipping, article by John Parris: Highlands (N.C.) and Moccasin (Rabun County, GA) Townships, "whiskey rebellion", Joel Lovin, Billingsley brothers
    02 Newspaper clipping, article by John Parris: Joel Lovin, Billingsley brothers, whiskey, Moccasin and Highlands
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Whiteside Mountain held special significance for both Cherokee and settler"
.03 .64   Historic Houses and Inns, I
[Includes photocopies of photographs and newspaper articles.  Note: There is a separate folder for Grove Park Inn.]
.03 .65   Historic Houses and Inns, II
.03 .66   Jewish Heritage
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 Obituary, "Faela Backer, Greensboro, NC", undated
    01 Newspaper clipping, "WNC's Jews: They Came As Strangers and Peddlers, Became Merchants and Professionals and Remain as Friends and Residents", January 1981.
.03 .67   Kimberly, David and John
[Folder includes items listed below and more.] 
    01 Two typed documents about Professor John Kimberly and David Kimberly by family member Sallie Carter Thomason dated 20 March 1981. 
    02 Transcription by Seth Warner dated1995 of letter from John Kimberly to Bettie Kimberly in 1865. 
.03 .68   Linville, NC
    01 Folder includes a John Parris newspaper article entitled, "Tale of Linville spreads among community 'cottagers' ", 1992.  Mentions Linville River, which the Indians called Eeseeoh. 
.03 .69   Logging and Lumber Trade
[Also see Series 5, Folders 13-16 in Box 1 for information from speeches and symposiums given by Lou Harshaw as well as Series 7, Research Subjects folder: Railroads/Trains & Stagecoach/Hack Lines.]
.03 .70   Maps
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Family genealogy relationship chart drawing by Jeannette Mendham and printed by Trade Color Press for Latham Family Genealogy Study, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  
    02 Map: "The Overmountain People 1756-1796" (3 prints)
    03 Map: Morristown
    04 Map with handwritten note, "Map to the Samuel Davidson marker on Jones Mountain near Swannanoa"
.03 .71   Morton, Hugh and Grandfather Mountain
    01 Among other items, folder includes "Teacher's Guide to Grandfather Mountain for planning school excursions or field trips" by Dr. Larry Woodrow, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Appalachian State University and Catherine Morton, News Director, Grandfather Mountain, Editor dated 1997. 
.03 .72   Museums - Western North Carolina
(Includes information about Asheville Art Museum, The Biltmore Village Historic Museum, Colburn Earth Science Museum, Dry Ridge Museum, Valley Museum, Smith-McDowell Museum, The YMI Cultural Center)
    01 Newspaper clippings, "Pack Museums Want to Grow" (Asheville Art Museum, Colburn Earth Science Museum) and "How to pay for it?: organization steering Pack Place desires expansion, but funding looms as problem" [03/2004]
.03 .73   Music
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Honoring a Legend" (O.D. "Cal" Calhoun)
    02 Newspaper clipping, "John Bridges: 30 years of bylines covering Asheville's classical music"
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Shape Note Gathering"
    04 Newspaper clipping, "Smithsonian releases CD of Bascom Lamar Lunsford's Legacy"
.03 .74   Ogle, Lucinda Oakley - Gatlinburg, TN
.03 .75   Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
.03 .76   Pink Beds, Forestry, Biltmore Campus Trail
.03 .77   Pisgah National Forest Inn; Buckspring Lodge
.03 .78   Pritchard, Jeter Conley
.03 .79   Railroads/Trains and Stagecoach/Hack Lines
[Folder includes Asheville Chapter of National Railway Historical Society and some logging and lumber industry info.  Also see Research Subjects folder: Logging and Lumber Trade] 
.03 .80   Riverlink, I
.03 .81   Riverlink, II
.03 .82   Roberts, Gallatin Edward, b.1878
[Asheville Mayor at the time of the 1930s Depression; life story written by him and contributed by his son, Ed Roberts]
.03 .83   Rockwell, Kiffen
.03 .84   Smith, Richard Sharp [Folder includes the publication,  An Architect and His Times: Richard Sharp Smith, A Retrospective authored by Carrier, Albert and Fullington, Martha and Thomson, Frank and published by The Historic Resources Commissions of Asheville and Buncombe County, c1995.]
.03 .85   South Carolina, History
.03 .86   Swain-Lane House; Swain, David Lowry
.03 .87   Tennessee - Gatlinburg, Sevier County, Pigeon Forge
.03 .88   Tweetsie Railroad
.03 .89   UNC-Asheville
[Folder includes item listed below and more.]
    01 "Timeline: How Community and World Affairs Have Shaped UNCA", 1994. 
.03 .90   Vance, Zebulon
    01 A photocopy of the text for what was thought to be one of the first school compositions of Zebulon B. Vance, "Toads". 
    02 Photocopy of Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper article, Section D, Sunday, 6 June 1976, Features/Editorials: " 'Let Them Make Their Crops' ... Civil War Plea From Western Carolina" written by Sen. Leander Sams Gash of Transylvania County to Gov. Z.B. Vance. 
.03 .91   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Undated
.03 .92   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, 1983 -1996
.03 .93   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Correspondence, Ephemera
.03 .94   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Newspaper Clippings, I (Undated)
.03 .95   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Newspaper Clippings, II (1968 - 1985)
.03 .96   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Newspaper Clippings, III (1990 - 1995)
.03 97   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Newspaper Clippings, IV (1996 - 2004)
.03 .98   Vanderbilt - Biltmore Estate, Newspaper Clippings, V (2005 -
.03 .99   Vanderbilt - Family, Undated
.03 .100   Vanderbilt - Family, 1898 - 1965
.03 .101   Vanderbilt - Family, 1976 - 2002
.03 .102   Vanderbilt - Family, Newspaper Clippings
.03 .103   Western North Carolina - About, I (undated)
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Appalachians Took Name From Indians Who Never Lived Here"
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Augustus Sackett ..." ("WNC's first pitchman")
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Did you ever wonder how Hardscrabble got its name?" (Hardscrabble, Lick Skillet, Relief, Bandana, Pineola, Hawk, Wing, Ledger, Plumtree, Pigeon Roost, Spruce Pine, Kim Thickets)
    04 Newspaper clipping, "Few can recall the histories behind the names of WNC counties"
    05 Newspaper clipping, "John Fraser's tree ..." (Scottish plantsman, Balsam / Fraser fir)
    06 Newspaper clipping, "Paint Rock - home of last formal duel in mountains"
    07 Newspaper clipping, "Small 1902 Swain County tent-town became the The Village of Five Lives" (Fontana Village)
    08 Newspaper clipping, "Waynesville's founder ..."
    09 Newspaper clipping, "Whitewater pioneer Kennedy makes WNC proud" (Payson Kennedy)
    10 Newspaper clipping, "WNC owes much to Ambler" [Chase Ambler, physician, outdoorsman, author, civic contributor]
.03 .104   Western North Carolina - About, II (1963 - 1985) 
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Stikeleather's Roots Run Deep" (James Gudger Stikeleather, Jr.)
    02 Newspaper clipping, "WNC Historical Association Founded in March, 1952"
.03 .105   Western North Carolina - About, III (1987 - 1999)
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Ninety Six: Trading Post, Frontier Fort & British Stronghold", 1992
    02 Newspaper clipping, textile manufacturing and Charles D. Owen for 100 years , 1992
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Beta native John Brinkley revolutionized political campaigning", 1996
.03 .106   Western North Carolina - About, IV (2000 - 2003     )
[Includes miscellaneous items about WNC, including newspaper clippings.]
.03 .107   Western North Carolina - About, V (2004 - 2008)
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Newspaper clipping, "Baxter Taylor helped WNC grow, prosper", 01/2004
    02 Newspaper clipping, "An 1855 map shows Polk County at a turning point" 01/2005
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Bride, groom and a rat inhabit the Blue Ridge" (Mount Pisgah area), 02/2005
.03 .108   World War I and II
[Folder includes items listed below and more.]
    01 Photocopy of newspaper article, "War Call in 1917 Got Quick Response Here"
    02 Newspaper clipping, "Thursday marks 50th anniversary of local man's jungle journey" (Roger "Fly Boy" Grant, New Guinea, WWII)
    03 Newspaper clipping, "Asheville mourns loss of a hometown hero" (Colonel Robert Morgan of WWII)