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History Club of Asheville
1909 - 2004


History Club of Asheville, 1995-1996
Gladys Sandberg, Ethyl Susa, Charlotte Derrough, Joan Roderick, Anne Paine
August 1995 (cover page of Joynes notebook)

Title History Club of Asheville
Alt. Title Women's History Club
  Women's History Club of Asheville
Creator History Club of Asheville
Alt. Creator North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs
Oral Histories ; St. Genevieve's School ; Biltmore Forest ; Grove Park School ;
Depression ;  Eleanor Roosevelt ; hospitals ; Beaucatcher ; Moonlight Schools ;
Smith-McDowell House ; Frances Louise. Goodrich ; Pack Place ; education ;
History Club of Asheville
Asheville (N.C.) -- History
Asheville (N.C.) -- Clubs
Description The History Club of Asheville met seven times from 1995 -1996, with the goal
to review the history of Asheville during its 68 year existence.  Each member
presented personal memories and family stories as they also studied the
historical people and times of Asheville.
Publisher D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville, NC, 28804
Contributor North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs ; Dorothy Joynes
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Format Cassette tapes from History Club of Asheville meetings ; scrapbook with photos, copies of Asheville information and newspaper clippings, notes from the meetings ; misc. tapes from presentations
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Relation Voices of Asheville Oral History Collection [VOA], Dorothy Joynes,
http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/oralhistory/VOA/default_voa.html ; Jewish Life in Western North Carolina ;
Coverage temporal 1909-2004
Coverage spatial Asheville, NC
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Context The North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs was organized May, 1902, when representatives of seven clubs met at Salem College in Winston-Salem to "unite the Women's Clubs of North Carolina into a state-wide charitable organization for the promotion of education and activities in civic, cultural, educational and social welfare for the betterment of the commonwealth." The name of the organization was changed May 1998, to GFWC of North Carolina, Inc. to better identify the North Carolina Federation with its parent organization. GFWC-NC is composed of local clubs.

The History Club of Asheville began their meetings in 1909 and realized the need to  re-vitalize the club . With the theme,  "Recovering our History", the club met in 1995 with the goal to review the club's 86 year history  in one year's time.  A scrapbook  of the members and their meetings was created by Dorothy Joynes.. The meetings were tape recorded and chronicled in the scrapbook. With the interviews of Asheville people, Joynes created the Voices of Asheville Oral History Collection, held in Special Collections, Ramsey Library, UNCA.


The History Club started in Asheville as a weekly reading club of college women and one authoress, ten women altogether.  One member would read aloud while the others sewed.  In 1909, Mrs. V.L. Stone came "from the shores of Lake Chautauqua" and organized the club so that it became permanent.  She served as president from 1909-12.

Each member was required to write one paper a year and present it at a meeting. One of these early years the club studied United States history with topics by novelists, essayists, poets, historians, artists, statesmen, philanthropists, and newspaper writers.  Once a year a "relaxation " program at which members and their husbands dressed as teen-agers at school was enjoyed.  A quartet sang at some meetings.  Dorothy Dix journalist, sent a letter to a member who read it at the meeting.  Roll call was answered by humorous quotations from her writings. 

During and after World War I members wrote about "Our Army", "Our Navy", "Changes wrought in the life and work of women by the war", "War jobs for women in U.S.A, Canada, Great Britain," "American and world trade after the war," "Aerial warfare," "German states and Russian supremacy," "The whirlpool of race antagonisms," "Reconstruction of France and the debt we owe her," "The Great Russian Experiment," and a study of Japan's taking of Manchuria. 

After this the club wrote a novel, Dorothy of Woodlawn, set in old Virginia in 1923, each member writing a chapter serially during the year. The writers included members who had come from Michigan, South Carolina, Connecticut, California, etc.  Then members wrote short stories and read them at meetings.

The club members participated in civic and charitable work and contributed money to building of the Women's Club House.  They helped sponsor the beginning of Buncombe county's night school for the illiterates [Moonlight Schools**]. Mary Elizabeth Morris, a member, was in charge of the school for years.  They provided help for a nurse at Oteen Veteran's Hospital and worked for the Red Cross during World War I.  They also sold liberty bonds, donated books to soldiers, knitted sweater and socks for them, and distributed Christmas stockings to Oteen patients.  They made hundreds of flowers for the Rhododendron Festival.  After 1935 members contributed to and helped serve YWCA Christmas suppers and sent Christmas baskets to the Meadows sisters.  They also collected money for Armenian relief. 

The club's 30th anniversary was celebrated at the home of Mrs. Buckner.  For two years the club had a radio station COCS, over which Mrs. Harris broadcast current events.  They sponsored an art exhibit in which Mrs. Murrow and Mrs. Chambers each had a painting. 

During World War II, one member did over 400 hours of knitting, several worked in Red Cross surgical dressing rooms, four were Gray Ladies at Oteen, others worked in Travelers' Aid, Girl Scouts, and Mrs. Heffner, active in the Salvation Army, headed the Welfare Planning and Civil Defense organizations.  Due to rationing the meetings were held only once a month instead of twice a month.  For a couple of years they stopped serving tea.

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List of Names Nancy Arney
Jane Bingham
Jane Broadbrook
Charlotte Derrough
Margaret Dowdle
Eloise Eaton
Lib Emily, Treasurer
Barbara Hempleman
Audrey Horton
Dorothy Joynes
Leslie Joynes
Shirley Kern
Barbara Kelleher
Rob Neufeld
Anne Paine
Marjorie Post
Joan Roderick, President
Susan Roderick
Gladys Sandberg
Susan Shafer
Vivian Stikeleather
Gene Sullivan
Ethyl Susa
Sarah Yarmany
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  .01  Notebook - History Club of Asheville  [Notebook: Dorothy Joynes History of the History Club of Asheville Donation]
History Club of Asheville 1995-1996 Notebook Introduction
History Club of Asheville Constitution and Bylaws
Review of History Club of Asheville goals - History Club of Asheville 1995-1996  (PDF)
History Club of Asheville Presidents 1909-1995 (in Joynes Notebook)
1995-1996 meeting notes, newspaper copies of clippings.
  .02 Photographs of organization Presidents and officers and members.
OH2010.05.01- .03 History Club of Asheville of Asheville Tapes : (Full list of 21 tapes)
    ADDENDUM 2011-04-25
  .04 History of the History Club of Asheville
    .04.1  History of the Asehville History Club - 1909 - 2010
           Addendum:  History of the History Club - 1930's and 1940's
                                 by Barbara Hempleman
    .04.2   History of the History Club of Asheville - 1953  (June)
    .04.3  Resume of the History Club of Asheville - 1966 - 1968
    .04.4  History of the History Club of Asheville  (includes photographs and news clippings)
  .05 Copy of an old scrapbook 1944 - present (1995).  New additions.
  .06 History Club of Asheville Program Handouts
  .07 History Club of Asheville Yearbooks
  .08 History Club of Asheville Photographs
  .09 History Club of Asheville Tapes  (not Joynes, see HCA OH2010.05.01-)