Morris Karpen Family Collection
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karpen_001 Photograph of Morris Karpen's class at Public School 62 in the Bronx, New York. Remarks on the back of photo indicate that he is third from the left, last row. karpen_001_mod.jpg (294472 bytes)
karpen_002 Karpen Steel Products sign karpen_002.jpg (3771848 bytes)
karpen_003 Karpen Soccer Field sign karpen_003.jpg (3939097 bytes)
karpen_010 Morris Karpen with Eve Serotta and Joe Strauss. karpen_010_mod.jpg (574676 bytes)
karpen_011 Leah and Morris Karpen. karpen_011_mod.jpg (247698 bytes)
karpen_013 Leah and Morris Karpen. karpen_013_mod.jpg (594578 bytes)
karpen_014 Photograph of Morris Karpen in a tractor. karpen_014_mod.jpg (251871 bytes)
karpen_015 Morris Karpen acting silly on horseback. karpen_015_mod.jpg (498757 bytes)
karpen_016 Morris Karpen with George Theuri and Megumi Mochizuki, two Warren Wilson student scholarship recipients. karpen_016_mod.jpg (252051 bytes)
karpen_018 Leah and Morris Karpen with cake bearing the Karpen Steel Products logo. karpen_018_mod.jpg (416773 bytes)
karpen_019 Morris Karpen at work in his manufacturing company. karpen_019_mod.jpg (230285 bytes)
karpen_020 Morris Karpen overseeing work on a frame. karpen_020_mod.jpg (225243 bytes)
karpen_025 Portrait of Morris Karpen during his bar mitzvah in 1929. karpen_025_mod.jpg (445552 bytes)
karpen_026 Another portrait from Morris Karpen's class at Public School 62 in the Bronx, New York. Remarks on back of photograph indicate that Morris is the fourth from left in the last row. karpen_026_mod.jpg (288273 bytes)

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