Lipinsky Family Collection
Series 2: Louis Lipinsky
Box Folder Item # Description
M2006.1.1 2 1 WLOS-TV Editorial on the occasion of Louis Lipinsky Sr.'s Death: "Monday July 18th 1966, Louis Lipinsky Sr. - Asheville Benefactor and Servant."
    2 Photocopy of newspaper clipping: "Who's Who and Why," [Asheville Observer, 8 September 1929]. Story and photograph of Louis Lipinsky.
    3 Photocopy of newspaper clipping: "Louis Lipinsky Sr., Asheville civic leader was presented with a plaque . . . ." [Asheville Citizen, December 31, 1958].
    4 Photocopy of newspaper clipping: "Louis Lipinsky Sr. Retires." [Asheville Citizen, April 31, 1961].
    5 Photocopy of newspaper clipping: "Louis Lipinsky, 78, Dies Here." Asheville Citizen, July 19, 1966.
    6 Photocopy of newspaper clipping: "The News Personality of the Week." [W. Asheville News, May 5, 1944?].
    7 Certificate of Marriage: Mr. Louis Lipinsky and Miss Clara L. Nathan, dated April 29, 1919
    8 Newspaper clipping: "Student Center at A-B is Named for Lipinsky, A-B's [Asheville-Biltmore's] Development Tied Closely to Louis Lipinsky." [?] [November 17. 1967?]
    9 Unidentified handwritten prayer in behalf of Louise Nathan (mother of Clara L. [Nathan] Lipinsky), n.d.
    10 Photocopy of photograph showing presentation of large plaque to Louis Lipinsky Sr. labeled Asheville Merchant's Association, shows Morris Lipinsky Jr., Whitlock Lees, Jr., Morris Lipinsky Sr., and Louis Lipinsky Jr., in addition to Louis Lipinsky Sr. and unidentified sixth man. n.d. [2 copies]
    11 CD of audio recording of Frank Edwin made in 1948.

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