Lipinsky Family Collection
Series 6-11: Family Photographs
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M2006.1.1 4 lip0001 Solomon Lipinsky, n.d. lip0001.jpg (172985 bytes)
    lip0002 Solomon Lipinsky, n.d. lip0002.jpg (193179 bytes)
    lip0003 Lipinsky Bon Marche dinner - (l to r) Ray Lipinsky; Wachovia bank president; Mr. Tollman (sold office furniture); Louis Lipinsky; Harry Winner; Crystal Sorrels; (Chamber of Commerce) Clara Lipinsky; Morris Lipinsky; at the Battery Park Hotel. n.d. lip0003.jpg (193387 bytes)
    lip0004a Louis Lipinsky at Bon Marche Dinner l to r: ?, Mr. Phillips,  Morris Lipinsky, ?. Louis Lipinsky (standing), Harold Corey (married Nancy Whitlock, a Lipinsky cousin), ?, ?, at the Battery Park Hotel, n.d. lip0004.jpg (236800 bytes)
    lip0005 Louis Lipinsky at a Civic Affair (l to r) Robin Phillips (Citizen newspaper advertising department), Crystal Sorrels (Chamber of Commerce), Fleming Tollman,(sold office furniture); Clara and Louis Lipinsky n.d. lip0005.jpg (181864 bytes)
    lip0006 Choir at First Baptist Church, 1942, Mr. Gough (5th row up on right), choir director, was Joanne Lipinsky [Edwinn's] voice teacher and asked her to sing in the choir.

1st row: Doris Stone, Eleanor Fitzgerald, Joanne Lipinsky Edwinn, Mary Catherine Fleming, Sarah Fletcher, Nell Crawford, Margaret Ensley,

2nd row: Momma Sams, Lucille Fitzgerald, Jack Neeley Davis, ?, ?, Mrs. James, Ray Ingle, Mrs. Bergen Mullinaux, Mary Goodman, Belle Mc Derris, ?, ?, Bergen Mullinaux, ?, ?, ? Herbert Whitman (forester) organist, Mr. Inser (in suit and tie)

lip0006.jpg (183255 bytes)
    lip0007 Joanne Lipinsky Edwin's Lee Edwards High School Class Reunion of  1943. Charlie Justice was in this class. John Bridges in black suit on right, 7th from left in the front row, Neeley girl and Judy King. lip0007.jpg (272022 bytes)
    lip0008 Meyer Nathan, brother of Clara Nathan Lipinsky with Joanne, Louis, Jr., and Edward S. (children of Louis and Clara Lipinsky). 1931 in front of the Lipinsky house at 340 Kimberly Knoll designed by Henry Gaines (1929). The house was not fully finished due to the Depression, as happened to a lot of home sites. lip0008.jpg (161984 bytes)
    lip0009 Miss Ann's Good Health Kindergarten. Picture was taken in front of basement of William Jennings Bryan former house, corner of Evelyn and Kimberley.1st row: l to r: Elizabeth Moore, Sally?, Emily Mashburn, Cameron Meehan, Joanne Lipinsky Edwinn; 2nd row Johanna Baxter, Billy Lee, Richard Ratiger, Hiden Ramsey Jr.(blond); ?, Betty Sumner, ?. The smock dresses were made by mother of Mary Sisk. Joanne remembers the teacher was from the country. The class would churn milk into butter to eat on their graham crackers for snack. 1930 ? lip0009.jpg (256821 bytes)
    lip0010 Clara Nathan Lipinsky, wife of Louis Lipinsky. Married in 1920. The photo was taken by the Bon Marche photographer in the 1930's. lip0010.jpg (171817 bytes)
    lip0011 Clara Nathan Lipinsky with Mary Lou Lipinsky Goad. Clara always wore the pin in the picture, though it was not always visible. Picture taken at the house on Kimberly Knoll. Pinky was the first grandchild of the Lipinsky's. 1949. lip0011.jpg (208908 bytes)
    lip0012 Mary Lou Lipinsky [Goad], known as Pinky, daughter of Louis Lipinsky Jr. lip0012.jpg (218705 bytes)
    lip0013a Joanne Lipinsky [Edwinn] with a stuffed animal; wearing the necklace of Clara Lipinsky, her aunt, 1928 or 1929 lip0013a.jpg (238145 bytes)
    lip0014 Clara Lipinsky [Thorner], b. 1878, oldest daughter of Solomon Lipinsky, born in Tarboro, NC, before the family moved to Asheville. She married later in life, living with her parents at several Asheville addresses the last of which was 156 Cumberland Avenue in Montford, before her marriage. After marrying  She moved to Richmond, Va. and "took to her bed.". lip0014.jpg (85743 bytes)
    lip0015 Copy of post card photograph (original with frame in separate folder): Solomon Lipinsky and wife, Eva Whitlock, at Seven Falls and South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado. Early 1900's
    lip0016 Joanne Lipinsky [Edwinn], head shot for her opera career lip0016.jpg (140383 bytes)
    lip0017 Solomon Lipinsky, n.d. [Oversized - in lateral file drawer] lip0017.jpg (104036 bytes)
    lip0018 Louis Lipinsky (right), [?] (left) ; His YMCA team won the NC basketball champions 1907-08 lip0018.jpg (179424 bytes)
    lip0019 Frank Edwin (left), Pat McAffey (right) in Man of La Moncha. See also lip0041 lip0019.jpg (156775 bytes)
    lip0020 Solomon Lipinsky, n.d. lip0020.jpg (83299 bytes)
    lip0021 Solomon Lipinsky taken while the Grove Park Inn was under construction, 1913. lip0021.jpg (218138 bytes)
    lip0022a Clara Lipinsky (standing), Morris Lipinsky (left), Whitlock Lipinsky (right) 1882?
[lip0022b: copy of same photo]
lip0022a.jpg (186355 bytes)
    lip0023 Louis Lipinsky,  son of  Eva Whitlock and Solomon Lipinsky, 1904 lip0023.jpg (1252708 bytes)
    lip0024 Solomon Lipinsky (Life Motion Photograph) lip0024.jpg (179509 bytes)
    lip0025 Whitlock Lipinsky, son of  Eva and Solomon Lipinsky, 1881 lip0025.jpg (208487 bytes)
    lip0026 Louis Lipinsky 1888 lip0026.jpg (198334 bytes)
    lip0027 Clara Louise Nathan Lipinsky, 1882 lip0027.jpg (284098 bytes)
    lip0028 Clara Louise Nathan Lipinsky at age16 months.1883 lip0028.jpg (149731 bytes)
    lip0030 Joanne Lipinsky [Edwinn], Betty Lipinsky [Feld], Dale Hilliard (behind), Louis Lipinsky Jr. holding his younger brother Edward Lipinsky.  Edward was legally blind until age 8. Dr. Weisenblat gave him therapy and performed  surgery which gave him full sight.  July 10, 1930 lip0030.jpg (209012 bytes)
    lip0031 Mary Lipinsky, wife of Louis Lipinsky Jr. and Louis Lipinsky at Bon Marche in Charlotte in 1950's. lip0031.jpg (223923 bytes)
    lip0032 Louis Lipinsky at Bon Marche  holding an iron. n.d. lip0032.jpg (208090 bytes)
    lip0033 Louis Lipinsky house at 340 Kimberley Knoll was supposed to have a greenhouse off the porch doors. Tucker Cook owns the chair. House was never completed due to the depression. lip0033.jpg (560749 bytes)
    lip0034 Louis Lipinsky with wife, Clara ; Louis Lipinsky Jr. with wife, Mary at Bon Marche in Charlotte in 1950's[?] lip0034.jpg (220890 bytes)
    lip0035 Meyer Nathan  boy, and Nathan's mother's dog [?] lip0035.jpg (170503 bytes)
    lip0036a Clara Lipinsky as a child (date on back: Oct. 15, 1880. See lip0036b) lip0036a.jpg (245584 bytes)
    lip0036b Reverse of lip0036 [Date, Oct. 15, 1880, probable birthday [?] ; Photographer, Nat. W. Taylor, Artist, Asheville, N.C.] lip0036b.jpg (337991 bytes)
    lip0037 Clara Lipinsky, oldest daughter of Eva Whitlock and Solomon Lipinsky lip0037.jpg (230344 bytes)
    lip0038a Morris Lipinsky 1883?, son of Eva Whitlock and Solomon Lipinsky lip0038a.jpg (176385 bytes)
    lip0038b Reverse of lip0038a [Photographer, Nat. W. Taylor, Photographic Artist, Asheville, N.C. ; handwriting partial, "father's sister" ?] lip0038b.jpg (222450 bytes)
    lip0039 Mary Lou Lipinsky [Goad], Pinky, at Lipinsky house on Kimberly Knoll. 1950 lip0039.jpg (98003 bytes)
    lip0040 Joanne Lipinsky [Edwinn] in Miami Beach, 1948 lip0040.jpg (1151501 bytes)
    lip0041 Frank Edwin (left), see photo 0019. lip0041.jpg (176025 bytes)
    lip0042 Louis Lipinsky Jr. 1922, born premature, son of Louis and Clara Lipinsky. lip0042.jpg (149130 bytes)
    lip0043 Louis Lipinsky, n.d. lip0043.jpg (93456 bytes)
    lip0044 Louis Lipinsky n.d. lip0044.jpg (102118 bytes)
    lip0045 Wedding photograph: Joanne Lipinsky and Frank Edwinn 1948. They were married in the studio of Miss Liebling in NYC. lip0045.jpg (148905 bytes)
    lip0046a Wedding photograph: Joanne Lipinsky and Frank Edwinn 1948. They were married in the studio of Miss Liebling in NYC. lip0046a.jpg (153765 bytes)
    lip0046b Wedding photograph: Joanne Lipinsky and Frank Edwinn in Miss Liebling's apartment in NYC. 1948. Joanne performed in the Broadway shows: If the Shoe Fits and Carousel lip0046b.jpg (185904 bytes)
    lip0047 Louis Lipinsky (center) holding ball, YMCA team was the  NC championship basketball team, 1907-1908. lip0047.jpg (230158 bytes)



Clara Lipinsky [Thorner], January 1, 1942 [Oversized - in lateral file drawer] lip0048.jpg (161395 bytes)



Louis Lipinsky 1975 or 1976. lip0049.jpg (159589 bytes)
    lip0050 Louis Lipinsky and Wife  on Honeymoon trip.  
    lip0051 Louis Lipinsky receiving award.  

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