C.W. McCall Collection of
Josiah Strong Family Papers

Box List

A collection of papers, publications, correspondence, ephemera, and photographs from the family of Rev. Josiah Strong.

Box # Folder # Description


1 Biographical information for Josiah Strong
     Posthumous description with additions by Margery and Elsie of the life of Josiah Strong (2 items)
M2010.14.01 2 Dr. Nathaniel Pratt's manuscript and notes for a biography of Josiah Strong 
     Daughters Margery and Elsie added information to the manuscript after his death.  The work was never published.(13 items)
M2010.14.01 3 Biographical Information for Elsie and Margery Strong
     Includes ephemera from a speech given by Margery at Duluth State Teachers College (1 item)
M2010.14.01 4 Published works about Josiah Strong
     Articles about the life and works of Josiah Strong (5 items)
M2010.14.01 5 Published works of Josiah Strong
     Articles and speeches written by Josiah Strong including the speech given on the Celtic tour (3 items)
M2010.14.01 6 Notes for Our Country on Wealth
     Josiah Strong's notes for the chapter on wealth in his published work Our Country (12 items)
M2010.14.01 7 Helen Gould materials
     Correspondence and a program for a memorial supper given by Strong family friend Helen Gould (4 items)
M2010.14.01 8 Articles and clippings
     Articles from newspapers and magazines collected by the Strong family, often with notation (11 items)
M2010.14.01 9 Miscellani
     Postcards, menus, copied poems, and notes from a doctoral paper on Josiah Strong by Wendy Deichmann (13 items)
M2010.14.01 10 Correspondence to C.W. McCall
     Includes correspondence from doctoral student Wendy Deichmann in reference to research on Josiah Strong (10 items)
M2010.14.01 11 Correspondence to Elsie and Margery Strong
     Includes a lease agreement for the family home and letters regarding their unfinished biography of father Josiah Strong (9 items)
M2010.14.01 12 Correspondence to Josiah Strong and Mrs. Strong
     Includes correspondence regarding the writing of Josiah Strong's published works (8 items)
M2010.14.01 13 Photographs
     [see Photographs from the Strong Family Personal Holdings for more information] (9 items)
M2010.14.02 1 Christadora House publications, NYC,  [Includes] Unbound anthology publications (6 items)
M2010.14.02 2 "The Glory: Personal Testament Concerning  Spirit Return" By Rowland, Nye, Asheville Inland Press, 1954.

"They Return: A Defense of Spritualism" By Rowlan, Nye, Asheville Inland Press, 1956. (2 items)

M2010.14.02 3 Daudet, A. Short Stories. Ed. by E. Haldeman-Julius. Pocket Series No. 314. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Company, n.d..

The Missionary Herald At Home and Abroad - Christmas

M2010.14.02 4 Greenwich Academy, Shakespeare Theatre publications and notes (26 items)
M2010.14.02 5 Miscellaneous publications
     Academic and spiritual pamphlets owned by the Strong family (2 items)


6 His Friends : The Story of the Immediate Disciples of Jesus After His Ascension, and Their Letters to the Early Christians.  Using the text of the American Standard Revised Bible. Prepared by Theodore G. Soares, Sydney Strong, William E. Barton, Editors of 'His Life," "His Last Week," "His Great Apostle," etc.  Chicago and New York: Hope Publishing Company [Pastor's Publishing Union], 1906.

His Life (2 copies)

His Last Week



7 Buchman, Frank. Remaking the World: Selections from the Speeches of Dr. Frank Buchman. London: William Heinemann LTD., 1941.
M2010.14.03 01 Ephemera: The Academic, 1st copy. (2 items)
M2010.14.03 02 Ephemera: Anderegg, F. Algebra Problems. (5 items)
M2010.14.03 03 Ephemera: Arnold, M. Essays in Criticism. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 04 Ephemera: Baker, F.T. and Jones, R. The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 05 Ephemera: Belden, C. Belden's Guide... (2 items)
M2010.14.03 06 Ephemera: Bishop, E. Daily Ways to Health (8 items)
M2010.14.03 07 Ephemera: Cook, A. A First Book in Old English. (2 items)
M2010.14.03 08 Ephemera: Davis, E. But We Were Born Free. (11 items)
M2010.14.03 09 Ephemera: Dye, E.E. McLoughlin and Old Oregon. (9 items)
M2010.14.03 10 Ephemera: Foulke, W.D. Slav or Saxon. (3 items)
M2010.14.03 11 Ephemera: Gulick, J.T. Evolution. (3 items)
M2010.14.03 12 Ephemera: Holden, J.S. Oddments, Bitments, and Remainders. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 13 Ephemera: Jones, J.P. The Christ and the Buddha. (15 items)
M2010.14.03 14 Ephemera: Macy, J. Our Government. (21 items)
M2010.14.03 15 Ephemera: McCready, R.H. and H.M. Tyndall. Cruise of the Celtic... (4 items)
M2010.14.03 16 Ephemera: Portfolio Verse. (4 items)
M2010.14.03 17 Ephemera: Strong, J. The Challenge of the City, 1st copy. (2 items)
M2010.14.03 18 Ephemera: Strong, J. Expansion, 1st copy. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 19 Ephemera: Strong, J. Expansion, 2nd copy. (28 items)
M2010.14.03 20 Ephemera: Strong, J. My Religion in Everyday Life. (2 items)
M2010.14.03 21 Ephemera: Strong, J. The Next Great Awakening. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 22 Ephemera: Strong, J. The New Era, 3rd copy. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 23 Ephemera: Strong, J. The New World Religion. (12 items)
M2010.14.03 24 Ephemera: Strong, J. Our Country, 1st copy. (3 items)
M2010.14.03 25 Ephemera: Strong, J. Our Country, 2nd copy. (13 items)
M2010.14.03 26 Ephemera: Strong, J. Our World, 1st copy. (2 items)
M2010.14.03 27 Ephemera: Strong, J. The Twentieth Century City, 2nd copy. (1 item)
M2010.14.03 28 Ephemera: Strong, J. et. al. Vital Questions... (2 items)
M2010.14.03 29 Ephemera: Ward, H. Amiel's Journal. (4 items)
M2010.14.03 30 Ephemera: Webster, N. Holy Bible. (2 items)