C.W. McCall Collection of Joshiah Strong Family Papers

Scrapbook with Photographs from a European "Grand Tour"
A ninety-four page scrapbook with photographs of art, architecture and landscapes in Europe.  
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OS2010.14 Grand Tour strong_pho_0001 [cover] strong_pho_0001.jpg (479118 bytes)
    strong_pho_0002 "W.H. Yorke 1887" strong_pho_0002.jpg (403428 bytes)
    strong_pho_0003 [compilation of 3 photographs] strong_pho_0003.jpg (416686 bytes)
    strong_pho_0003_a "179 Houses of Parliament, from West Minster Bridge" strong_pho_0003_a.jpg (474354 bytes)
    strong_pho_0003_b "620 House of  Lords" strong_pho_0003_b.jpg (636982 bytes)
    strong_pho_0003_c "621 House" strong_pho_0003_c.jpg (730150 bytes)
    strong_pho_0004 "1. Paris Arc de Triomphe" strong_pho_0004.jpg (330985 bytes)
    strong_pho_0005 "No 173 PARIS. Musee du Luxembourg, Inauguration du Nouvel Opera, par Detaille. L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0005.jpg (412662 bytes)
    strong_pho_0006 [French cityscape] strong_pho_0006.jpg (311512 bytes)
    strong_pho_0007 "No 72 PARIS Musee du Louvre, Galerie d'Apollon L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0007.jpg (387501 bytes)
    strong_pho_0008 [Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel] strong_pho_0008.jpg (322966 bytes)
    strong_pho_0009 "No 35 PARIS. La Cathedrale, Notre-Dame L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0009.jpg (353663 bytes)
    strong_pho_0010 "311, Louvre l'Amour et Psyche (Canova)" strong_pho_0010.jpg (297143 bytes)
    strong_pho_0011 "No 65fis PARIS Musee du Louvre, Galerie de la Venus de Milo L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0011.jpg (350578 bytes)
    strong_pho_0012 "No 69 PARIS Musee du Louvre, Le Gladiateur L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0012.jpg (330083 bytes)
    strong_pho_0013 "No 21 PARIS. Musee du louvre, Salle des Empereurs Romains ND Ph" strong_pho_0013.jpg (353781 bytes)
    strong_pho_0014 "No 60fis PARIS. Musee du Louvre, la Venus de Milo L.P. Phot:" strong_pho_0014.jpg (310892 bytes)
    strong_pho_0015 "No 94 PARIS Musee du Louvre, La Belle Jardiniere,. par Raphael L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0015.jpg (349578 bytes)
    strong_pho_0016 "371 Mariage mystique de Ste Catherine d'Alexandrie, par le Correge. X.Phot." strong_pho_0016.jpg (361533 bytes)
    strong_pho_0017 "No 97 PARIS Musee du Louvre, L'Immaculee Conception, par Murillo L.P. Phot. strong_pho_0017.jpg (367766 bytes)
    strong_pho_0018 "No 17 PARIS. Colonne Vendome L.P. Phot." strong_pho_0018.jpg (316921 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019 [compilation of six photos] strong_pho_0019.jpg (453781 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019_a "Lock Pulney, Nerr Dunkeld.  5211 G.W.W." strong_pho_0019_a.jpg (573489 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019_b "Melrose Abbey. 97 G.W.W." strong_pho_0019_b.jpg (488568 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019_c [Melrose Abbey] strong_pho_0019_c.jpg (485425 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019_d "Melrose Abbey. N. Transept. & Chancel. 709A G.W.W." strong_pho_0019_d.jpg (456689 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019_e "Melrose Abbey. The Chancel. 528 G.W.W." strong_pho_0019_e.jpg (451376 bytes)
    strong_pho_0019_f "J.M. RIVER 103 G.W.W." strong_pho_0019_f.jpg (461952 bytes)
    strong_pho_0020 "LA MADONNA edil BAMBINO PITTURA del SASSOFERRATO" strong_pho_0020.jpg (363932 bytes)
    strong_pho_0021 "186 Louvre. - Les Noces de Cana. - Veronese. - L.L." strong_pho_0021.jpg (354961 bytes)
    strong_pho_0022   strong_pho_0022.jpg (380481 bytes)
    strong_pho_0023 [Berlin Victory Column] strong_pho_0023.jpg (272293 bytes)
    strong_pho_0024   strong_pho_0024.jpg (373372 bytes)
    strong_pho_0025   strong_pho_0025.jpg (325972 bytes)
    strong_pho_0026 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0026.jpg (375734 bytes)
    strong_pho_0026_a [landscape [assumed Great Britain]] strong_pho_0026_a.jpg (416544 bytes)
    strong_pho_0026_b [seascape [assumed Great Briatain]] strong_pho_0026_b.jpg (484791 bytes)
    strong_pho_0027   strong_pho_0027.jpg (322478 bytes)
    strong_pho_0028 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0028.jpg (315411 bytes)
    strong_pho_0028_a "529 PONT Ste MARIE" strong_pho_0028_a.jpg (574467 bytes)
    strong_pho_0028_b   strong_pho_0028_b.jpg (393192 bytes)
    strong_pho_0029 [compilation of three photographs] strong_pho_0029.jpg (191045 bytes)
    strong_pho_0029_a   strong_pho_0029_a.jpg (841223 bytes)
    strong_pho_0029_b   strong_pho_0029_b.jpg (922435 bytes)
    strong_pho_0029_c   strong_pho_0029_c.jpg (511104 bytes)
    strong_pho_0030 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0030.jpg (364758 bytes)
    strong_pho_0030_a "LOCH ARCHY, & BENVENUE. 341. G.W.W." strong_pho_0030_a.jpg (608266 bytes)
    strong_pho_0030_b "LOCH KATRINE AND ELLEN'S ISLE 8 I.J.W." strong_pho_0030_b.jpg (515584 bytes)
    strong_pho_0031 [compilation of three photographs] strong_pho_0031.jpg (357121 bytes)
    strong_pho_0031_a "LOCH LOMOND, FROM THE QUARRIES, LUSS.  1410 G.W.W." strong_pho_0031_a.jpg (416973 bytes)
    strong_pho_0031_b "WATER TOWER, CHESTER 3243 J.W." strong_pho_0031_b.jpg (784796 bytes)
    strong_pho_0031_c "DRY BURTH ABBEY TOMB OF SIR W. SCOTT 104 G.W.W." strong_pho_0031_c.jpg (542406 bytes)
    strong_pho_0031_d "DRYBURCH ABBEY 1581 G.W.W." strong_pho_0031_d.jpg (485350 bytes)
    strong_pho_0032 [compilations of three photographs] strong_pho_0032.jpg (369349 bytes)
    strong_pho_0032_a "13 WESTMINSTER ABBEY." strong_pho_0032_a.jpg (516895 bytes)
    strong_pho_0032_b "48 WESTMINSTER ABBEY, THE CHOIR FROM THE EAST." strong_pho_0032_b.jpg (598829 bytes)
    strong_pho_0032_c "36 THE TOWER OF LONDON" strong_pho_0032_c.jpg (550289 bytes)
    strong_pho_0033 [compilation of three photographs] strong_pho_0033.jpg (422331 bytes)
    strong_pho_0033_a "62 WINDSOR CASTLE EAST TERRACE" strong_pho_0033_a.jpg (602460 bytes)
    strong_pho_0033_b "300 ST. GEORGE'S CHAPEL, WINDSOR CASTLE, THE CHOIR" strong_pho_0033_b.jpg (653683 bytes)
    strong_pho_0033_c "842 H.M. PRIVATE SITTING ROOM, B. PALACE" strong_pho_0033_c.jpg (638277 bytes)
    strong_pho_0034 [compilation of three photographs] strong_pho_0034.jpg (341898 bytes)
    strong_pho_0034_a "68 WINDSOR CASTLE, FROM HOME PARK." strong_pho_0034_a.jpg (502381 bytes)
    strong_pho_0034_b "17 ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL" strong_pho_0034_b.jpg (529858 bytes)
    strong_pho_0034_c "572 ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL" strong_pho_0034_c.jpg (543195 bytes)
    strong_pho_0035 [compilation of three photographs] strong_pho_0035.jpg (357262 bytes)
    strong_pho_0035_a "90 THE CORONATION CHAIR, WESTMINSTER ABBEY." strong_pho_0035_a.jpg (653088 bytes)
    strong_pho_0035_b "27 TRAFALGAR SQUARE." strong_pho_0035_b.jpg (480595 bytes)
    strong_pho_0035_c "KENILWORTH CASTLE FROM OUTER COURT. 2424 J.V." strong_pho_0035_c.jpg (464130 bytes)
    strong_pho_0036 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0036.jpg (367395 bytes)
    strong_pho_0036_a "PRICES ST. EDINBURGH & SCOTT MONT. LOOKING WEST.  2550 G.W.W." strong_pho_0036_a.jpg (516127 bytes)
    strong_pho_0036_b "HOLYROOD PALACE & ARTHUR SEAT, EDINBURGH, 202 G.W.W." strong_pho_0036_b.jpg (568855 bytes)
    strong_pho_0037 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0037.jpg (358939 bytes)
    strong_pho_0037_a "QUEEN MARY'S BEDROOM. HOLYROOD PALACE. 546." strong_pho_0037_a.jpg (546764 bytes)
    strong_pho_0037_b "98 ESPLANADE EDINBURGH CASTLE. J.P." strong_pho_0037_b.jpg (490768 bytes)
    strong_pho_0038 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0038.jpg (442941 bytes)
    strong_pho_0038_a [Shakespeare's funerary monument] strong_pho_0038_a.jpg (485010 bytes)
    strong_pho_0038_b [Anne Hathaway's childhood cottage] strong_pho_0038_b.jpg (636920 bytes)
    strong_pho_0039 [compilation of three photographs] strong_pho_0039.jpg (390398 bytes)
    strong_pho_0039_a "89 Llandudno from Telegraph Hill. Bedford." strong_pho_0039_a.jpg (532917 bytes)
    strong_pho_0039_b   strong_pho_0039_b.jpg (547983 bytes)
    strong_pho_0039_c   strong_pho_0039_c.jpg (1093837 bytes)
    strong_pho_0040 "Roma 4045 Aoquedolli Panorama" strong_pho_0040.jpg (340677 bytes)
    strong_pho_0041   strong_pho_0041.jpg (341027 bytes)
    strong_pho_0042 "Roma 4070 A. Facciata dis. Pietro" strong_pho_0042.jpg (342440 bytes)
    strong_pho_0043 "Roma No 1648 Interno del Pantheon" strong_pho_0043.jpg (345082 bytes)
    strong_pho_0044 "Roma 4025 B. Basilica di Costantino" strong_pho_0044.jpg (372673 bytes)
    strong_pho_0045   strong_pho_0045.jpg (355545 bytes)
    strong_pho_0046 "Roma 4109 Cametero dei Cannuccim" strong_pho_0046.jpg (452711 bytes)
    strong_pho_0047 "107 Ebro Traiano ROMA" strong_pho_0047.jpg (376873 bytes)
    strong_pho_0048 "1088. INTERNO DEL CHIOSTRO DI S. PAOLO ROMA" strong_pho_0048.jpg (366624 bytes)
    strong_pho_0049 "Roma No 4053. Scala Santa" strong_pho_0049.jpg (299550 bytes)
    strong_pho_0050 "1119. Roma" strong_pho_0050.jpg (411499 bytes)
    strong_pho_0051 "Roma 1017 A Arco di Costantinn" strong_pho_0051.jpg (396163 bytes)
    strong_pho_0052 "Roma 4104. Pantheon" strong_pho_0052.jpg (323016 bytes)
    strong_pho_0053 "Roma 4014 Foro Romano Le sette Colonne Panorama coinuovi scavi" strong_pho_0053.jpg (345497 bytes)
    strong_pho_0054 "Roma 4018 B. Arco di Titorol Colossco" strong_pho_0054.jpg (309356 bytes)
    strong_pho_0055 "1004 INTERNO DEL DLODDEO. ROMA." strong_pho_0055.jpg (387621 bytes)
    strong_pho_0056 "Roma 409 B. Foro Romano coi nuovi scavi" strong_pho_0056.jpg (351310 bytes)
    strong_pho_0057 "1047 Castel S. Angelo" strong_pho_0057.jpg (340684 bytes)
    strong_pho_0058 "4003 A Roma. Colosseo da S. Francesca" strong_pho_0058.jpg (292831 bytes)
    strong_pho_0059 "Roma No 116 S Michele_ Guido Reni _Chiesadei Cappuccini_ strong_pho_0059.jpg (384798 bytes)
    strong_pho_0060 "Roma. Vaticano. Disputa del Sacramento. Raffaello" strong_pho_0060.jpg (335904 bytes)
    strong_pho_0061 "Roma 3781. Gall. Barberini Beatrice Cenci. Guido Reni" strong_pho_0061.jpg (392429 bytes)
    strong_pho_0062 Roma 3628. Gall. Vaticano Martiri Gorgomiensi. Fracassini." strong_pho_0062.jpg (353942 bytes)
    strong_pho_0063 "Roma No 210 Sarcophagus [unreadable]" strong_pho_0063.jpg (355609 bytes)
    strong_pho_0064 "Roma No. 534 Loggia di Raffaele al Vaticano" strong_pho_0064.jpg (386458 bytes)
    strong_pho_0065 [Delphica] strong_pho_0065.jpg (360988 bytes)
    strong_pho_0066 "3563 cancere di S. Pietro Camere di Baffaello - Vaticano - Roma" strong_pho_0066.jpg (340344 bytes)
    strong_pho_0067 "Roma 3605 Gall Vaticano Communicatione di S. Girolamo Domenichino" strong_pho_0067.jpg (330997 bytes)
    strong_pho_0068 "Roma 3602 Gall. Vaticano. Modonna di Foligno. Raffaello" strong_pho_0068.jpg (337502 bytes)
    strong_pho_0069 [Madonna di Foligno] strong_pho_0069.jpg (326173 bytes)
    strong_pho_0070 "Roma 3601. Gall. Vaticano. Trasfigurazione. Raffaello" strong_pho_0070.jpg (376448 bytes)
    strong_pho_0071 "Roma No 30 Perseo _M. Vaticano" strong_pho_0071.jpg (306317 bytes)
    strong_pho_0072 The Last Judgment strong_pho_0072.jpg (347578 bytes)
    strong_pho_0073 The Last Judgment strong_pho_0073.jpg (401589 bytes)
    strong_pho_0074 The Last Judgment strong_pho_0074.jpg (344911 bytes)
    strong_pho_0075 The Last Judgment strong_pho_0075.jpg (399608 bytes)
    strong_pho_0076 The Last Judgment strong_pho_0076.jpg (384456 bytes)
    strong_pho_0077 "Roma 102 Apollo_ Museo Vaticano" strong_pho_0077.jpg (296938 bytes)
    strong_pho_0078 [compilation of two photographs] strong_pho_0078.jpg (328464 bytes)
    strong_pho_0078_a "Roma No 32 Creugante M. Vaticano" strong_pho_0078_a.jpg (553929 bytes)
    strong_pho_0078_b "Roma No 31 Damosseno- M. Vaticano" strong_pho_0078_b.jpg (550859 bytes)
    strong_pho_0079   strong_pho_0079.jpg (339362 bytes)
    strong_pho_0080 "Roma Laocoonte - Museo Vaticano" strong_pho_0080.jpg (325245 bytes)
    strong_pho_0081 [repeat of strong_pho_0079] strong_pho_0081.jpg (332590 bytes)
    strong_pho_0082 "P 1 - No 1819. FIRENZE-BATTISTERD PORTA IN BRONZO ALL'EST (LORENZO GHIBERTI)" strong_pho_0082.jpg (389273 bytes)
    strong_pho_0083 "FIRENZE - LA FACCIATA DEL DUOMO (OPERA DEL FU ARCH PROF. DE FABRIS. TERMINATA DALL ARCH PROF. DEL MOSO." strong_pho_0083.jpg (335823 bytes)
    strong_pho_0084 [repeat of strong_pho_0082] strong_pho_0084.jpg (358121 bytes)
    strong_pho_0085 "62." strong_pho_0085.jpg (373358 bytes)
    strong_pho_0086 "676 VENESIA PONTE OF RIALTO -DALLA RIVA DEL VIN" strong_pho_0086.jpg (346731 bytes)
    strong_pho_0087 "5. Venezia - Piazza S. Marco" strong_pho_0087.jpg (286437 bytes)
    strong_pho_0088 "211. BIS: VENEZIA - CHIESA S. MARCO - INTERNO" strong_pho_0088.jpg (345142 bytes)
    strong_pho_0089 "263 VENEZIA -PAL: DUCALE" strong_pho_0089.jpg (337232 bytes)
    strong_pho_0090 "76 VENEZIA - CANAL GRANDE DALO ACCADEMIA" strong_pho_0090.jpg (288397 bytes)
    strong_pho_0091 [[?] Milan Cathedral] strong_pho_0091.jpg (388703 bytes)
    strong_pho_0092 "5979 a). MILANO. (Cattedrale). Crociera vista dal lato meridionale." strong_pho_0092.jpg (337308 bytes)
    strong_pho_0093 "2799. MILANO (presso S. Maria delle Grazie). II Cenacolo, celebre alfresco di Leonardo da Vinci." strong_pho_0093.jpg (377567 bytes)
    strong_pho_0094 [Madonna of the Chair] strong_pho_0094.jpg (268777 bytes)
    strong_pho_0095 [Sistine Madonna] strong_pho_0095.jpg (326563 bytes)
    strong_pho_0096 "Roma 4077 Interno di S. Pietro" strong_pho_0096.jpg (384622 bytes)
    strong_pho_0097 "Roma 4075 Interno della Cappella interio" strong_pho_0097.jpg (404210 bytes)