C.W. McCall Collection of Josiah Strong Family Papers

Photographs from the Holy Land, Mounted on Board
A collection of photographs from a variety of sources that record the locations visited by Dr. Strong as part of the "Celtic" voyage to the Near East in 1902.  Many of the photographs were reproduced for sale by the American Colony in Jerusalem.  The Colony, a utopian experiment that began in the late nineteenth-century in Jerusalem, supported itself by the sale of photographs, art and craft.  Starting in 1898 the Colony photographed extensively in the Holy Land, the Middle East and in the city of  Jerusalem. Photographers whose work is represented in the Colony images may include: Lewis Larsson, Lars Lind, John Whiting, Frank Baldwin, and Eric Matson.  Many of the photographic works and documents from the Colony were included in the collection of Valentine Vester donated to the Library of Congress.  A large number of materials associated with the Vester donation was exhibited at the Library of Congress in 2007. (See:  www.loc.gov/exhibits/americancolony/ ) The collected work of Eric Matson is housed in the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Individual photographers are not generally noted on the photographs in this collection, nor are the works dated.  It is assumed that the images were purchased the year of the Celtic voyage, 1902, but may represent later purchases.  They were most likely used in the many lectures that Josiah Strong presented.

Items in the collection are not numbered and have been given a number sequence by the D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections staff.  Where possible, the photographic work of the American Colony in Jerusalem has been identified in the description, though not all photographs are inscribed and their source is not known.

Box Folder I.D. # Description Thumbnail
Holy Land stro_cel_0001 Rachel's Tomb stro_cel_0001.jpg (508602 bytes)
    stro_cel_0002 Mosquee Kuchuk Ara Sophia. stro_cel_0002.jpg (512922 bytes)
    stro_cel_0003 Old Olive Tree in Gethsemane. 


stro_cel_0003.jpg (550896 bytes)
    stro_cel_0004 Valley of Hinnen stro_cel_0004.jpg (459725 bytes)
    stro_cel_0005 Distant View of Mt. of Temptation stro_cel_0005.jpg (494544 bytes)
    stro_cel_0006 Temple of Ramses stro_cel_0006.jpg (384104 bytes)
    stro_cel_0007 Temple of Ramses stro_cel_0007.jpg (483433 bytes)
    stro_cel_0008 Karnak - Sphinx and Pylon stro_cel_0008.jpg (394030 bytes)
    stro_cel_0009 Temple of Ramses stro_cel_0009.jpg (342112 bytes)
    stro_cel_0010   stro_cel_0010.jpg (398666 bytes)
    stro_cel_0011 Virgin's Fountain stro_cel_0011.jpg (513904 bytes)
    stro_cel_0012 Jerusalem from Scopus stro_cel_0012.jpg (452924 bytes)
    stro_cel_0013 Abdallah Freres stro_cel_0013.jpg (427521 bytes)
    stro_cel_0014 Abdallah Freres stro_cel_0014.jpg (545955 bytes)
    stro_cel_0015 Mount Carmel stro_cel_0015.jpg (394952 bytes)
    stro_cel_0016   stro_cel_0016.jpg (503777 bytes)
    stro_cel_0017 "Jew's wailing place" stro_cel_0017.jpg (504350 bytes)
    stro_cel_0018 The Dead Sea stro_cel_0018.jpg (533260 bytes)
    stro_cel_0019 Grotto of the Nativitiy stro_cel_0019.jpg (481075 bytes)
    stro_cel_0020   stro_cel_0020.jpg (382805 bytes)
    stro_cel_0021 The Triumph of Ramses stro_cel_0021.jpg (602110 bytes)
    stro_cel_0022 Grand Continental Hotel stro_cel_0022.jpg (513486 bytes)
    stro_cel_0023   stro_cel_0023.jpg (390213 bytes)
    stro_cel_0024   stro_cel_0024.jpg (548509 bytes)
    stro_cel_0025   stro_cel_0025.jpg (504565 bytes)
    stro_cel_0026   stro_cel_0026.jpg (520677 bytes)
    stro_cel_0027   stro_cel_0027.jpg (439365 bytes)
    stro_cel_0028 Tourdain, place of baptism stro_cel_0028.jpg (474994 bytes)
    stro_cel_0029   stro_cel_0029.jpg (472644 bytes)
    stro_cel_0030   stro_cel_0030.jpg (401785 bytes)
    stro_cel_0031 The Parthenon stro_cel_0031.jpg (405553 bytes)
    stro_cel_0032 Athena Parthenos stro_cel_0032.jpg (361274 bytes)
    stro_cel_0033 Nile stro_cel_0033.jpg (445210 bytes)
    stro_cel_0034   stro_cel_0034.jpg (455079 bytes)
    stro_cel_0035 The Holy Sepulcher stro_cel_0035.jpg (438806 bytes)
    stro_cel_0036   stro_cel_0036.jpg (445097 bytes)
    stro_cel_0037 Solomon's Stables stro_cel_0037.jpg (438095 bytes)
    stro_cel_0038 Brook Cherith, Site of Elijah's Miraculous Sustenance stro_cel_0038.jpg (540286 bytes)
    stro_cel_0039 Threshing Floor stro_cel_0039.jpg (420111 bytes)
    stro_cel_0040 Citadel of Zion stro_cel_0040.jpg (3551733 bytes)
    stro_cel_0041 Tower of David stro_cel_0041.jpg (459770 bytes)
    stro_cel_0042 Tombs of the Kings and Church of St. George stro_cel_0042.jpg (437834 bytes)
    stro_cel_0043   stro_cel_0043.jpg (551604 bytes)
    stro_cel_0044 Peasant plowing stro_cel_0044.jpg (465593 bytes)
    stro_cel_0045   stro_cel_0045.jpg (397305 bytes)
    stro_cel_0046   stro_cel_0046.jpg (434226 bytes)
    stro_cel_0047   stro_cel_0047.jpg (332984 bytes)
    stro_cel_0048 Giza. The Spinx stro_cel_0048.jpg (376796 bytes)
    stro_cel_0049   stro_cel_0049.jpg (542010 bytes)
    stro_cel_0050 View of the middle of the temple stro_cel_0050.jpg (386622 bytes)
    stro_cel_0051 Ram headed Sphinxes at the Karnak Temple stro_cel_0051.jpg (328050 bytes)
    stro_cel_0052 A street in Jerusalem stro_cel_0052.jpg (455481 bytes)
    stro_cel_0053 Mosque of Omar from the North stro_cel_0053.jpg (342728 bytes)
    stro_cel_0054 Nazareth stro_cel_0054.jpg (410376 bytes)
    stro_cel_0055 Mount Olivet stro_cel_0055.jpg (444720 bytes)
    stro_cel_0056 The Rock Moriah stro_cel_0056.jpg (451345 bytes)
    stro_cel_0057 Damascus Gates stro_cel_0057.jpg (387479 bytes)
    stro_cel_0058 Gate of Christ's Triumphant Entry stro_cel_0058.jpg (463023 bytes)
    stro_cel_0059 Jaffa Boatmen stro_cel_0059.jpg (368084 bytes)
    stro_cel_0060 Bethlehem stro_cel_0060.jpg (485896 bytes)
    stro_cel_0061 View of Ancient Jericho stro_cel_0061.jpg (479394 bytes)
    stro_cel_0062 Gordon's Calvary stro_cel_0062.jpg (479450 bytes)
    stro_cel_0063 Mosque El - Aksa & Olivet stro_cel_0063.jpg (452517 bytes)
    stro_cel_0064 Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) stro_cel_0064.jpg (397640 bytes)
    stro_cel_0065 Jacob's Well stro_cel_0065.jpg (453905 bytes)
    stro_cel_0066 Village Oven stro_cel_0066.jpg (443184 bytes)
    stro_cel_0067 Native Village stro_cel_0067.jpg (519304 bytes)
    stro_cel_0068 Scene of the Transfiguration stro_cel_0068.jpg (454452 bytes)
    stro_cel_0069 Amenhotep II stro_cel_0069.jpg (490706 bytes)
    stro_cel_0070 Ramses II stro_cel_0070.jpg (421488 bytes)
    stro_cel_0071 The River Jordan stro_cel_0071.jpg (468649 bytes)
    stro_cel_0072   stro_cel_0072.jpg (570813 bytes)
    stro_cel_0073 Photograph of Samaria Camping Party

Frank C. Clark's S. S. - "Celtic" Mediterranean Cruise 1902.  Taken near Shilo Palestine.  C. Raad - Jerusalem.

stro_cel_0073.jpg (453314 bytes)
    stro_cel_0074   stro_cel_0074.jpg (418840 bytes)
    stro_cel_0075 Pompeii stro_cel_0075.jpg (453392 bytes)
    stro_cel_0076 Egypt stro_cel_0076.jpg (495460 bytes)
    stro_cel_0077 Luxor - The Temple stro_cel_0077.jpg (340920 bytes)
    stro_cel_0078 Egypt stro_cel_0078.jpg (497153 bytes)
    stro_cel_0079 Nile. stro_cel_0079.jpg (426582 bytes)
    stro_cel_0080 Alexandria [?] port stro_cel_0080.jpg (335335 bytes)
    stro_cel_0081 Tomb of Seti I stro_cel_0081.jpg (452181 bytes)
    stro_cel_0082 Medruet Shubout Harbor Gate of Ptolomy stro_cel_0082.jpg (372541 bytes)
    stro_cel_0083 Village of Abydos stro_cel_0083.jpg (438553 bytes)
    stro_cel_0084 Karnak Inscription of Sheshak mentioned in the Bible stro_cel_0084.jpg (526151 bytes)
    stro_cel_0085 Amphitheater in Pompeii stro_cel_0085.jpg (463865 bytes)
    stro_cel_0086 Thebes Kurnam Partie de Mnt. du Temple stro_cel_0086.jpg (411145 bytes)

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