*Many of the publications (books, booklets, pamphlets) are inscribed with the name of the owner and often with the name of the donor or the author.  Many small clippings, notes, poems and other ephemera were inserted into the publications by the owners [?] and generally relate in some manner to the publication.  Where possible the associated material has been annotated in this list as associated with the publication, and then removed to a folder which is then cross-referenced to the publication. When applicable, the full text of the ephemera or clipping has been included in this list. Ephemera call numbers by folder are listed for those titles with associated ephemera.

Books have been cataloged for Special Collections or, in some cases for General Collections and call number will be found under "Location".  Some small pamphlets and booklets have been boxed and the box number is indicated under "Location."

Catalog # & owner of item I.D. # Author(s) Title LOCATION/
Call #
Margery Strong 1st copy   The Academic. Greenwich, Conn.: The Students of The Greenwich Academy, June, 1906.

[Margery's name written on front]

[Notes throughout indicate authorship for unindicated contributions]

p. 24 "Belongs under A.G.A.C. p. 30"

p. 31 "J.P.K"

p. 32 "M.F.C."

p. 35 "J.P.K"

p.36 "Dorothea Barrons"

p. 39 "Miltimore Brush, Margery Strong, Millard Meade"

p. 40 "N.B.H."

p.43 "Anita J.", "M.S."

p.45 "Winifred Meade", "L.A.G."

p. 47 " M.F.C.", "L.A.G."

p. 48 "M.S."

p. 49 "M.S."

p. 60 "M.S."

[in between p. 60-61] two newspaper clippings including: "Academy's Closing Exercises" Greenwich News, June 22, 1907; and "Academy Closing" Greenwich [Graphic], June 23, 1907.

M2010.14.03.01 (2 items)

Box 2
Margery Strong 2nd copy   The Academic. Greenwich, Conn.: The Students of The Greenwich Academy, June, 1906.

[Inside cover: "Margery Strong, 1 Chester Terrace, Duluth, Minn."]

[No notes.]

Box 2
[copy 2]
Margery Strong   Anderegg, Frederick, A.M. Algebra Problems: Introductory to College Mathematics. New York: Leach, Shewell, and Sanborn, 1891.

[Front cover: "Margery Strong, Extra copy"]

[workbook containing handwritten algebra equations]

[between p. 24-25] folded notes labeled "Margery Strong. 25 April 1898." include algebra equations and related notes.]

[between p. 26-27] folded notes labeled "Margery Strong. 28 March 1898." include algebra equations and related notes.]

[between p. 38-39] folded notes labeled "Margery Strong." include algebra equations and related notes.]

[between p.HCAE 4-5] folded notes labeled "Margery Strong. May 26 1896." include algebra equations and related notes.]

[at end of printed pages] folded notes include algebra equations and related notes.]

[further blank pages also include algebra equations and related notes.]

[Inside back cover: handwritten copy of a poem "July" by Frank Dempster Sherman "July - for you the songs are sung/By birds the leafy trees among..."]

M2010.14.03.02 (5 items)

Margery Strong   Arnold, Matthew Essays in Criticism: The Study of Poetry: John Keats; Wordsworth, by Matthew Arnold, edited by Susan S. Sheridan, Boston andChicago: 1896.

Inscription: "Margery Strong

at [Dr. Hooker:] Mt. Holyoke College"

Inserted front cover: Flyer called, "Masters of Nineteenth Century Prose

Penciled on back flyleaf: "Note of sadness in Arnold's poetry..."  summarizes themes.

[Contains pamphlet Masters of Nineteenth Century Prose.]

M2010.14.03.03 (1 item)

Margery Strong   Baker, Franklin T., A.M. and Richard Jones, Ph.D., eds. The Sir Roger De Coverley Papers: From the Spectator. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1901.

[Inside cover: Margery Strong, From Anna Learey]

p. 34 Note: "Addison as a Humorist, The Century, 1894, Sept."

p. 35 Note: "Make in notebooks list of obsolete words often found in lib., Also list of those things in 18th century Eng. wh. [England which] called for reform"

p. 86 Note: "Write on the effect which keeping the Sabbath has on country people"

p. 89 Note: "What light on his history & character? Is he vain?"

p. 90 Note: "Why does he call her perverse? Is she vain? Is she the same as Leonora?  Describe her person & acquirements. p. 62"

p. 182 Note: "Does he seem well acquainted with town life?"

p. 186 Note: "Customs peculiar to that time. Different sides of Sir R's character"

[Inside back cover: scrap of paper entitled "Lit. historical background.10 Clubs & Coffee Houses (7 mentioned)" followed by a list of names with descriptors indicating political party affiliation (Whig or Tory)]

M2010.14.03.04 (1 item)

Elsie Strong 1st copy Barton, William E., Theodore G. Soares, and Sydney Strong His Life: A Complete Story in the Words of the Four Gospels. Using the Text of the American Standard Revised Bible.  Chicago and New York: Hope Publishing Company, 1905

[Copy owned by Elsie Strong.] 



Box 2
  2nd copy Barton, William E., Theodore G. Soares, and Sydney Strong His Life: A Complete Story in the Words of the Four Gospels. Using the Text of the American Standard Revised Bible.  Chicago and New York: Hope Publishing Company, 1905.

[Title page: "Jesus Christ"]

[No inscriptions or loose ephemera found in the paper-bound 226 p. booklet. Note on verso of Title Page: This book is being used as text book in the study of the Internaton Lessons for 1906. The following table will enable the reader to locate the weekly lesson in both the New Testament and "His Life."  Red sticker with cataloging number "232 B29" on outside paper cover.]

Box 2
    Belden, C., M.A. Belden's Guide to Science, History, Biography and General Literature. Chicago: JS. Goodman and Company, 1891.

[p. 117, 134, 174, dog eared]

[p. 311 Note: "1st Revolution"; p. 318 "2nd Revolution, Louis Phillippe"; p. 319 "3rd Revolution Cavaignac, Nap. III"]

[p. 322 Note: "Siege of Paris 132 days 1871"]

[between p. 340-341: newspaper article "Pointing to the Stars", [source?] n.d.; handwritten note on constellations.]

[bookmark between p. 436-437.]

[p. 103-104 missing, appears to be torn out]

[back section of book missing, ends at p. 328]

M2010.14.03.05 (2 items)

Elsie Strong   Bishop, Emily M. Daily Ways to Health. 2nd ed. New York: B.W. Huebsch, 1912.

[Inside cover: Elsie Strong, Tryon, N.C.]

[Inside cover: several newspaper clippings including: "The Kitchen Marathon" n.d. [source?]; "Dr. Mosher's Contribution" Apr. 24, 1929, Dr. Brady [source?]; Bundeson, Herman M.D. "Guarding Your Health: Poor Posture Affects Health, Asheville Citizen, Sept. 1, 1949; and "Says Stoop is Cause of Age" by the Associated Press [source?]]

[between p. 120-121] newspaper clippings including "The Road to 'Seventy Years Young' or the Unhabitual Way" n.d. [source?]; "Our Invalid Parish: Acting as If Well. II" by Winfred Rhoades, Pastor n.d. [source?]; and "Suasion with a Trunk-Strap" Lit. Dig [Literary Digest] Apr. '25.

[between p. 266-267] newspaper clipping "The Book of the Day: Christopher Morley Takes a Cruise and Writes a Book About It" The New York Sun, Tuesday April 23, 1935, p. 24.]

M2010.14.03.06 (8 items)

    Bliss, Edwin M, D.D. The Missionary Enterprise. New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1908.

[No notes.]

    Buchman, Frank N.D. Remaking the World: Selections from the Speeches of Dr. Frank Buchman. London: William Heinemann LTD., 1941. Box 2
"Kelly" written on cover; "Margery" inside   Burke, Edmund Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America 1775, by Edmund Burke, edited by A. J. George (Heath's English Classics), 1903, copyright 1895. 

Penciled flyleaf: "Margery Strong (?) May 7 (Burke) 80 Greenwich Academy"

All margins filled with pencil notes.

Inside back flyleaf, pasted clipping: "The Tablet to Edmund Burke..."

Penciled quote about British Parliament.

Clippings pasted into back: "Sweeping Change for House of Lords" and "House of Lords."

Elsie and Margery Strong   Burnett, Francis Hodgson The White People, Frances Hodgson Burnett, illus. by Elizabeth Shippen Green. New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, p. 1917.

[Contains inside front cover inscription "Elsie and Margery Strong Duluth, Minnesota (From E. Meaker) 1918".  Clipping glued on the inside back cover of a summery of The White People by Francis Hodgson Burnett

Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of The Secret Garden

Margery Strong   Colwell, Ernest C., Bernard M Loomer, and Wallace W. Robbins The Christmas Carols Are True: An NBC Radio Discussion by Ernest Colwell, Bernard Loomer, and Wallace Robbins Including "The Christmas Adventure" Chicago: The University of Chicago, No. 614, 1949.

[No inscriptions or loose ephemera found in the paper-bound 17 p. booklet. Name on title page: "Margery Strong"]

Box 2
Margery Strong [Baldwin]?   Cook, Albert S. A First Book in Old English: Grammar, Reader, Notes, and Vocabulary. 2nd ed. Boston: Ginn and Company, 1897.

[Inside cover: crossed out name of previous book owner Alice B. Charles
"Margery Strong Baldwin - 1902, Religion, [Seek a life for an ideal wh. is to be pract. realized]]

[paper note between blank page and p. v] notes for consonants, labrals, dentals, and guttrals, [refers to content of book]"

p. 3 "Oxford Com. London, undecipherable [Attic perical E., L. decodence][?]

p 135 "See Hen IV, Chaucer's Merchant's Tale l. 478"

p. 218 "famous description"

p.220 "highest attribute that can be given to a thegn"

p. 231"enduring characteristic of Old Eng. verse"

[additional marginal notes in old English throughout text]

[inside back cover: notes on middle English, old English, and Latin stems]

[inside envelope glued onto back cover: handwritten copy of poems labeled with Margery Strong's name, dated 1902, and entitled "The Judith" and "The Andreas"]

M2010.14.03.07 (2 items)

Josiah Strong   Crockett, S. R. The Men of the Moss-Hags. London: Isbister and Company Ltd.,1895.

[Inside back cover: "Gulls - 269"]

unknown   Daudet, Alphonse Short Stories. Ed. by E. Haldeman-Julius. Pocket Series No. 314. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Company, n.d..

[A small, 3 x 4" booklet with a number of short stories that are intended to be didactic.]

Box 2
Margery Strong   Davis, Elmer But We Were Born Free by Elmer Davis, Indianapolis and New York: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1952,1953,1954, first edition.

[Contains loose ephemera including:

Letter of thanks from Elmer Davis on American Broadcasting Company letterhead, March 2, 1951: Thanks for your kind words and also for your sister's poems.  The one on resolving our difficulties seemed to me particularly delightful.  Cordially, Elmer Davis"

Newspaper clipping from the Tryon Daily Bulletin December 18, 1950 On Resolving Our Difficulties written by Margery Strong: Let's make McCarthy President, R. T. his genial veep, With Fulton, Jr.'s Private Eye to sort out goats and sheep...Know-all, Back from Tokio, Chicago's Colonel Rob, And helpful hints from atom bombs could finish up the job."

Strip of paper containing "Freedom in this country was won by men when paid for it with their blood + communists make use of it to destroy it.. -- Elmer Davis in part"

Part of an envelope, postmarked July, 1951, addressed to Marjorie Strong with "Taft's bk - Nov. 14, '51        dynamic negativism Elmer Davis" written on the back.

Newspaper clipping from the Tryon Daily Bulletin December 5, 1950 News At 7:15 P.M. written by Margery Strong

Newspaper clipping from September 14, 1955 Capitalism is Being Transformed written by Sylvia Porter

Newspaper clipping from September 11, 1952 'An Appalling Thing'

Newspaper clipping , Davis Book Crackles With Current Issues written by W. G. R.

Newspaper clipping from December 15, 1953 Appeasing McCarthy written by Marquis Childs

Newspaper clipping from The Washington Post from February 25, 1954 of Unconditional Surrender and a political cartoon saying "Okay, Bud.  When I Want You Again I'll Send For You"

Newspaper clipping of Man the Undoer by Hans Kohn]

M2010.14.03.08 (11 items)

Elsie Strong   Dole, Charles Fletcher The Hope of Immortality: Our Reasons for It. By Charles Fletcher Dole, Author of "The Coming People," "Theology of Civilization," "The Religion of a Gentleman," etc. The Ingersoll Lecture, 1906. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. Publishers, 1906.

[Inscribed in front of book: "Elsie Strong."  No enclosures.]

Alice B. Strong   Dye, Eva Emery McLoughlin and Old Oregon: A Chronicle by Eva Emery Dye, Chicago: A. C. McClerg & Company, 1900.    

[Inscription: "Alice B. Strong from Kate W. Failing 1901"]                                                                                        

[Contains loose ephemera including:

Two handwritten copies of "Whitman's Ride for Oregon"

A magazine clipping about Eva Emery Dye

A magazine clipping from October 7, 1927 Ninety Years After at Whitman

A magazine clipping from February 31 Marcus Whitman by Stephen B. L. Penrose

A magazine clipping from June 6, 1935 Whitman: An Unfinished Story by Hugh Elmer Brown

A clipping from Reader's Digest Child Pioneer (December 1940)

A magazine clipping Book Chat]

M2010.14.03.09 (9 items)


    Foulke, William Dudley Slav or Saxon: A Study of the Growth and Tendencies of Russian Civilization. 2nd ed. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1899.

[No cover.]

[between copyright page and preface: magazine article Strong, Anna Louise. "Russian Young People and Religion." The Congregationalist June 10, 1926: 717-718.]

[p. 32 dogeared]

[p. 34 Note: "enumerate resemblances and contrasts between the A-S. [Anglo-Saxons] and the Slavs."]

[between p. 50-51: several newspaper articles: "Russian Dawn Still Far Away." [source?] n.d.: [page?]; "Tear Veil from Bolshevism." [source?] February 13, 1925: [page?]; "Looking for the Dawn in Russia." Duluth Herald. n.d.: 8.]

[p. 118 Note: "espionage"]

[marginalia throughout]

M2010.14.03.10 (3 items)

Mrs. Josiah [Alice] Strong

and Margery and Elsie Strong

  Gaskell, Mrs. Cranford by Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskall.  With a Preface by Anne Thackeray Ritchie. With forty coloured Illustrations and Sixty Pen-and-Ink Sketches by Hugh Thomson.  London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd.and New York: The Macmillan Company, 1898.

[First edition printed in 1891.  Coloured plates included in the 1898 edition. Green cloth with gold floral embossing on front board.  Inscribed: "Alice, from Josiah.  August 29the 1871 - August 29th, 1899.  For eight and twenty years, good wife, we've jogged along together, with just a dash of rain, good wife, and years of sunny weather."  Beneath this inscription are the names, "Elsie and Margery Strong."]

Josiah Strong   Gibson, J. Monro The Unity and Symmetry of the Bible. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1896.

[Little Books on Religion Series, Ed. by the Rev. w. Robertson Nicoli, LL.D. Signed with the initials of the author of the book [?] Inscribed: " To my dear friend and fellow traveller. Josiah Strong. JMG"]

    Gulick, John T., Rev. Evolution: Racial and Habitudinal. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institute of Washington, 1905.

[No cover, some pages uncut.]

[between p. 84-85: card "With the compliments of the author"; Note on card: "Concerning Dr. John T. Gulick, Romanes gives it as his 'conviction that J.T. Gulick is the most profound of living thinkers upon Darwinian topics', Sidney L.G. speaks of him as 'well-known to the scientific world for his contributions to the theory as well as to the facts of biological evolution.' preface of his Evolu. of Jap." [Gulick, Sidney L. Evolution of the Japanese: Social and Psychic]; newspaper article "'Prof' Returns From Guam with Startling Story about Snails." [source?] March 20 [no year]: [page?].]

[marginalia throughout]

M2010.14.03.11 (3 items)

SpeColl QH366 .G97
Margery Strong   ------ His Last Week. Oak Park, IL : The Pastors Union, 1905

[Contains quote by John Ruskin ; card from the English Six, a vendor of fruit, sent to Margery on the occasion of her illness on Feb 6-8, 1908 ; note on citizenship and the act of prayer.]

Box 2
Margery Strong and Elsie Strong   Holden, Jean Stansbury Oddments, Bitments and Remainders by Jean Stansbury Holden, Tryon, NC: Pacolet Publishing Company, 1931.

A book of poems

Inserted front cover: flyer about volume with 2 poems and photos of author at eight and eighty-eight.

Inscription: ""To Margery to Elsie, from Jean S. Holden, April 12th, 1931."

M2010.14.03.12 (1 item)


Margery Strong

      Jerusalem Manual of Worship. Three Oaks, Michigan: World's Sunday-School Central Executive Committee, 1904.

[Hymn book - no page numbering]

[Inside cover: "531 Miss Margery Strong
Please accept with kind regards and best wishes of your committee this copy of the 'Manual of Worship' which has been prepared for you.
E.K Warren, A.B McCrillis, W.N. Hartshorn, Committee"]

 #46 Note: "The Atlantic March 13th, 1904.
Mediterranean May 8th"

#50 bookmarked. Note: "Tiberias by the Sea., April 10th, 04. Sunday."

#56 Note: "Tiberias by the Sea., April 10th, 1904. Sunday."

#57 Note: "Aegean Sea - out from Athens. Sunday march 27th, 1904."

Service No. 6 For Easter Note: "April 3, '04. Mediterranean - near Cyprus."

[Blank pages filled with 25 autographs, cities of origin, addresses, possibly referring to a Cruise of the Celtic around the Mediterranean similar to the documented journey of Josiah strong in 1902]

[Additional note several blank pages later: "Sunday, May 8th, 1904., Sermon Dr. Beuhour[?]. Scripture lesson Mark 4:35 -- Texts: Pslams 95:5, Proverbs 8:29, Psalms 77:19, Revelation 1:15, Revelation 21:1"]

    Jones, J.P., Rev. The Christ and the Buddha: Papers for Thoughtful Hindus, No. 28.  London, Madras and Colombo: The Christian Literature Society, 1906.

[Several articles and clippings including:

Jewell, Edward Allen.  "Interlude in Antiquity: Metropolitan Museum Shows Sculpture Lent by Greece to World's Fair." New York Times, Dec. 24, 1942: pp. ?

Cadman, Dr. S. Parkes. "Everyday Questions Answered by Dr. S. Parkes Cadman." I.N.T [?] Feb. 13, 1928: p. ?

handwritten note with page numbers

unknown source, Providence, R.I.  unknown title, article on Buddhism

"The Forbidden Book", art reprint, unknown source

unknown art reprint, gladiator scene

handwritten note about death dates of notable ancient Romans

"A British Woman Who Follows Gandhi." From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  date and author unknown.

"What the Orientals Want." source, date, and author unknown.

"Germ Theory in Ancient India." Literary Digest. Mar. 30, 1929.  author unknown.

"'Christian Science' in Babylonia."  source, date, and author unknown.

"Ramabai and Christian Science." The Bible Record [date?]: 298. author unknown.

"Bringing Hinduism to the West." November 3, 1928.  source, author, and page unknown.

A letter from R.L. Ewing to Margery upon returning the borrowed book dated Dec. 6, 1927

A pamphlet belonging to Elsie Strong:
Chamberlain, Rev. Jacob, M.D., D.D. The Religions of the Orient: Their Beauties and their Fatal Defects, and Christ The Only "Lord of Life." Clifton Springs, N.Y.: International Missionary Union, 1896.]

M2010.14.03.13 (15 items)

Box 3
Margery Strong   Lotze, Hermann Outlines of the Philosophy of Religion.  Translation edited by George T. Ladd. Boston: Ginn & Company, 1901.

"Margery Strong. Baldwin Cottage." on inside front page.

Marginalia and underlining appears on every page.

Elsie Strong   Macy, Jesse Our Government: How it Grew, What it Does, and How it Does it.  By Jesse Macy, A.M., Professor of Constitutional History and Political Economy in Iowa College, Boston: Ginn & Company, 1891. [Revised edition; first edition printed in 1890.]

[Bookplate on inside front board, "The Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights, Amendment 1: Freedom of Religion, speech and the press, right of assembly...]

[Inscribed in front of book: "Elsie Strong."]

[Contains loose ephemera including: Newspaper and journal clippings :

Letter to the editor [unknown news source]  by Winthrop D. Sheldon concerning the "Knox Peace Resolution" and the intent of the constitution dated "Jy13/21" in pencil;

Article by Dorothy Thompson comparing the United States to France when congress usurps executive powers, dated July 25, 1953 in pencil;

"Presidential Power," dated 1/16/1951; "The Meaning of the Constitution," by James M. Beck, "What We Don't Know about Congress," by Jay Franklin, from Reader's Digest;

"Congressional Quiz," Asheville Citizen, penciled date: Aug. 12, 1952;

"Ex-President's Refusal New Chapter in Long Story," Nov. 12, 19??, [source unknown] about President Truman's refusal to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee and traces precedent with Thomas Jefferson;

"Behind the Black Robe," "When you go to court the stakes may be your home, your savings...But tyranny, incompetence and political corruption often exist in our courts and hold a direct and terrifying threat for you..." a condensation of an article by Howard Whitman in the New York Herald Tribune, Jan. 26, 1948;

"A President is Elected" by Bertram Benedict, article Asheville Citizen, Dec. 15, 1952, [about President Eisenhower] ;

"The Bill of Rights," article, Asheville Citizen, Dec. 15, 1950,

Article, The Digest, Oct. 23, 1937, "America's Bill of Rights" by Albert Shaw;

Column, Editor's Round Table, Edited by James Galloway on history and "The 22nd Amendment, March 3, 1951, penciled beside paragraphs for emphasis [source unknown]

Editorial , Asheville Citizen, Feb. ?, 1951, "Let the People Judge," about Senator Hoey, and the amendment which limits the President to two terms.  The editor argues that the people can decide and there may be another time of emergency when keeping a president in office may be needed.

Pamphlets: "The Bill of Rights," 

"Twenty Questions on Civil Liberties," 

M2010.14.03.14 (21 items)

Lydia Strong   Martin, Daniel Hoffman Concerning Them That Are Asleep by Daniel Hoffman Martin, Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1912,  Copyright, 1904, by the Winona Publishing Company; Revised edition, 1912, by J. R. Miller.

[Contains an inscription on the inside front cover: "Lydia W. Strong from Katie Embrury" and "Margery from Aunt Lydia March, 1939"]

Elsie Strong   McCracken, Andrew Vance, Armstrong Hunter, Frances E. Reissing, R. Norris Wilson, Harold S. Matthews, William F. Hastings, William W. Clemes, Albert D. Stauffacher, and Frank J. Scriber "Christmas in Other Lands," The Missionary Herald at Home and Abroad.  Compiled by Armstrong Hunter.  New York: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Vol. CXLVI, no. 8, 1950.

[No inscriptions or loose ephemera found in the paper-bound 33 p. booklet.]

Box 2







  McCready, R.H. and H.M. Tyndall Cruise of the Celtic around the Mediterranean 1902: Souvenir Volume by R. H. McCready and H.M. Tyndall.  New York: The Winthrop Press, 1902.

[Inside cover: "Elsie and Margery Strong, [?] 421", "Josiah Strong, Greenwich, CT."]

[between pp. 22-23: "Mar. 15, 2 week book"]

[p. 81 in text printed letter to Josiah Strong from Mary Mills Patrick, president of the American College for Girls]

[pp. 166-169 in text "The Glory of Christ" sermon delivered by Josiah Strong on Mount Calvary, with photos]

[p. 239 in text photograph of Josiah Strong and others at the Temple of Rameses II]

[p. 381-382 bookmarked; features biographical sketch of Rev. Josiah Strong, D.D., New York City]

[between pp. 404-405: newsprint map of the city of Jerusalem]

M2010.14.03.15 (4 items)

    Minus, Paul M. Walter Rauschenbusch: American Reformer by Paul M. Minus, New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1988.

[Written on the inside front cover:  "2 September 1988. To Dot and Bill: With many thanks for all your kindness to me, particularly your wonderful hospitality.  Walter Rauchenbusch was Josiah Strong's Baptist counterpart located in Rochester, NY where I now live and teach. fondly, Wendy Deichmann"]

Josiah Strong   Muller, Max Lectures on the Science of Religion with a Paper on Buddhist Nihilism, and a Translation of the Dhammapada or "Path of Virtue." By Max Muller, M.A. Fellow of All-Saints' college, Oxford, Correspondant de l'Institute de France, Author of "Lectures on the Science of Language," Chips from a German Workshop," etc.. New York: Scribner, Armstrong, and Co. successor to Charles Scribner and Co., 1872.

[Bookplate on inside front board, "From the Library of Josiah Strong." Inscribed opposite inside cover: "Josiah Strong."  Marks on verses on page 209 and 231.]

Margery Strong     Portfolio Verse. Printed for the Greenwich Academy Shakspere [sic] Club. Greenwich, Conn: Press of the Greenwich News, 1902.

[The owner of the booklet of verses, Margery Strong inscribed "Margrey Strong, 78 Field Point Road, Greenwich, Connecticut.  Contains a book plate:  "Margery Strong - Her Book".  Margery Strong, as a student at the Academy contributed to the verses in the booklet and signed 'Margery' to her work in the booklet.  Other contributors have either signed their verses, or Strong has added their names [?]. Various loose material including two letters enclosed in the same envelope, clippings and a note with quote,  are held within the booklet.]

[2 Letters: From  Mr. H.W. Marlie of  'The Outlook company, 287 Fourth Avenue, New York regarding Margery's request for permission to use a poem. He comments on her poetry included in the Portfolio Verses especially the 'Topsey.']

[2 small, 3" x 6" single cards with poem, "My Neighbor," written by Margery Strong for the Duluth Normal School, Duluth Minnesota. One card is dedicated to the class of 1919, D.N.S., and both poems are initialed "M.S."]

[Quote ?: "'Than Ever Fancy Tried - Than ever Fancy tried and mental [?] common ways.  Illene [?]with light caught from celestial rays.'  Mrs. Bell"]

M2010.14.03.16 (4 items)

Box 3
unknown   Soares, Theodore G., Sydney Strong, and William E. Barton His Friends : The Story of the Immediate Disciples of Jesus After His Ascension, and Their Letters to the Early Christians.  Using the text of the American Standard Revised Bible. Prepared by Theodore G. Soares, Sydney Strong, William E. Barton, Editors of 'His Life," "His Last Week," "His Great Apostle," etc.  Chicago and New York: Hope Publishing Company [Pastor's Publishing Union], 1906.

[No inscriptions or loose ephemera found in the paper-bound 144 p. booklet.]

Box 2
Elsie Strong 1st copy Strong, Josiah The Challenge of the City, Josiah Strong (Forward Mission Study Courses), New York: The Young People's Missionary Movement, 1907.

Inscription:  Elsie Strong ~ From Father, Dec. 25th, 1907

p. 76: clipping with a model of New York's improperly crowded East Side.

p. 101: program for the Second Congregational Church, Rev. Joseph H. Selden, D. D., Pastor, April 18, 1909.  Pencil mark inside: "The Men's Bible Class, conducted by Dr. Selden, extends a cordial invitation to the men of the congregation interested in Bible study to connect themselves with the class.  The class is following a series of lessons entitled "The Gospel of the Kingdom" a study of modern social and industrial conditions in the light of the teachings of Scripture."

M2010.14.03.17 (2 items)

Margery Strong 2nd copy Strong, Josiah The Challenge of the City, Josiah Strong (Forward Mission Study Courses), New York: The Young People's Missionary Movement, 1907.

Inscription:  Margery Strong ~ From Father, Dec. 25th, 1907

[p. 85 bookmarked, inside back cover note: "85 - making a world"]

[p. 230 bookmarked]

Elsie Strong 1st copy Strong, Josiah Expansion: Under New World-Conditions, Josiah Strong, New York: The Baker and Taylor Company, 1900.

Inscription: Elsie Strong ~ From Father

ephemera found p.284: Christmas note from Ann and Donald Grimstedt, Patricia Ann, Donna Lee.

M2010.14.03.18 (1 item)

Margery Strong 2nd copy Strong, Josiah Expansion: Under New World-Conditions, Josiah Strong, New York: The Baker and Taylor Company, 1900.

Inscription: Margery Strong From your affectionate Father, Josiah Strong.  Oct. 2nd 1900

[Inside back cover: pencil notes listing page numbers in the book]

ephemera: Many clippings, lists of page numbers

Ecob, James E. "A Tribute to Josiah Strong" [source ?], pp.81-82

Handwritten letter from Newell Martin to Rev. Strong, January 28, 1913 (It says "copy" at the top):  His father had given him "Expansion" as a birthday present in 1900.  He mentions: Shanghai, "the Japanese war," and the Russians.

Partial note from a cousin in South Africa named, Clara Bridgman about commencement exercises

[p. 110 bookmarked]

[p. 152 bookmarked]

[p. 172 bookmarked with article: Childs, Marquis. "Washington Calling: General MacArthur has Great Responsibility." The Asheville Citizen, Sept. 12, 1945, page ?]

[p. 178 bookmarked]

[p. 182 bookmarked with article: "China's Hope is the Middle Man" feb. 2, 1949]

[p. 192 bookmarked with political cartoon from Bimrose, Matt. "The Shadow" The New York Times, May 22, 1949]

[p. 214 bookmarked with pamphlet advertising Expansion]

[p. 268-269 bookmarked with stock information]

[pp. 272-273 bookmarked, lists several page numbers]

M2010.14.03.19 (28 items)

Margery Strong   Strong, Josiah My Religion in Everyday Life. New York: The Baker and Taylor Company, 1910.

Inscription: "Margery Strong.
From Father.

Title page bookmarked with clipping: "Dr. Strong's vigorous and masculine Christianity here finds effective expression.  He has written a book to arouse thought and deepen reflection especially among those who take a sane and hopeful view of the future of religion in America."

p. 48 pencil marked "Quote in [Sense of, Problat][?]

p. 59 bookmarked with card:
Accept a friendly wish
For a Joyous Easter Day
May the flowers
of happiness
Bloom beside your way"
Reverse of card: "Frances Hedstrom 1923"
[Note in pencil: Mary Quentin]

[Inside back cover: "p. 43, 49,50,53,54
Panama Canal p. 29
See Prof. Barley's letter?]

M2010.14.03.20 (2 items)

Margery Strong   Strong, Josiah The Next Great Awakening, Josiah Strong, New York: The Baker & Taylor Company, 1902.

Inscription: Margery Strong ~ From your Father, Josiah Strong

Newspaper clipping glued to back flyleaf: "Just a Moment: Daily Strength and Cheer.  Compiled by John G. Quinius, the Sunshine Man. [penciled quotations around portion] The most mischievous infidelity is not that which men read out of books, but that which they read our of professedly Christian lives.  When church members show that Christ is able to cast out the devil and self, they will furnish the evidence which the skeptic demands.--Josiah Strong."

M2010.14.03.21 (1 item)

Charles McCall 1st copy Strong, Josiah The New Era or the Coming Kingdom, by Josiah Strong, New York: The Baker & Taylor

No front cover; also portions of pages cut out, pp. 249 and 251.

Elsie Strong 2nd copy Strong, Josiah The New Era or the Coming Kingdom, Josiah Strong, New York: The Baker  & Taylor Co.,1893.

[inside cover] "Elsie Strong, From your affectionate father, Josiah Strong. , New York, Sept. 17th '94"

Newspaper clipping glued to p. 189 from the Duluth Herald Feb. 1921 "The U.S. Census shows that more than half the people of this country live in cities--to be exact 51.4 per cent.  As the city population used to be about a third, and as this is the first census to show a majority of the population living in cities, it is making people think.  And it ought to."

p. 335 bookmark [glued to page]


  3rd copy Strong, Josiah The New Era or the Coming Kingdom, Josiah Strong, New York: The Baker  & Taylor Co.,1893.

[p. 126 torn blue bank paper: "grundelwald (?) - 1896."]

[pp. 30, 40, 52, 290, 316, 345, 347, 348, 362, each with bookmarks]

M2010.14.03.22 (1 item)


    Strong, Josiah The New World Religion. Garden City; New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1915.

Note from Caroline W. Pernius, July 10, 1913 "My Dear Mr. Strong: Yesterday..."

[Title page and dedication bookmarked with list of page numbers]

[pp. 153, 155, 158, bookmarked]

[p. 386 bookmarked with list of page numbers]

Many clippings in back

M2010.14.03.23 (12 items)

  1st copy Strong, Josiah Our Country: Its Possible Future and its Present Crisis, Josiah Strong, with introduction by Austin Phelps, New York: The Baker & Taylor Company for The American Home Missionary Society, 1885 and 1891.

1 of 2 copies: Red cloth cover

Printed card enclosed at preface page: "Greetings from Elsie Strong."  "A New Year's Meditation" a poem by Margery Strong, "from The Outlook (New York), January 9, 1897."  "The earth was brown and bare and cold;"  Card has many thumbtack holes.

[pp. 50, 152 bookmarked]

Part of an envelope found p. 102: "Our Country 86, 91, 103"

Paper at p. 194; these notes are also penciled in the back flyleaf:

"50, 51 

194 List of our institutions

219 Chariot wheels of the Almighty

224, 225, 226 [all numbers refer to page numbers of this book with pencil in margins]."

M2010.14.03.24 (3 items)

Elsie Strong 2nd copy Strong, Josiah Our Country: Its Possible Future and its Present Crisis, Josiah Strong, with introduction by Austin Phelps, New York: The Baker & Taylor Company for The American Home Missionary Society, 1885 and 1891.

2 of 2 copies: Blue cloth cover

Inscription: Elsie Strong, From your affectionate father in remembrance of the day.  Josiah Strong.  Greenwich, Ct. Nov. 16th 1891

[pp. 84, 92, 110 bookmarked]

Paper-clipped to last page are: many newspaper clippings

2 typed pages of quotes:  "Cardinal Manning says..."

Handwritten note: "Definite statistical forecasts of population..."

Handwritten list of Conferences and cities from 1887-1915

M2010.14.03.25 (13 items)

Elsie Strong 1st copy Strong, Josiah Our World. The New World-Life. Garden City; New York: Doubleday, Page  and Company, 1913.

[Inscription: "Elsie Strong, From your affectionate Father, May 22nd, 1913"]

[p. 38 bookmarked, reads: "p. 38, 39, 40"]

[p. 59 bookmarked, reads: "Our World - Life p. 59, Bartlet [?] 95]

[p. 83 bookmarked, reads: "summary?"; includes hand-written page with notes "What possibilities..." signed "Josiah Strong, The New World Life, 1913"]

[p. 284 bookmarked]

M2010.14.03.26 (2 items)

  2nd  copy Strong, Josiah, D.D. Our World: New World Life.  New York: Doubleday, Page and Company, 1913.

[Note: p. 21 "Yes, the key-note is then struck"]

[bookmark between p. 48-49 reads "49, 79, 143, 161"]

[Notes: p.49 "It is advancing surely", "Yes [?] is now shown in the Great War]

[pp. 17, 75, bookmarked]

[inside cover: "Errors: p. 164, 49 51-52, p. 17 - use?, 83 - used"]

[light marking throughout]

Josiah Strong   Strong, Josiah, Ed. Social Progress: A Year Book and Encyclopedia of Economic, Industrial, Social and Religious Statistics, 1904 Josiah Strong, editor, New York: The Baker and Taylor Company, Publishers. 1904.

Inscription: "Josiah Strong, Study"

Penciled in front cover: "corrections of religious statistics  155-6."

[pp. 213, 247 bookmarked]


William E. Strong, from Josiah   Strong, Josiah, Ed. Social Progress: A Year Book and Encyclopedia of Economic, Industrial, Social and Religious Statistics, 1905 Josiah Strong, editor, New York: The Baker and Taylor Company, Publishers. 1905.

[Contains errata sheet insert glued in front of table of contents.]

No notes or inserts.

    Strong, Josiah The Times and Young Men. New York: The Baker  & Taylor Co.,1901.

[Inside cover torn from book.]

p. 238-239 bookmarked, reads: "Times and Young Men 37, 69, 230, 231, 239-240."

p. 235 Pencil line marks : "Rich men will more clearly understand that their wealth could never have been acquired but for society, and that having been gained, it would be quite worthless but for society."

p. 227-228 Pencil marked: "Many have eaten of the tree of knowledge who have never tasted the tree of life."

p. 230 Pencil marked: "The motto of that spirit was "Every man for himself." Every angel for himself would ruin heaven." [page marked by torn paper with  T & Y.M. competition vs. cooperation]

p. 231

p. 236

p. 238-239


[Inside back cover "37, 58
Service in nature pp. 64-67, 69
217, 225, 227-8, 230, 231, 239-40 (used)"

Charles W. McCall 1st copy Strong, Josiah The Twentieth Century City. New York: The Baker and Taylor Company, 1898.

[paper cover]

p. 35 "Look at Wills book"

[p. 107 bookmarked, pencil marked "See speech at Home Miss. meeting in Cleveland. The sectional line the scar left by the civil war obliterated by foot[?]]

Margery [Strong]
2nd copy Strong, Josiah The Twentieth Century City. New York: The Baker  & Taylor Co.,1898.

[inside cover]  "Margery.  From your affectionate father, Josiah Strong. ,  New York, March 31st, '98."

[between p. 16-17] bookmark pencil marked "old world new world -- Religion"

[between p.108-109] Newspaper clipping from "A.C., March 24, 1941": "Clock Made of Toothbrushes," Sacramento, Calif. (UP)

p. 109 pencil note regarding the quote: ":not one which 'rallies round the flag,' so much as one which rallies round the ballot-box; not one which charges into the deadly breach, but one which smashes the 'machine' : not one which offers itself to die for the country, but one that is wiling to life for it, which is as much more heroic as it is more difficult." [Note reads: "See also. Address at Wooster."]

M2010.14.03.27 (1 item)

Elsie Strong 3rd copy Strong, Josiah The Twentieth Century City. New York: The Baker  & Taylor Co.,1898.

[inside cover]  "Elsie Strong.  From your affectionate father, Josiah Strong. ,  New York, March 31st, '98."

[No notes or loose ephemera found]

    Strong, Josiah and Michael G. Mulhall The United States and the Future of the Anglo-Saxon Race by Josiah Strong; and the Growth of American Industries and Wealth by Michael G. Mulhall, F. S. S., London: Saxon and Company, 1889.

3 turned down corners and pencil marks beside paragraphs in Mulhall's section.

Josiah Strong   Strong, Josiah et al. His name imprinted on cover, but only appears inside p. 218 Vital Questions: The Discussions of the General Christian Conference held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 22nd to 25th, 1888, under the direction of the Montreal Branch of the Evangelical Alliance.  Montreal: William Drysdale & Company, Publishers, 1889.

The Necessity of Co-operation in Christian Work, Josiah Strong

Inserted at p. 117: program for Conference speakers

[p. 218 bookmarked]

Inserted at p. 226: scrap with Margery Strong's address and other side reads: Christmas Card?

M2010.14.03.28 (2 items)

Miss Elsie and Miss Marjorie Strong   Stryker, Leonora Clawson Random Reflections. Washington, [DC]: The Stylus Publishing Company, 1931.

[First Ed. w/o jacket, 8vo. 94 page book containing personal reflections in the form of verse and prose, many quotes. Inscribed: "For Miss Elsie and Miss Marjorie Strong from Leonora Clawson Stryker, May 1932.]

Elsie Strong [?]   Ward, Mrs. Humphry Amiel's Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frederic Amiel.  Translate by Mrs. Humphry Ward (Author of "The History of David Grieve, etc.. With a Portrait. Vol. II  New York and London: The Macmillan Company and Macmillan & Co. Ltd., 1899.

[A reprint of the 1883 first edition. Contains loose ephemera, probably Elsie Strong's.

Includes clippings:
"Cong. Feb. 1, 1900. ' John Ruskins' opinion of war may be interesting to read now that he is dead and Great Britain and the United States are warring.  In his Crown of Wild Olives he wrote: "When I tell you that war is the foundation of all the arts I mean also that it is the foundation of all the high virtues and faculties of men.  It is very strange to me to discover this and very dreadful, but I saw it to be quite an undeniable fact ... I found, in brief, that all great nations learnt their truth of a word and strength of thought in war, that they were nourished in war and wasted by peace, taught by war and deceived by peace, trained by war and betrayed by peace, in a word, that they were born in war and expired in peace."

"Cong. Feb 22, 1900. 'Since Dr. Martineau's death the English press have called attention to the fact that, like and Emerson and Ruskin and Amiel and other men of exquisite refinement and ethical discrimination, Dr. Martineau had no sympathy with those who like Tolstoi deprecate war at all times. Said Dr. Martineau:
"The reverence for human life is carried to an immoral idolatry when it is held more sacred than justice and right, and when the spectacle of blood becomes more horrible than the slight of desolating Tyrannies and triumphant hypocrisies ... A religion which does not include the whole moral law; a moral law which does not embrace all the problems of a commonwealth ; a commonwealth which regards the life of a man more than the equities of God, appear to be unfaithful to their functions, and unworthy interpreters of the divine scheme of the world."

[Handwritten note of quote of "Life Everlasting" on p. 51 and p. 84 on '...the maxim that nature makes no leaps is far from true ....]

[Clipping between p. 284 and 285 regarding "... the impossibility of European and Easterns fully understanding one another ..."  as detailed in a story of the English in Cairo, Egypt.]

M2010.14.03.29 (4 items)

Ephraim Strong   Webster, Noah, LL.D. ed. Holy Bible: Containing Old and New Testaments in the Common Version with Amendments of the Language. New Haven: Durrie and Peck, 1833.

[Inside cover: "Ephraim Strong
This is the Bible which lay on my grandfather's stand when I was a boy. J.S. 1909"; Note: "1833 Bible, Michael Strong or Yale Library or Union Th. Sem Library"]

[between p. 20-21: "Great Grandfather Ephraim Strong's Bible (mildew on  cover where left in store-room)"]

[bookmarks between p. 650-651, 694-695, 696-697, and 820-821.]

M2010.14.03.30 (2 items)