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Historic Research - Miscellaneous notes etc.
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1 11 gmc_009 August 21, 1932 Clipping from Asheville Citizen newspaper ; "County history to be recorded - collecting of historical data on communities in Buncombe started"  
  Three pages of typewritten notes based on the History of North Carolina [F254.H67] detailing biographies of three members of the Roberson family  

Page  72,   History  of  North Carolina  Vol.V,   Lewis Publishing Company,1919:

WILLIAM STONE ROBERSON A university town, Chapel Hill naturally has become the home of men of high professional ability, and the church, medicine and the law are all well and even notably represented here. An atmosphere of culture prevails that is well sustained by the permanent residents. Hundreds of youths yearly go out from this great university benefited not only by the educational opportunities there afforded, but by a refined and wholesome environment that surrounds them in their leisure hours. Undoubtedly great assistance has been given in this direction by the wise administration of the city's laws, which were admirably administered for ten continuous years by William Stone Roberson as mayor.

William Stone Roberson is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, born February 28,,1869. His parents were Dr. Abner Benton and Cornelia Adaline (Stone) Roberson. His father was a physician of eminence and the families are well known all over the state.

Primarily educated in select schools, William S.Roberson later attended the public schools and then entered the University of

North Carolina as a member of the class of 1889, later teaching school for a year and then returning to the university where he was graduated from the law department in February, 1891. He immediately entered into practice, at Graham, North Carolina, and from there came to Chapel Hill in 1893 and has successfully carried on a general practice here ever since and has been connected with many important cases of litigation that have added to his honorable reputation as a lawyer.

A loyal citizen of Chapel Hill and ever mindful of her best interests, Mr. Roberson accepted the mayoralty with ambitious hopes and during the decade that he, continued to hold the office, had the satisfaction of bringing about many improvements that have added materially to the health and happiness of the place. He has always been exceedingly popular. In addition to his public and professional activities, Mr. Roberson for some time has been secretary, treasurer and general manager of the Chapel Hill Insurance & Realty Company.



Pages 359 and 360, History of-North Carolina, Vol. VI, Lewis Publishing-Company, 1919:

CHARLES ROBERSON, M.D. The service of a capable physician and
surgeon Doctor Roberson has rendered has rendered to the community
of Greensboro for nearly twenty years. Doctor Roberson is member
of an old, and prominent family of the University town of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, and he was born on a plantation ten miles west of that city
in Orange County.

He is a son of Drs Abner Benton and Cornelia (Jackson) (sic) Roberson. Doctor Roberson has a brother, Wescott, who is one of the most prominent lawyers and business men of High Point. His sister Nellie is an instructor in the State University at Chapel Hill,

Doctor Roberson attended the Chapel Hill High School and then entered the University of North Carolina, where he was gradated Bachelor of Science in 1894.  He also began the study of medicine in the university, but left there to enter the Long Island College Hospital at Brooklyn, New York, where he was graduated in 1897. For two years he practiced at Chapel Hill? but in 1899 come to Greensboro, and was engaged in a steadily increasing general practice until 1917. Since then he has confined his work entirely to diseases of women and Children, in which department he is a recognized authority and specialist. He is a member of the Guilford County, the North Carolina and the Tri-State Medical Societies and the American Medical Association.

In 1893 Doator Roberson married Mabel 11.Hill, who was born at Greensboro, daughter of William Henry and Mildred (Bethel) Hill. Doctor and Mrs. Roberson are members of the First Baptist Church, and he is affiliated with Corinthian Lodge No.342, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Choragin Chapter No. 13, Royal Arch Masons, Ivanhoe Commandery No.8, Knight Templars, and Oasis Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Charlotte.



Page 177, History of North Carolina, Vol.VI,Lewis    Publishing Co., 1919:

WESCOTT ROBERSON, whose name is one of the most prominent in its associations with the business and professional affairs of High Point, was born at Chapel Hill in Orange County, North Carolina, son of Dr. Atoner Benton and Cornelia (Stone) Roberson.

He grew up  in the academic atmosphere of Chapel Hill, and after a thorough preparation entered the State University, graduating Bachelor of Arts in 1896 and receiving his law degree in 1898, In the latter year he was admitted to the bar and in October located at High Point, where he  has taken first rank as a lawyer and business man.

Mr. Roberson is senior member of the firm Roberson, Dalton & Smith.  This firm in addition to a large general practice represents as Special counsel the Southern Railway Company, is general counsel for the Carolina & Yadkin River Railroad Company, and among others attorney for the North Carolina Public Service Company, the Southern Bell Telephone Company, the Wachovia Bank and Trust Company, Southern Express Company and Arctic and Ice and Fuel Company,

Roberson  is  personally  identified with a number of business corporations, being a stockholder in the Wachovia Bank & Trust Company at Winston-Salem and chairman of  its board of directors of the High Point branch, is president of the Amos Hosiery Company, a director of the Southern Mirror Company, the Central Ice Company of Birmingham, Alabama, the Atlantic  Insurance Company of Raleigh, the Ring Drug Company, the Marsh Furniture Company, Piedmont Building and Loan Association, and is vice president of the Carolina and Yadkin River Railroad and vice president of the North    Carolina Public Service Company,

Roberson was elected a member of the State Legislature from Guilford County for the sessions of 1901, 1903 and 1905.  During the first term he was chairman of the committee for election of trustees of the University of North Carolina and in the second term was chairman of the committee on corporations, and the third term chairman of the committee on appropriations.  He is a member of the High Point Commercial Club, is a Baptist, and is affiliated with High Point Lodge No.308, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.


gmc_013   Notes regarding Wilkes County and Benjamin Cleveland ; taken from Historical Sketches of Wilkes County ; John Crouch ; 1902
gmc_014   Notes regarding Iredale County and Robert Kerr ; taken from Sketches of Western North Carolina ; C. L. Hunter ; 1877 [E263.N8.H94]
gmc_015   Notes regarding North Carolina pension roll records for John Mebane, Samuel Allen, Richard Christmas
gmc_043   Notes regarding North Carolina pension roll records for (Hardleman?) Duke, William Duke and William Alexander
gmc_016   Indecipherable notes - reference to Wilburn Waters, (possibly by Charles B. Cooke?) and pages 1516 - 1550 of Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 [F226.S82 1929]
gmc_017   Notes taken from A census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services..... published in Washington, 1841
gmc_018   Notes believed to to taken from page 31 of History of the battle of Point Pleasant [E83.77 L68 1974]
  Eight pages of notes taken from Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers[F226.S82 1929]  
    Eight pages of notes regarding Lewis Pt. Pleasant (Believed to be History of the battle of Point Pleasant by Virgil Anson Lewis [E83.77 L68 1974]  
gmc_036   Notes regarding the French and Indian War 1758-1763 and a partial list of officers and men from southwest Virginia granted lands by the King of England
gmc_037   Two pages of notes referenced to Brief of Deeds - Botetourt County [VA] ; appear to relate to estate of Israel Christian and his wife Elizabeth, dated June 13, 1770
gmc_039   Three lines of notes regarding Wythe Co. and Botetout Co.
gmc_040   Bibliography (I)
gmc_044   Bibliography (II)
gmc_045   List of names and authors (sources?)
gmc_041   Notes regarding Montgomery Co. and Wythe Co. VA ; source unknown
gmc_042 Feb 14, 1960 Copy of [unidentified] newspaper article "union curbs linked to retarded areas" with handwritten note to "CSR"