George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.01
Publications of the Southern Regional Council, Atlanta, Georgia
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1 8     New South  
src_001 April 1955 A court rules on park segregation ; recreation and the 14th Amendment ; planning pays off in St. Louis ; "private" public schools
src_002 June 1955 The court calls for local leadership ; text of Supreme Court ruling ; The South's opportunity ; map of federal districts ; positive reaction grows ; the urban south
src_003 December 1956 A southern negro's view of the South ; Henderson pastor's diary ; government of law
src_004 January 1957 Pro-segregation groups; history and trends ; law is to be obeyed ; bus integration spreads
src_005 April 1957 Ministers' statement on race ; Kentucky teacher integration ; Golden out-of-order plan ; the modern Ku Klux Klan
src_006 November 1958 Resistance growing to school closings ; Virginia parochial schools ; what the negro wants ; highlights from recent literature
src_007 December 1958 Obedience to law ; meet, know and listen ; root out bitterness ; give positive witness
src_008 January 1959 North Carolina at crossroad ; Alabama placement law ; negro voter registration ; highlights from recent literature
src_009 March 1959 Desegregation or no public schools ; massive resistance reaches dead end ; court ruling hits massive resistance ; Arkansas cannot afford racial strife ; highlights of recent literature
src_010 November 1959 Migration and desegregation ; what each one of us does ; editors discuss private school plan ; highlights from recent literature
src_011 December 1959 The citizen's responsibility ; actions must speak for South ; school boards must comply ; race relations and American law
src_012 April 1960 A solid South...or else ; highlights from recent literature ; Floyd makes calm history
    Other publications  
src_013 April 1, 1960 The South and the Nation by LeRoy Collins ; toward regional realism no. 1 ; an address given by Gov. Collins of Florida to the Southern Association  of Colleges and Secondary Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, Dec 1, 1959
src_014 1960 Racial crisis and the press by Walter Spearman and Sylvan Meyer ; an analysis of Southern newspaper reports since 1954