Henry and Elaine Meyers Collection

Series 1: Henry Meyers' Personal Papers

Box Folder Description
1 1 Correspondence
1 2 War/Veteran Related
1 3 Western Carolina University
1 4 Notes: slavery [Originally in folder labeled "RHAWS revised material post preliminary velums". Blank pages have been discarded.]
1 5 Notes: Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg - Irving Agus
1 6 Notes: Cohen and other families (from Georgia?)
1 7 Notes- NYC & State families
1 8 Letter from Paul A. Smith, 18 March 1993, enclosing extract from Tributaries, October 1992
1 9 Notes on New Testament references to Passover, the Last Suppers and discrepancies between Christian & non-Christian sources ; two 1988 articles about Jesus prompted by release of the Last Temptation of Christ
1 10 Original Writing and notes [some seem little more than jottings]
1 11 Various notes and writings, including correspondence and meeting notes for the Center for Jewish Studies and Meyers' paper "The Jews in Tudor England..."
1 12 Poetry, bibliography (of what?) and notes [possibly for paper "The Jews in Tudor England...]
1 13 Poems
1 14 Miscellaneous original writings on Judaism and Jesus, and further poems