Henry and Elaine Meyers Collection

Series  7, File 47: News clippings 1979 - 1991


Date Title / Subject Publication Author
9/1/1979 Anti-Defamation League finds 'unthinking' slurs the most virulent Richmond News Leader Dawn Chase
Fall 1980  Learn and shop: WCU non-credit programs at the Asheville Mall Western Carolina University  
1/24/1982   A view from the Golan Heights Asheville Citizen-Times H. W. Meyers
8/22/1982  Twelve instructors join UNC-A staff Asheville Citizen-Times  
1/9/1983  Western Carolina University 1983 Spring Semester evening and Saturday classes Asheville Citizen-Times  
6/30/1985   Anti-Hitler students lauded New York Times Ari L. Goldman
Nov-85  Advert for University of Judaism seminars Jewish Monthly  
12/8/1985 Review of From a Ruined Garden    
12/13/1985  Jewish catacombs become responsibility of Italian government ["Lecture" added as handwritten note] The Forward Kevin Freeman
12/13/1985 U.S. urged to seek Arafat's indictment Los Angeles Times Gaylord Shaw
12/27/1985  Unique Jewish studies center in Appalachia seeks papers The Forward  
Mar-86 Preview of UNCA theater production of 'Snow White' set [Includes photo of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ornament with inscription on reverse of photo]    
12/24/1987  New studies of Jesus portray as more urban Charlotte Observer John Dart
3/13/1988  How currents of art, revolution and culture took Russia's Jews on fateful paths New York Times John Gross
6/12/1988   What's new in corporate theater New York Times Lisa H. Towle
6/15/1988 The Arts section New York Times  
6/24/1988  Theater reviews New York Times  
12/25/1988   Arafat's humanity emerging News and Observer Jim Lewis
9/15/1990   [A. M.] Rosenthal attacks [Patrick] Buchanan in column (Washington Post) Eleanor Randolph and Howard Kurtz
12/23/1990   Reviews of History, Religion, and Antisemitism and Towards a Definition of Antosemitism by Gavin I. Langmuir New York Times R. I. Moore
8/14/1991   Vandalism could prompt fence around Plymouth Rock Asheville Citizen-Times A.P.
9/2/1991   Afrocentric conspiracy theorist Leonard Jeffries New York Eric Pooley
10/31/1991   Rumors of Satanic cult in Wake County Asheville Citizen-Times A.P.
Nov-91 [Complete edition] Racial Loyalty  
11/1/1991  [Complete edition] Phoenix Liberator  
  Photocopy of photograph of David Tate "serving life for murdering Missouri State Trooper…"