Henry and Elaine Meyers Collection

Series  7, File 48: News clippings 1992 - 1997


Date Title / Subject Publication Author
1/21/1992 Blacks regret not having ceremony Times-News Susan Dryman
Feb-1992 Palestine Solidarity leader visits Triangle The Prism Joe Levine
2/9/1992 Complete section Asheville Citizen-Times  
2/20/1992 Controversial attorney moves here Black Mountain News Jim Aycock
2/23/1992 Op-ed section New York Times  
March-1992 Advert for American Arab Anti-Discrimination League The Prism  
3/8/1992 David Duke Image Ros Davidson
3/12/1992 David Duke lawyer director of CAUSE Black Mountain News Jim Aycock
3/19/1992 Letter to editor regarding CAUSE Black Mountain News Donna St. Clair
3/26/1992 CAUSE director replies to report Black Mountain News  
3/26/1992 Letter to the editor regarding CAUSE Black Mountain News Carlton Bortell
April-1992 Public schools teach the Holocaust Jewish Monthly Stacy Weiner
4/2/1992 CAUSE fuss getting too much coverage Black Mountain News  
4/6/1992 Ku Klux Klan recruiting in the Hamptons New York Post Jim Nolan
4/9/1992 Letter to the editor regarding Kirk Lyons Black Mountain News Monroe Gilmour
4/19/1992 Hate groups have ally in lawyer [Kirk Lyons] News and Observer Ben Stocking
5/5/1992 White supremacist church switches new leaders Asheville Citizen-Times Bob Scott
June-1992 Jan Ralston and her life in the Klan Good Housekeeping Claire Safran
8/30/1992 Neo-Nazis in Idaho New York Times Timothy Egan
6/29/1992 Nancy Bereano and Firebrand Books Publishers Weekly  
Sep-1992 Controlling authorial distance Writer's Digest  
10/22/1192 Complete Mountains section Asheville Citizen-Times  
Dec-1992 Vets' benefits tax-exempt guarantees are vetoed DAV Magazine  
Jan-1993 San Francisco police officer under investigation for spying for Israel ADC Times  
2/21/1993 For U.S., aid to terrorists is hard to define New York Times Douglas Jehl
Mar-1993 Bombing reactions biased against Muslims AC Phoenix Badi M. Ali
4/29/1993 Letter to the editor regarding Kirk Lyons Black Mountain News Ann Romig
12/16/1993 Advert protesting action taken against Dr. Samuel Schuman, UNCA President [copy includes notes (by Meyers?)] Asheville Citizen-Times  
2/12/1995 Complete Leisure section [includes review of Guys and Dolls and Western Carolina University] Asheville Citizen-Times  
Mar-1995 Jihad in America Jewish Monthly Steven Emerson
4/20/1995 Pat Robertson New York Review Michael Lind
5/9/1995 Klan march angers Black Mountain Asheville Citizen-Times Susan G. Reinhardt
5/29/1995 Teaching tolerance - Asheville Jewish Community Center [in envlope mailed to Hank Meyers by the Center. Includes flyer.] Asheville Citizen-Times Susan Dryman
6/25/1995 Patriot/militia movements in N.C. News & Record Susan Ladd and Stan Swofford
6/26/1995 Patriot/militia movements in N.C. News & Record Susan Ladd and Stan Swofford
6/25/1995 Militias organizing in North Carolina Asheville Citizen-Times A.P.
11/16/1995 Eight graders complete service project for Haiti Black Mountain News  
3/30/1996 Common-law court brings 'freeman' sentiment to Macon Asheville Citizen-Times Mark Blaine
3/31/1996 Common law court gathers [this and previous clipping were faxed to ADL by Henry Meyers] Asheville Citizen-Times Mark Blaine
4/19/1996 Deaths and funerals [although it is unclear why Meyers kept this clipping] Asheville Citizen-Times  
5/24/1996 Complete section Asheville Citizen-Times  
5/25/1996 Complete section Asheville Citizen-Times  
  Wengrow, Meyers to retire [from UNCA] The Banner Greg Sessoms
1/14/1997 Men guilty in Haywood cross burning Asheville Citizen-Times Sandy Wall
1/29/1997 Mountains section Asheville Citizen-Times  
undated Review of Raven Theatre's production of The Crucible   Lawrence Bommer
undated Photo of Asheville Community Theatre production of The Girls in 509    
undated Obituary of Prof. H. W. Janson of N.Y.U.   John Russell
undated Letter from Henry Meyers (as chairman of Anti-defamation League) to Citizen-Times regarding columnist Edward Sims Asheville Citizen-Times Henry W. Meyers
undated TV producers out of mainstream (Asheville Citizen-Times) Edward Sims
undated "Truth Tract No. 4: Judaism: The World's strangest religion"   Dr. E. R. Fields
undated Letter to the editor regarding Kirk Lyons Black Mountain News Bob Warren