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M2005.12.2 - J. Alfred Miller Collection

Box 2 - Folder List
Box Folder Item I.D. Description Thumbnail
2 1   Public meetings and hearings in respect to the civic development of Asheville [There is a correlation between these documents and the materials covering Miller's work with the Redevelopment Commission in Box 1 of this collection.]  
  2   Protests against the development of land near the First Baptist Church (1962)  
  3   Papers covering Right-of-Way Agreement for the widening of Rankin Avenue in 1965  
  4   Annexation proposals of the late 1950's ; copy of the (1960) Act to "extend the corporate limits of the city of Asheville"  
  5   "Workable program for community improvement, fact sheet and program guides", Housing and Home Finance Agency ; papers and resolution covering the creation of an Urban Redevelopment Commission for Asheville  
  6   Materials covering the national urban renewal program  
  7   Analysis of impact of city annexation proposals ;  related to Miller's role as Chairman, Civic Affairs Committee, Asheville Chamber of Commerce  
  8   Documents related to policies, planning laws and codes:
  • Summary of 1959 NC planning laws
  • Housing Code of the City of Asheville, including amendments of December 10, 1959 [Also included are undated copies of Articles 15 and 25 of the Code - these could possibly be revisions and/or additions]
  • Correspondence regarding the transfer or exchange of property in connection with a redevelopment project [1961]
  • Report on Project Planning [for the Civic Development Project] - undated
  • Redevelopment Commission of the City of Asheville, Administrative Policy,  November 12, 1963
  • Draft revisions to the Administrative Policy -annotated - undated
  • Description of the Citizen's Advisory Committee
  • Tentative draft of revision to the Urban Redevelopment Law; 21 September 1964
  • (Further revision / final version?) of revision to Urban Development Law -  undated
  • Excerpts from NC Urban Redevelopment Law (G.S. 160, Article 37) - undated
  • Memo explaining the Urban Development Act of 1968
  9   Publicity and promotional materials for the civic redevelopment of Asheville, 1957-1971  
  10   Materials produced by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) including materials from the 29th NAHRO conference held in Denver (In 1962?)  
  11   North Carolina Travel Surveys for 1970 and 1971
  12   Documents related to Miller's role on the board of the Central Asheville Association [mostly covers 1969]  
  13   Documents related to to Miller's role as a member of the Citizens' Advisory Committee  
  14   Materials published by the Federal Housing Administration and the Housing and Home Finance Agency ; circa 1960 to 1964  
  15   Materials related to the cost of redevelopment projects in Asheville, including the issuance of proposed bonds in 1967  
  16   Reports / advertising brochures pertaining to the civic development of Asheville-Buncombe County  
  17   Brochures and publicity materials for urban development projects in Asheville, Hendersonville, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Norfolk, VA. Generally from the 1960's, with some from the early 1980's.  
  18   Publicity materials for films from City Planning Associates Inc. and Sears covering neighborhood improvement  
  19   Materials covering the [1960] civic improvements in Kalamazoo, MI, with emphasis on the Burdick Street Mall  
  20   Materials covering the civic improvements in downtown Knoxville, TN, circa 1960  
  21   Three documents related to the economic development of Asheville and western North Carolina
  • Resolution of the Asheville Tourist Association: August 11,1960
  • "Economic Potential Study of Western North Carolina, Summary and Conclusions" Western North Carolina Regional Planning Commission. [Undated]
  • "Preamble to Manpower Pre-Training Center Proposal" [Undated]
  22   Correspondence relating to Asheville urban renewal  
  23   Miscellaneous reports covering urban regeneration projects  
  24   Newspaper reports, urban renewal and city expansion, 1950's and 1960's  
  25   Newspaper reports, urban renewal and city expansion, 1970's  
  26   Miscellaneous documents: City of Asheville Chart of Organization [ March 1966] ; picture of proposed parking deck ; document for incorporation of the Rankin Property Company ; motion for a referendum on Community Facility Projects and East Riverside Urban Renewal ; appraisal values for land parcels ; Ridge Pole, western North Carolina regional planning news, Jan. 24, 1959 ; minutes of conference with Charlotte civic leader, June 21, 1960 ; meeting of [Asheville] citizens committee for urban renewal, Dec. 20, 1960 ; Asheville substandard conditions subcommittee, April 22, 1964 and April 30, 1964 ; four small, approx. 2.5" x 3", paper mounted clippings describing military terms - specials, foraging, roll call, and picket duty.