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M2005.12.2 - J. Alfred Miller Collection

Box 3 - Folder List
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3 1   Personal materials related to Miller's work with the Blue Ridge Parkway Association:
  • Image of plaque presented to Miller Printing and Daniels Graphics
  • Copies of newspaper clippings reporting Miller's election as President of the BRPA in 1963
  • Copy of certificate presented to Miller in 1970, "in recognition of meritorious service".
  • Handwritten notes and jottings (probably by Miller, and covering dates and locations of BRPA meetings and agenda)
  2   Minutes of the Blue Ridge Parkway Association 3/15/1951 to 2/2/1972

[Incomplete series ; 1951 minutes refer to Blue Ridge Parkway Associated Chambers of Commerce.]

  3   Blue Ridge Parkway Association, reports and press releases:
  • Secretary's report to the membership for the year 1954-55
  • Report of the Blue Ridge Parkway, presented by Ranger Dixon Freeland, September 16, 1963
  • Press release, article by Jean Simmons, Travel Editor, The Dallas News. N.D.
  • Press release, article by John McLeod. N.D.
  • Publicity for The Blue Ridge Parkway, Harley E. Jolley, The University of Tennessee Press, 1969
  4   Materials related to membership of the Blue Ridge Parkway Association:
  • Forms and fees
  • Membership roster and lists for, 1959, 1964, 1968, 1971
  • Officers and directors for, 1963-64, May 1964
  • Presidents and Superintendents of BRPA 1950-1969
  • Resignations 1971-1972
  5   Articles and By-laws of the Blue Ridge Parkway Associated Chamber of Commerce and the Blue Ridge Parkway Association, 1951 - 1975.

[Many undated, so it is possible some are after 1959. Only those adopted June 4th, 1951 refer to Blue Ridge Parkway Associated Chamber of Commerce.]

  6   Blue Ridge Parkway Association, Treasurer's Report, 1958 - 1970. [1969 is missing]
  7   Blue Ridge Parkway Association, financial statements and correspondence covering finance, including billing from the Miller Printing Co., 1965 - 1972.  
  8   Correspondence relating to the Blue Ridge Parkway Association, 1951 - 1971. Includes correspondence in Miller's role with the BRPA, and  Miller Printing  correspondence related to the BRPA.  
  9   Blue Ridge Parkway Association notifications of meetings and social events, 1961 - 1970.
  10   Resolutions of the Blue Ridge Parkway Association. Generally not dated.
  11   Blue Ridge Parkway Association notices and bulletins, 1957 - 1968
  12   "Mileposts, a report from the President", [of the Blue Ridge Parkway Association], 1966 - 1978.

[In December 1975, name of report changed to Milepost, in the singular.]

  13 - 28   Correspondence related to the Blue Ridge Parkway Association  "Accommodations and Services" folder, printed by Miller Printing Co. Covers the period 1950 1967.though some years are excluded.  
  29   Blue Ridge Parkway Association photo and press kit [circa 1970.]  
  30   Correspondence regarding color transparencies, and two transparencies that were possibly originally submitted to Miller as entries in a contest.  Both images were subsequently used on the cover of the 1967-68 Blue Ridge Parkway Accommodation and Services Leaflet.
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Thumbnail only

  31 - 58   Blue Ridge Parkway Accommodation and Services, directory of hotels, camp-grounds, and visitor attractions along the length of the parkway. Published annually by the Blue Ridge Parkway Association or, pre 1953, by the Blue Ridge Parkway Associated Chambers of Commerce. Covers 1950 to 1980, with the exceptions of 1974, 1977, and 1978.  
  59   Government and other papers related to the Blue Ridge Parkway:
  • Resolutions and other documents related to concerns about the development of lodging and eating facilities along the Parkway. [all N.D.]
  • US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway, Special Information Bulletin No.1, March 1, 1950
  • (Press release?) "Middle route" for Blue Ridge Parkway at Grandfather Mountain deeded to state of North Carolina, Hugh Morton, January 1965
  • The Growth Stock Letter, Danforth-Epply Corporation, Wellesley Hills, MA, May 16, 1969.
  • Research Institute Recommendations, Research Institute of America, May 29, 1969.
  • House of Representatives report 94-1610, Authorizing the study of certain areas by the Secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior, September 17, 1976.
  60   Invitation and program for luncheon to celebrate the signing of the deed for the final link of the Blue Ridge Parkway, October 22, 1968.


The Blue Ridge Parkway Association
 in cooperation with
The Governor of North Carolina
The Director of the National Park Service
cordially invites you to luncheon
Honoring the signing of the Deed
by the State of North Carolina to convey to the
United States of America
The Right of Way for the Final Link of the Blue Ridge Parkway
Tuesday, October 22, 1968
at 12 o'clock noon
in the Skyscraper Room of the Visitor Center
at the crest of Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Luncheon will conclude at 1:30 P.M.
in order that Official Party and Guests may drive
to Public Groundbreaking
for the Final Link of the Blue Ridge Parkway
to be held at 2:00 P.M.
at the Intersection of the Parkway and U. S. 221 at Beacon Heights
One mile east of the Grandfather Mountain Entrance

R. S. V. P.
Please respond to luncheon
invitation by October 18, 1968

  61   Maps, primarily covering the region around the Blue Ridge Parkway, but also includes some showing National Parks and the road system in Buncombe County.
  62   Blue Ridge Parkway ; newspaper clippings
  63   Blue Ridge Parkway ;  tourist leaflets and guides
  64   Rosman, North Carolina, and Shenandoah, Virginia ; tourist leaflets and guides
  65   Great Smoky Mountains ; tourist leaflets and guides
  66   Asheville, NC ; accommodations and directory, printed by Miller Printing Co.  
  67   Vacation motoring in the southern highlands, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and through the Shenandoah & Great Smoky Mtns. national parks ; 1954-55, published by the Blue Ridge Parkway Association, 44 pages. Similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway Accommodation and Services directory, [files 31-58].  
  68   Miscellaneous tourist leaflets and guides  for other areas of the United States