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1 05 mills_0001 Ernest as a boy in New York City mills_0001.jpg (1402183 bytes)
    mills_0002 Ernest with employees in the New York plant.  1940s mills_0002.jpg (1263559 bytes)
    mills_0003 Mills Manufacturing during the mid 50s mills_0003.jpg (1350852 bytes)
    mills_000 Mills Manufacturing during the mid 50s mills_0004.jpg (1351693 bytes)
    mills_000 Ernest Mills in New York during the 1920s mills_0005.jpg (1723880 bytes)
    mills_0006 Ernest in New York City. (seated at desk) mills_0006.jpg (1292173 bytes)
    mills_0007_a Portrait of a young Ernest Mills mills_0007_a.jpg (342503 bytes)
    mills_0007_b Portrait - Ernest Mills in his early thirties mills_0007_b.jpg (663067 bytes)
    mills_0008 Ernest Mills and unknown individual mills_0008.jpg (1407721 bytes)
    millss_0009 Ernest Mills and his mother Lena Mills mills_0009.jpg (998521 bytes)
    mills_0010 Reception of award - Jr. defense contract mills_0010.jpg (1596602 bytes)
    mills_0011 Reception of award - Jr. defense contract mills_0011.jpg (1541577 bytes)
    mills_0012 Reception of award - Jr. defense contract mills_0012.jpg (1521205 bytes)
    mills_0013 Reception of award - Jr. defense contract mills_0013.jpg (1528820 bytes)
    mills_0014 Ernest in Woodfin plant of Mills Manufacturing Corporation mills_0014.jpg (605838 bytes)
    mills_0015 Newspaper clipping from the Asheville Citizen Times from April 17, 1976 mills_0015.jpg (957361 bytes)
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    mills_0016 Employee of Mills Manufacturing Corporation, Mami, with Ernest Mills mills_0016.jpg (1791977 bytes)
    mills_0017_a Catepillar Club Card. The Caterpillar Club sent out cards and pins to those who had completed jumps using the Mills Manufacturing Corporation parachutes. mills_0017_a.jpg (698732 bytes)
    mills_0017_b Back of the Caterpillar Club card. mills_0017_b.jpg (657120 bytes)
    mills_0018 Dr. Steven Mills and Ernest Mills. mills_0018.jpg (690647 bytes)
  06 mills_0019 The early 1960s inside the Mills Manufacturing Food Services, managed by an African American firm.  Mills Manufacturing was the first plant to put in integrated bathrooms in Asheville in the early 1960's.

[Employees of Mills Manufacturing: Roy Sanders, Larry Mills, John Knox, Larry Windman, Dick Lamb, Honard Spahn, John Scheer - shipping, and Ernie]

mills_0019.jpg (1087032 bytes)
    mills_0020 Ernest Mills standing by a body of water mills_0020.jpg (1364189 bytes)
    mills_0021 Bina and Ernest Mills mills_0021.jpg (1354504 bytes)
    mills_0022 Ernest Mills receiving honorary degree from UNCA Chancellor Brown, 1988 mills_0022.jpg (1120123 bytes)
    mills_0023 Ernest Mills receiving honorary degree from UNCA Chancellor Brown, 1988 mills_0023.jpg (1118911 bytes)
    mills_0024 Ernest Mills next to parachute (center). In the Asheville factory, with visitors mills_0024.jpg (1120431 bytes)
    mills_0025 Ernest Mills on a pier in Panama mills_0025.jpg (1356183 bytes)
    mills_0026 Jim Turner (son-in-law), Bina Mills, Ernest Mills, and Pam Turner (daughter) mills_0026.jpg (1249653 bytes)
    mills_0027 Ernest and Bina Mills mills_0027.jpg (1258854 bytes)