Mills Manufacturing, New York -  Loose Photographs. 
Manufacturing of Fragmentation Bomb Parachutes for WWII.
**Note regarding "parafrag" [23 lb M4D Fragmentation Bomb]  bombs used in WWII.
The canisters shown contained the parachute which opens when the pin is released.  The bombs were stabilized by parachutes and :were fitted with impact-type instantaneous-action fuzes [sic]. The bomb [screwed to the base of the canister,] explodes instantaneously on impact, projecting a large number of fragments at high velocity." The use of parachutes allowed the planes to move safely away from the concussion zone. [Army training manual, TM 9-1900.  See page 138 for diagram]
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1 05 _001 Table and cord for parachute mills_loose_photos001.jpg (135931 bytes)
    _002 Table with cords for parachute mills_loose_photos002.jpg (149240 bytes)
    _003 Table and cord for parachute

(duplicate of 001)

mills_loose_photos003.jpg (135147 bytes)
    _004 Woman standing at table with cords and parts of a parachute mills_loose_photos004.jpg (140385 bytes)
    _005 Workroom-parachute at sewing machine in foreground mills_loose_photos005.jpg (129152 bytes)
    _006 Workroom with parachute parts hanging from ceiling mills_loose_photos006.jpg (127093 bytes)
    _007 Workroom with parachutes piled and on tables mills_loose_photos007.jpg (133613 bytes)
    _008 Workroom with small table and work areas mills_loose_photos008.jpg (122538 bytes)
    _009 Workroom with small table and parachutes mills_loose_photos009.jpg (131587 bytes)
    _010 Bag top with apparatus at top mills_loose_photos010.jpg (91500 bytes)
    _011 Woman standing, pulling cords at table mills_loose_photos011.jpg (150514 bytes)
    _012 Woman worker with parachute mills_loose_photos012.jpg (146735 bytes)
    _013 Woman's hands: block, scissors mills_loose_photos013.jpg (132677 bytes)
    _014 Ernst A. Mills, center, foreground  mills_loose_photos_[014].jpg (138580 bytes)
    _015 Woman's two hands with a canister on table mills_loose_photos015.jpg (111289 bytes)
    _016 photo missing  
    _017 Woman working on parachute mills_loose_photos017.jpg (121764 bytes)
    _018 Hand and parachute detail mills_loose_photos018.jpg (135037 bytes)
    _019 Woman with parachute on table mills_loose_photos019.jpg (125847 bytes)
    _020 Woman standing at table rolling parachute mills_loose_photos020.jpg (137630 bytes)
    _021 Woman standing with parachute on table mills_loose_photos021.jpg (131862 bytes)
    _022 Woman standing at table folding parachute mills_loose_photos022.jpg (126935 bytes)
    _023 Woman standing at table folding parachute and chords mills_loose_photos023.jpg (137405 bytes)
    _024 Cannister and woman's hand inserting pin [?] Wrench on table mills_loose_photos024.jpg (126691 bytes)
    _025 Table site. Assembling parachute canister. Wrench to side. mills_loose_photos025.jpg (141142 bytes)
    _026 Woman standing at table with canister.-Wrench on table mills_loose_photos026.jpg (137535 bytes)
    _027 Table site. Assembling parachute canister-wrench in foreground (duplicate of 025) mills_loose_photos027.jpg (143026 bytes)
    _028 Woman standing and leaning into canister on table mills_loose_photos028.jpg (115819 bytes)
    _029 Woman's hands holding cord mills_loose_photos_[029].jpg (171861 bytes)
    _030 Woman's hands holding cord (close view) mills_loose_photos_lse[030].jpg (170129 bytes)
    _031 Woman's two hands and scissors and cord. (close view) mills_loose_photos_lse[031].jpg (156315 bytes)
    _032 Hand dipping cord end into [wax?] pot (close view) mills_loose_photos_lse[032].jpg (111207 bytes)
    _033 Hands packing a parachute canister. mills_loose_photos033.jpg (146681 bytes)
    _034 Scale with hook attached to wall used to weigh the canister.  The weight of the small fragmentation bomb canister was to a required specification. mills_loose_photos_lse[034].jpg (130011 bytes)
    _035 Container of packed parachute units (12) mills_loose_photos035.jpg (141758 bytes)
    _036 Parachute on table with woman's hands stamping chute and cords to side. mills_loose_photos036.jpg (131168 bytes)
    _037 Stenciling information on a parachute canister.  The canister reads:  PARACHUTE ONLY.  FOR 23 LB. M4D FRAG BOMB  M.S. 9 mills_loose_photos037.jpg (115128 bytes)
    _038 Woman painting [?] canister mills_loose_photos038.jpg (116571 bytes)
    _039 Woman with parachute canister on hook mills_loose_photos039.jpg (155161 bytes)
    _040 Woman with parachute canister on a hook. mills_loose_photos040.jpg (123981 bytes)
    _041 Drill above parachute canister held by woman mills_loose_photos041.jpg (117972 bytes)
    _042 Drill press and canister below. mills_loose_photos042.jpg (127886 bytes)
    _043 Drill press and woman using ball hammer on top of canister       mills_loose_photos043.jpg (118516 bytes)
    _044 Canister and woman's hands attaching strap mills_loose_photos044.jpg (113209 bytes)
    _045 Canister resting on support with two canisters on right side mills_loose_photos045.jpg (131433 bytes)
    _046 Canister with woman's hands attaching strap mills_loose_photos046.jpg (119258 bytes)
    _047 Canister with woman's hand pulling strapping mills_loose_photos047.jpg (147226 bytes)
    _048 Two canisters on table with woman standing at table mills_loose_photos048.jpg (137169 bytes)
    _049 Hinged spring and strap on table mills_loose_photos049.jpg (130165 bytes)
    _050 Canister with woman's hands attaching strap mills_loose_photos050.jpg (116288 bytes)
    _051 Woman worker at wall scale mills_loose_photos_lse[051].jpg (148194 bytes)
    _052 Canister with woman's hands pulling string across block with scissors on table mills_loose_photos052.jpg (142390 bytes)
    _053 Woman standing holding canister with lid in other hand mills_loose_photos_lse[053].jpg (135463 bytes)
    _054 Two hands of woman adjusting cord across block on table mills_loose_photos054.jpg (147311 bytes)
    _055 Woman's hands on canister and scissors on table mills_loose_photos055.jpg (139049 bytes)
    _056 Woman at wall scale, weighing canister mills_loose_photos_lse[056].jpg (150677 bytes)
    _057 Woman standing holding empty canister mills_loose_photos057.jpg (128976 bytes)