William Hamilton Moore
Mary Caroline Gudger

Page 1 WILLIAM HAMILTON MOORE (b. 4-24-1812  d. 9-17-1979) - married October 17, 1855 to Mary Caroline Gudger (b. 1-21-1833  d. 4-24-1917), daughter of Samuel Bell Gudger and Elizabeth Lowry Gudger.  Both are buried in the Oak Forest Presbyterian Church yard.

William Hamilton Moore was enrolled in Franklin, N. C. on April 29, 1838 in a Company commanded by Capt. William D. Jones - first Regiment of North Carolina commanded by Colonel John Gray Bynum in the disturbance with the Cherokee Indians and known as the "Cherokee Disturbances".  He was honorably discharged in Asheville, N. C. June 1st, 1838.  (Source: Application for widow's pension)

He was described as being about 5 feet 10 inches tall, fair complexion, dark brown hair and light blue eyes.  Prior to enlistment he was a merchant and after enlistment a farmer.

MARY CAROLINE MOORE was tall and slender (about 5' 7"), dark hair and eyes, and a wonderful disposition.  She was well educated, a devoted Mother, devout Christian and highly respected among her friends and family,

She was very talented in the art of writing and telling children's storied which became a past time in her declining years confined to a wheel chair.  She wrote "Aunt Mary's Story Book for Children" which was typed by Chas. J. Rice in the autumn of 1913.  The original book is in the possession of a great grandson, Charles H. Stanton, Jr.  In the community and Western North Carolina, through those who knew her affectionately, called her "Aunt Mary".

Mary Caroline, through other written materials, tells the history of the Moore family, personal experiences and her love of Western North Carolina.  On numerous occasion she recalled the time Sherman and his troops came through this area.  William was away at the time and hearing that the soldiers were coming, she and the children his hams and other food underground in the woods adjoining their home, which was located on property which is now owned by the Asheville School for Boys.  When the soldiers came to their home, they were forced to give up the food and their cow which the soldiers took with them.

Evelyn Gaston Stanton has these memories of her Grandmother Moore......"She made her home with us for twenty five years, although she would visit her other children from time to time.  She had what the doctors then called rheumatism but I'm now [sure] it was rheumatoid arthritis.  She spent the last ten years of her life either in bed or a wheel chair.  Her hands were so drawn that her hand writing was barely ledgible.  When the ministers in the community would come to visit, she would often ask them to pray for her life to end because of the pain she had to endure.  Among family and friends, she was always cheerful and never complained. 

Page 2 Grandmother Moore was a very devout Christian and would always start the day by reading from the Bible.  The rest of the day was spent writing and telling stories to her grandchildren and neighborhood children who would gather around her chair.

I will never forget the day she died.  Mother and I were doing the family washing and Grandmother told my Mother not to  wash her clothes as she would not need them.  After lunch Papa went back to the fields to work and Mother layed down to rest awhile.  A few minutes later Mother heard Grandmother say "May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all forever" and by the time Mother got to her bed, she was gone."

William Hamilton and Mary Caroline Moore's Issues:

1.   WALTER EVANS MOORE (b. October 14, 1856  d. Jan 23, 1933) md Laura Rebecca Enloe (b. 2-10-1855  d. 7-21-1921).  Both are buried in Sylva, N. C.
Issues:  (8)

Mr. Moore was elected to the General Assembly of N. C. in 1899 and again in 1910, Speaker of the House of Representatives and was chosen Judge of the Superior Court of the 20th judicial district to serve an eight year term.  He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and in 1897 held position of Grand Master of Masons in N. C. for two years.  He was also active in the founding of Western Carolina Teachers College and Moore Hall was named in his honor.


     (1) Louis Moore - died in infancy.
     (2) Harry Moore - died in infancy.
     (3) Lucy Moore  - died in infancy.
     (4) Mary Evaline Moore (b. 1-27-1884  d. 10-10-1919) married Eugene Marcus Bearden (b. 3-25-1876  d. 6-4-1937)  No issues.
     (5) Nina May Moore (b. 12-9-1886) - married October 17, 1919 to Holmes Bryson (b. 8-13-1877)  Issues: (4)(Former Mayor of Asheville.)
          1.  Walter Moore Bryson (b. 3-30-1908 d. 1961) md. Helene Stratton.
No issues. (Prominent Realtor & Civic Leader of Asheville)
          2.  Holmes Bryson Jr. (b. 1-11-1911) married April 24, 1937 to Marshael Richburg (b. 4-6-1911).  Issues:  (2)
               1.  Abby Bryson (12-8-1938)
               2.  Holmes Bryson III (b. 6-26-1945)
          3.  Elvira Bryson (b. 6-19-1916) married Fred Loring Sealy, Jr. (b. 12-23-1917)  Issues:  (2)
               1.  Fred Loring Sealy III (b. 8-12-1939)
               2.  Nina Moore Sealy (b. 6-19-1944)

          4.  Laura Moore Bryson (b. 10-26-1923) married June 7, 1948 to Frank Ivy Abbott.

     (6) Tom Moore (b. 10-28-1888  d. 5-4-1944) married April 10, 1923 to Mary Elizabeth Timothy (b. 9-3-1899)   Issues:  (3)
          1.  Tom Moore, Jr. (b. 2-10-1924) married Oct. 28, 1946 to Sarah Temple.  Issues  (5)
               1.  Thomas Moore III (b. 8-11-1947)        4.  Timothy Moore 
               2.  Walter Theodore (b. 3-4-1949)            5.  Fred Moore
               3.  Christopher Steven Moore
     (7)  Hanna Moore (b. 10-13-1898)  never married.
     (8)  Dorothy Moore (b. 12-3-1901) never married.  

Page 3 William Hamilton Moore and Mary Caroline Gudger's Issues con't:

2.  NINA MAY MOORE (b. 2-21-1861  d. 10-10-1884) married Oct. 13, 1883 to William Carr Battle (b. 1-10-1854  d. 6-9-1896)

3.  MARGARET ANN ELIZABETH MOORE - died in infancy

4.  EUGENIA EVELYN (JENNIE) MOORE (b. 1-25-1865  d. 6-20-1966) md. Sept. 7, 1887 to Whipple William Clarke (b. 4-18-1857  d. 2-15-1904)  Both are buried at the Oak Forest Presbyterian Church yard.  Issues: (3)
     1.  DaCosta Moore Clark (b. 7-19-1888) md. April 17, 1923 to Anita Dell Rogers (b. 5-31-1893.  Issues:  (3)
          a. Donald Moore Clarke (b. 1-3-1924, York, Penn) md. 1st. Dorothy Case - Issues (2); 2nd md. Betsy Youngblood - Issue: (1)
          b. Charles Rogers Clarke (b. 12-22-1926 in Birmingham, Ala.)
          c. William Hamilton Clarke (b. 6-29-1929 d. 2-1931.  Born and died in Birmingham, Ala.
     2.  Walter Hamilton Clarke (b. 12-23-1889 d. 10-17-1932) md. Ruth Benninghove.  No issue.
     3.  Homer Clarke (b. 3-26-1892 d. 6-23-1962) md. Feb. 15, 1938 to Gertrude Blanche Crawford (b. 11-18-1896) No issue.  Homer Clarke buried Greenwood Memorial Park, Phoenix, Ariz.

5.  LUCY SWAIN MOORE (b. 6-10-1867  d. 11-18-1956) married January 18, 1893 to Thomas Pinkney Gaston (b. 12-29-1860  d. 1-10-1937)  Both are buried in Oak Forest Presbyterian Church yard.  Issues:  (8)
     (1)  Lewis Pinkney Gaston (11-11-1893  d. 4-20-1973) md. December 28, 1921 to Margaret Pemberton Alexander.  They had one daughter - Mary Caroline who married James Mayo.  Lewis Gaston is buried in Little Rock, Ark.
     (2)  Dorothy Gaston (9-19-1895  d. 11-14-1979) - never married.
     (3)  Perry Hamilton Gaston (b. 5-31-1898 d. 1-6-1982) md. August 21, 1935 to Minnie Murchison.  No issues. Lived in Salisbury, N. C.
     (4)  Eugenia Swain Gaston (b. 3-13-1900  d. 1-4-1929) md. Sept. 4, 1925 to Julian Nelson White.  No issues.
     (5)  Mary Evelyn Gaston (b. 3-16-1902 [?]) md. July 24, 1926 to Charles Henry Stanton (b. 7-24-1905 d. 6-6-1974)and buried at Swannanoa Presbyterian Church yard.  Issues:  (2)
           1.  Charles Henry Stanton Jr. (b. 2-16-1927) md. Dec. 29, 1950 to Billlie Ray DeVault (b. 8-13-1928).  Issues:  (4)
                a.  Laura Lee (b. 7-2-1956) md. July 6, 1974 to Robert Dale Brown of Skyland.  (2) issues:
                    1. Robert Dale (Robby) Brown Jr. (b. 11-30-1980)
                    2. Jennie Lee Brown (b. 10-[?]-1982)
                b.  Cathy Marie (b. 6-10-1958)
                c.  Linda Moore Stanton (12-15-1960) md. Feb. 7, 1981 to Wayne Michael of Flat Creek Section.
                e.  Charles Ray (b. 8-25-1962)
     (6)  Russell Stewart Gaston (b. 4-6-1904 [?]) md. Dec. 28, 1958 to Helen Tyson Bynum (d. 1981).  She is buried in Stantonsburg, N. C.  They made their home in Salisbury, N. C.  No issues.
     (7)  Walter Moore Gaston (b. 8-5-1906 [?]) md. April 4, 1942 to Katherine Crowe Knight.  They had one son:
            Thomas Stuart (b. 7-13-1948) and md. Susan E. Yates in April 1980.
     (8)  Lucy Lowery (3-22-1909 [?]) md. on May 6, 1950 to Carl Gustave Seashore of Iowa City.  No issues.

Page 4 William Hamilton and Mary Carolina Gudger issues con't:

6.  MARGARET ELIZABETH MOORE (b. 11-9-1870  d. 12-29-1953)buried in Lafayette, Ga. married first Burke Sherrill (b. 4-22-1890  d. 10-14-1895).  Her 2nd. marriage to James Erwin Patton ( 7-5-1855  d. 6-28-1926) on Sept. 28, 1899.  Issues:  (2)
     (1)  James Moore Patton (b. 9-30-1900) md. Aug. 2[?], 1947.  No issue.
     (2)  Margaret Elizabeth Patton (b. 7-10-1904) md. Oct. 2, 1928 to Arthur Allen Paty (b. 2-5-1906)  Issues: (2)
           a.  Margaret Paty (b. 2-7-1930) md. Dec. 12, 1953 to Theodore McCoy Forbes, Jr.  They had son: Theodore McCoy Forbes III (b. 11-6-1957)
           b.  Arthur Allen Paty III (b. 5-20-1931) md. ...?....  One son:  Arthur Allen Paty IV (b. 1-20-1959

7.  MARY HAMILTON MOORE (b. 9-4-1875  d. 10-20-1957) md. Nov. 14, 1900 to Benjamin Hill Greenwood ( b. 9-12-1868 d. 8-3-1953)
     Issues:  (2)
     (1)  Dr. William Hamilton Greenwood (b. 5-29-1904) md. Mary Catherine Gore (b. 6-20-1909)  Issues : (2)
           a.  Dr. William Hamilton Greenwood (b. 3-28-1932)
           b.  George Talbot Greenwood (b. 12-3-1935)
     (2)  Frederick Judson Greenwood (b. 6-30-1907) md. Aug. 20, 1938 to Ruth Osgood Connor (b. 6-26-1914) Issues:  (2)
           a.  Betty Ruth Greenwood  (b. 7-27-1941)
           b.  Jane (b. 11-15-1944)