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60th Mountain Dance & Folk Festival

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64th Mountain Dance & Folk Festival

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A Mountain Heirloom Collection

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"Asheville 1966 Mountain Dance & Folk Festival"

Compact Disc

Concert recording hosted by Bascom Lamar Lundsford.
Partial Listing:
Samuel J Honeycutt, Wake County Ramblers, Via Gray, Mary Maner, The Dixie Ramblers, The Pigeon Valley Ramblers, Betty Smith, Roger Sprung, The Georgia Ramblers, and several unknown.

Songs: Old Kentucky Home, Last Old Shovel, Ramblin Boy, Knoxville Girl, Slue Foot, Cumberland Gap, I Never Will Mary, Orange Blossom Special, Satisfied, Blue Moon of Kentucky, I've Found and Angel, Nottaman Town, Wild Goose Chase, Pretty Polly. Included are radio ads for local businesses.


"The Asheville Mountain Dance and Folk Festival 2000"

Compact Disc

Thursday August 3rd Evening Disc 2

Partial Listing:

Southern Appalachian Cloggers

Rusty Bucket - "Ain't Gonna Rain No More", "Child Again"

Trantham Family Band - "Poor Liza Jane", "Bright Morning Star", "Sourwood Mountain", "Rock the Cradle Joe",

The Green Valley Cloggers

George and Brook Buckner - "Maiden's Prayer"

Stoney Creek Boys - "The Lesson", "The Blue Mountain Waltz", "Sitdown Square Dance", "Down Yonder"

"Shindig -BR Music Trails w/ Wayne Martin & Joe Newberry"

Compact Disc

Partial Listing:
Welsh Family Band (Cherokee Gospel Music) - "God the Father", "Jesus Is Coming Soon"

Betty Smith - "The Wagoner's Lad", "The Drowsy Sleeper (Silver Dagger)"

Yodeln' Ramblers and the Stoney Creek Boys - "Cowboy's Sweetheart", "The Mule Song"

Carolina Mountain Boys - "Lookin for a Good Woman"

Stoney Creek Cloggers

Glen Bannerman

The Francis Family

Lori Ramsey

The Waymasters - "This Little Light of Mine", "Will the Circle be Unbroken"

Josh Goforth - "I Don't Want to Go"

Stoney Creek Boys

"Shindig MC- Glenn Bannaman"

Compact Disc

Partial Listing:

Stoney Creek Boys

Stoney Creek Cloggers
Dixie Grass

Hightown Stutters

The Snowy Mountain Boys - "Foggy Mountain Special"

Ed Netherton

Green Valley Cloggers

The Mud River Ramblers - "Sugar Tree Stomp"


"MMFF Intro"

Compact Disc

Narrated history of the Mountain Music and Folk Festival for the 75th annual festival.



Compact Disc

This disc contains 2 unidentified tracks, the first much older than the second, and then a live recording of the festival.

Partial Listing:
Stoney Creek Boys

"How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?" (of the Coon Creek Girls)

Buncombe Turnpike

Brian Sutton - "John Hartey", "Pig Ankle Rag", "Rubin"

Lost Horizon - "The Nine Pound hammer"

"MDFF or Shindig"

Compact Disc

Partial Listing:

Josh Goforth and Friends - "Just Because", "Prayer Bells of Heaven"

Carolina Connection - "The Nine Pound Hammer"

Strictly Clean and Decent - "How Mountain Gals Can Love"

Buddy Davis - "You are my Sunshine", "I am a Pilgrim"

The Waymasters - "Daniel Prayed"

Dixie Darlin's

The Grigs - "Jubilee"

Stoney Creek Boys - "Lonesome Midnight Waltz"


"MDFF '94? or Shindig"

Compact Disc

Partial Listing:
McDowell Family

Pickin Partners (The Pisgah Pickers) - "Golden Slippers", "Meet Me in Your Dreams"

Stoney Creek Boys - "Under the Double Eagle"

Glenn Bannaman

Pickle Juice - "Boilin the Cabbage Down", "Orange Blossom Special"

23 North - "Jamie"

Carol Ray and the Carolina Mountain Boys

The Smith Brothers - "I'm A Man of Constant Sorrow"

The Saluda River Boys

"MDFF or Shindig?"

Compact Disc

Hosted by Richard Hurley

Partial Listing:

Stoney Creek Boys - "Last Thing on My Mind"

Harold Garrison

Dixie Darlin's

Roger Hal - "Orin's Fancy", "Number Nine"

Issac Acres and Friends

Carol Ray and the Carolina Mountain Boy

The Yodelin Ramblers - “The Mule Song”

The Snowy Mountain Boys - “The Johnson Boys”


75th MDFF” “Folk Fest. 8/2/02 1st Half”

Compact Disc

Announcer: Melony Rice

Partial Listing:

Stoney Creek Boys - “The Grey Eagle”

Williams Elementary Cloggers with The Green Acres Pickers - “Lonesome Road Blues”

Carol Ray and The Carolina Mountain Boys

Timmy Abell - “Potatoes”, “The Little Red Wagon”

Yodeling Ramblers

Marble Mountaineers - “John Henry”, “Foggy Mountain Top”

Queen Family band - “Georgia Line”, “I Wish I was a Single Girl Again”

David Anderson and David Brose - “The Cannon Ball (A Cater Family Song)”, “The Wild Bore in the Woods”


75th MDFF” “Folk Fest. 8/2/02 2st Half”

Compact Disc

The Crooked Pine String Band - “Kissing is a Crime”, “Chilling Cooking Time in Cheetam County”
- “Not Made with Hands”
Cataloochie Boys - “I saw the Light”
Lee Knight - “Pretty Polly”, “Cripple Creek” with the tune mouth bow
The Tranthum Family - “Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss”, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”, “The Red Haired Boy”
Carol Molett and Roger Howell - “Keep on the Sunny Side”, “The Blackberry Blossom”
Trevor and Travis Stuart - “Kitty's Waltz”, “Booger Man”
Wild Wood - “Dark was the Color of my Soldier Boy's Hair”, “Keep on the Sunny Side”


Folk Fest 8/3/02 1st half”

Compact Disc


Folk Fest 8/3/02 2st half”

Compact Disc


Folk Heritage Series – WNCW 88.7 – Studio B Sessions

Compact Disc

This Studio B Session is dedicated to musicians from the Swannanoa River Valley. It is part of a series of programs produced in collaboration with the Folk Heritage Committee and WNCW to celebrate the 75th year. Part one of the series is devoted to Marcus Martin and Art Mosier, both peers of Bascom Lamar Lunsford. Two local musicians and bluegrass historians pay tribute to these songwriters by performing their work and discussing them. The local musicians are David Lynch and Phil Jameson. David plays the fiddle and Phil plays the banjo. Originals by Marcus Martin and Art Mosier are played as well. Songs include: Sandy River, Polly Put the Kettle On, Happy Holler, Boatsman, and Booth.