The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

Newton Academy Cemetery


Newton Academy Cemetery is primarily a mid 19th century graveyard with no original landscape plan in existence. The Cemetery Committee wishes to avoid future changes in the graveyard that would romanticize the landscape to suit modern views of what a 19th century graveyard should look like.

The following are the goals and preservation guidelines established by the Cemetery Committee of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, along with a list of plantings that are historically appropriate for a 19th century graveyard.

- Preserve the historic presence.

- Maintain the simplicity of a rural, primitive cemetery; no formality in
  structures or gardens.

- Maintain a sense of peace.

- Create a welcome, inviting environment.

- Assure respect for those buried there.

- Plantings must be in keeping with those of the 19th century (wildflowers and others).