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Title Annie Rives Nicholson Collection (1913-1950's)
Creator Annie Rives Nicholson
Alt. Creator Sarah Ann Eller
Identifier http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/mss/nicholson/default_nicholson.htm
Subject Keyword Annie Rives Nicholson ; Ora Rives Nicholson ; John Hugh Nicholson ; Mr. James U. Rives ; Annie Elizabeth Nelson Rives ; Edgefield, South Carolina ; Winthrope College, South Carolina ; Edgefield High School ;
Subject LCSH Nicholson, Annie Rives 1913-2003
Irwin, Paul Knight
Nicholson, Ora Rives
Nicholson, John Hugh
Edgefield, S.C.
Cedar Mountain, N.C.
Appalachian mountains -- Description and travel
Brevard, N.C.
Sapphire, N.C.
Highlands, N.C.
Date 2001-05-27
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Sarah Ann Eller
Type Collection ; Image (photographs)
Format 1 folder ; photocopy of journal ; scanned and manipulated images from photo album ; 1 CD-ROM with 43 tiff images and 43 jpeg images.
Source M2005.10.1
Language English
Relation Related to Ora Rives Collection
Coverage 1905 ; Western North Carolina
Rights Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law. Original physical collection resides with the Nicholson family and any permission to publish or use for commercial purposes must be obtained from the Nicholson family.
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Description The Annie Rives Nicholson Collection is a "virtual" collection. Permission from the family has been granted to D.H. Ramsey Library to publish these material in an electronic format. The Nicholson family retains the original physical material in the collection. This small collection of family memorabilia is related to the Ora Rives Collection, a photographic journal of a family vacation in North Carolina.

Annie Rives Nicholson is the daughter of Ora Rives and John Hugh Nicholson. The collection of approximately 60 scrapbook pages, and miscellaneous memorabilia, was gathered by Annie during her adolescent and college years and is representative of the interests and experiences of women during the 1930's and early 1940's.  The items in the scrapbook were gathered from Annie's years at Edgefield High School at Edgefield, South Carolina
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Citation Annie Rives Nicholson Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
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Biography: Annie Rives Nicholson was born in Edgefield, South Carolina on April 12, 1913. She was one of two daughters born to Ora Rives Nicholson and John Hugh Nicholson.  She grew up in Edgefield and attended Edgefield High School and later attended Winthrop College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She married Paul Knight Irwin on May 21, 1938 and had three children, Sarah Anne Irwin, Marjorie Ellen Irwin, and Jean Rives Irwin.
Scrapbook Page Item ID# Description Thumbnail
Cover niche0001 Scrapbook Cover nich_cover.jpg (62681 bytes)
  Inside Cover nich0001a Inside Cover:

In center of page a short essay on "Success" and surrounded by short poems.

"I pray thee Dear God
For power nor fame
All that I ask is
To live without shame.
A life filled alike
With joy and sorrow
Living each day to
Fear not the Morrow.
Mary W. Miller

"Dignity is one thing that cannot be preserved in alcohol."

"Here's to the Chaperone!"
May she learn from Cupid
Just enough blindness
To be sweetly stupid."

"Ain't No Use.
Ain't no use in loving
It's a dirty shame
You just having scraps and fusses
And the girl's always to blame,
Nothing gained
Ain't no use in eating
Just pain
Ain't no use in kissing
He'll tell,
Ain't no use in nothing,
Oh, Hell.

nich0001.jpg (285328 bytes)
  page 2 nich0002 "Under Suspicion"  "Don't Worry" nich0002.jpg (261970 bytes)
  page 3 nich0003 "Don't Worry." "Keep Smiling" nich0003.jpg (225192 bytes)
  page 4 nich0004 First Baptist Church of Edgefield, S.C. pays homage "To the Superintendent and Teachers of Our School." nich0004.jpg (256274 bytes)
  page 5 nich0005 First Grade class photograph with list of classmates:  1.) Mary Gibson 2.) Marie Bussey 3.) Mary Mauney 4.) William Hume 5.) Helen Deal 6.) Addulou Cavor 7.) Cornelia Holmes 8.) William Fuller 9.) Gladys Parks 10.) Carroll Kemp 11.)George S. Cantelon 12.) Mary Ester Laine 13.Almena Severinge 14.) Lee Jackson 15.) Rolend Davis 16.) Hazel Cogburn 17.) Elizabeth Posey 18.) William Posey 19.) Ruth Kemp 20.) Mary Reece 21.) Charles Byrd 22.) ? 23.) ? 24.) Martha Gibson 25.) Katharine H. Mims 26.) Annie Nicholson 27.)Ester Daitch 28.) Roper Qutz 29.) Brooker Strom 30.) Standford Lamb 31.) ? 32.) Miss Kathearine Earl [Mrs. Charles ?] nich0005.jpg (297785 bytes)
  page 6 nich0006 Eleventh Grade class photograph with list of classmates:
1.) William Morgan 2. Ester Timmerman 3.) Viola Talbert 4.) Georgia Samuel 5.) Mary E. Lowe 6.) Joe Timmerman 7.) Florence McKie [Mrs. B. Mathis] 8.) Gertrude Lanham 9.) Leland Slade 10.) D.P. Griffis 11.)Whitman Harling 12.) Annie Nicholson 13.) Ellen Byran [Mrs. Walton] 14.) Dallie Pardue 15.) Mary Lee Gibson 16.) Katharine H. Mims 17.)Constance Talbert 18.) Czilee Quailes 19.) Martha Parle Gibson 20.) Cornelia Holmes 21. Margaret Allen 22. Esther Daitch 23. Gladys Parks 24. Ruth Kemp 25.) Helen L. Deal 26.) Ruth Jordan 27.) Sarah Gilchrist.
Mildred Kemp to far right in background.
nich0006.jpg (249080 bytes)
  page 7 nich0007 "The Bad Man" , "Truth!", "Specials" ... nich0007.jpg (246722 bytes)
  page 8 nich0008 "Things that Make the World Go Around!!" --
"Time", "Money", "Football", "Thursday Night", "Sports", "Candy", "Brotherly Love - Clemson", "Dancing" ..."In cigarettes it may be taste but in letters it's evidence and in spinach it's gritt." ...
nich0008.jpg (251198 bytes)
  page 9 nich0009 "Odd Bits" ...
"It may make a difference to all eternity whether we do right or wrong today.", Spring Holidays to Begin on March 2nd", "Things happen so quickly in a car", "The ultimate in women's clothes is achieved when they can feel the coolest and look the hottest -- Richmond Collegian."
nich0009.jpg (272967 bytes)
  page 10 nich0010 "Observation and Comment by Adams & Crawford", "Quarantine", "Caught Red Handed", "CONVERSATION -
Conversation is but carving!
Give no more to every guest
Than he's able to digest.
Give him always of the prime
And but a little at a time.
Carve to all but just enough,
Let them neither starve nor stuff.
And that you may have your due
Let your neighbor carve for you.
Jonathan Swift
nich0010.jpg (310649 bytes)
  page 11 nich0011 Stamps. nich0011.jpg (321425 bytes)
  page 12 nich0012 Stamps. "Infantry. Citizens' Military Training Camps, Fort Moultrie, Charleston, South Carolina. nich0012.jpg (317111 bytes)
  page 13 nich0013 "F.E. Johnstone", M.A. Leaman", W'Weedie' SP", "Clemigene Teague", "James Copeland", "Margaret McLeod", "Sarah Ann Crosswell", "Gressette" ... nich0013.jpg (208920 bytes)
  page14 nich0014 "Nobby Notes":

"The one who makes the high marks is very seldom the one who stands highest in life ..."
"We are suffering for girls now, as the flowers have been for water....", "But remember I shall love you and think of you. Lots of love..." "Love, Phil".  [Note to the side - "The code for these is in my green Diary, 1930's]

nich0014.jpg (233665 bytes)
  page 15 nich0015 [Excerpts from letters.]

"Dearest Annie, Pardon me for not writing sooner but really I haven't had time..."
"He said the first possible chance he was going to explain it to you -- C"
"...and to have the pleasure of being with the Edgefield Belle."

nich0015.jpg (265373 bytes)
  page16 nich0016 [Excerpts from letters.]

"Gee, but I whsh this was old times and I was in Edgefield..."
"I surely do hope I hear from Winslow today --Bless his heart. He's so sweet!! .."
"Write me a real long letter and tell me how matters stand ... With lots of love..."
"To my Rocky Bottom 'Love'"
"Dearest Annie -- I've just finished writing to Gilbert -- and everytime I think of him I think of you..."

nich0016.jpg (273620 bytes)
  page 17 nich0017 [Colorful pictures]
"Carolina Exploration Company, McCormick, S.C.
"Receive full payment for one 1932 TATLER"
nich0017.jpg (244425 bytes)
  page 18 nich0018 "Thursday July 10, 1930. Gertrudes."
[Newspaper clippings]
"Miss [Gertrude] Lanham Entertains, 1930"
"For Miss Hardin, 1930"
"Miss Kemp Hostess, 1930"
"Mrs Stanley Baker in Honor of Two Popular Brides-Elect...1931"
nich0018.jpg (315962 bytes)
  page 19 nich0019 Stamps. Union Station, Washington, D.C. postcard. nich0019.jpg (236768 bytes)
  page 20 nich0020 "Merchants' 1933 Beauty Pageant to be staged at High School Auditorium, Edgefield, S.C. Friday Night, Oct. 27, 1933, 8:00 P.M. Forty Beautiful Girls, Loving Cup Winner, Gorgeous Costumes, All for Your Entertainment. Who will be Miss Edgefield County? Out of Town Judges. Entries inside. Program on Back Page. Admission ... .15 and .25. nich0020.jpg (253647 bytes)
  page 21 nich0021 "Miss Mollie James has had as her guest since Monday, Miss Annie Nicholson of Edgefield. Both have been student at Winthrop college for the last few years." ! ? "Entertained with Tea Dance. Miss Annie and Sarah Nicholson were hostesses to their house guests, Miss Molly James of Darlington and Miss Sarah Anne Croswell of Houston, Texas, and their many invited friends on last Friday aftenoon when they entertained with a tea dance at thge Edgefield Play Grounds. Dancing w2as enjoyed during the late afternoon and evening. Fruit punch and cake was served." nich0021.jpg (238025 bytes)
  page 22 nich0022 "The New Deep Make-up Box, which holds powder box cosmetic jars brush and comb...."  Poems, newspaper clippings, "Carolina vs. Citadel, Orangeburg Fair, Oct. 29th, 1931, Orangeburg, S.C." nich0022.jpg (252214 bytes)
  page 23 nich0023 [Dance book for the Christmas Hop and Christmas card.] nich0023.jpg (219552 bytes)
  page 24 nich0024 [Calling cards:
1.) Miss Florence Mabel McKie [Mrs. Bland Mathis] 2.) Arthur Leland Slade, Jr. 3.) Mis Sara Morrow Gilchrist 4.) Miss Helen Louise Deale 5.) Miss Dollie Beatrice Pardue 6.) Miss Katherine Hill  Mims  7.)William Hume 8.) James H. Brown, Jr. [York, S.C.] 9.) J.L. Quarterman, Savannah, GA 10.)Homer Parnell, Jr., Spartanburg, SC 11.) Bob Leonard, Spartanburg, SC. 12.) James S. Monk, Aiken, SC  13.)Louisa Spurill
nich0024.jpg (232378 bytes)
  page 25 nich0025 "Winthrop College Entertainment Course, 1932-1933."
"1933 Gate Check. Carolina 7 vs. Clemson 0."
"Whom You Should Marry. April 1-9. Born at this time you are impulsive and have a fiery temper, but you are kind and forgiving. ..."
nich0025.jpg (230252 bytes)
  page 26 nich0026 [Photograph of David Bancroft Johnson, Founder and first President of Winthrop College.]

"Students' Handbook Winthrop College 1932-1933. Published by Young Women's Christian Association and Student Government Association."

nich0026.jpg (205722 bytes)
  page 27 nich0027 Newspaper clippings:
"Historic Home is Scene of Tea, Edgefield."
"Complete Tatler Staff Announced".
nich0027.jpg (277321 bytes)
  page 28 nich0028 [Newspaper photograph of the May Queen and her attendants.]
Miss Miriam Hawkins photograph. Elected Queen of the May at Winthrop College, 3/10/34.
nich0028.jpg (285488 bytes)
  page 29 nich0029 Clipping from unknown source. nich0029.jpg (204260 bytes)
  page 30 nich0030 "Baby Mine" booklet. nich0030.jpg (230798 bytes)
  page 31 nich0031 Page of clipped addresses of Miss Annie Nicholson at Winthrop College, Rock Hill , SC. nich0031.jpg (297026 bytes)
  page 32 nich0032 Page of clipped addresses of Miss Annie Nicholson at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, SC nich0032.jpg (281543 bytes)
  page 33 nich0033 "Carolina Moon is again casting its rays near mother earth in its usual romantic way. Wish I could show you the moon again...."
[Love Letter ? ]
nich0033.jpg (283017 bytes)
  page 34 nich0034 "Refresh your Motor with that Good GULF Gasoline" advertisement.
"German Dance, Oct. 18, 1933. Costume. - 50. Had a grand time my first German dance."


nich0034.jpg (251438 bytes)
  page 35 nich0035 Misc. memorabilia. nich0035.jpg (249452 bytes)
  page 36 nich0036 [Invitations and announcements] nich0036.jpg (194200 bytes)
  page 37 nich0037 Carolina Roosters of 1902. John Hugh Nicholson is to the far right, middle top. He eventually went on to play football for the University of South Carolina. nich0037.jpg (376677 bytes)
  page 38 nich0038 Junior Follies program.
"Elizabeth Nicholson, of Edgefield, who will preside at May Day Festivals" [photograph]
[Program for "An English May Day, Winthrop College, May 6, 1933.
nich0038.jpg (192961 bytes)
  page 39 nich0039 [Letter from R.H. Jones to Miss Anne [sic] Nicholson, Margaret Nane Dormitory, Winrhtop [sic] College, Rock Hill, S.C. May 8, 1933.
"Dear Miss Nicholson:
This is to notify you that under the terms of your restriction as imposed by the President's Council on May 6, your restriction will expire at 10:30, May 27."
nich0039.jpg (209613 bytes)
  page 40 nich0040 [Notes and letters from friends.]
"Anne - Happy birthday, old girl. Don't think about us when you wear these. Love Lucy & Mary. [At bottom of note: "Knickers"]
Note about chewing gum at Winthrop:
"...'A gum-chewing girl
And a cud-chewing cow,
You can tell them apart,
But I don't see how.

Oh, yes I do,
I see it now,
There's a thoughtful look
On the face of the cow."

nich0040.jpg (328124 bytes)
  page 41 nich0041 [Obituary of friend Eugene C. Bryson with notes taken from correspondence with Bryson.]
",,,accidentally killed near Nashville, Tenn., July 1, 1932, when an automobile  (truck) and the motorcycle on which he was riding collided. Eugene was returning from Texas where he was working with the Students Educational Bureau of Memphis, Tenn. He had wished to make a quick trip home, and after visiting headquarters at Memphis with two companions, and riding in the side car of a motorcycle he met his death..."
nich0041.jpg (321955 bytes)
  page 42 nich0042 ]Picture of Eugene C. Bryson and parts of letters form Eugene [Gene] Bryson.]
"Ann, I am looking for every chance to see you and still love you as ever. The Same, Gene."
"My Dearest Annie..."
"The Same Gene you used to know and I hope still do... GCB"
"I am not going to say I am coming to see you until I am positive any more. But I dream of the time to come..."
nich0042.jpg (219781 bytes)
  page 43 nich0043 "Miss Mary Virginia Clark requests the pleasure of your company at the Augusta Country Club, Friday, December the Twenty-ninth. Dancing 5 to 7 o'clock." nich0043.jpg (231656 bytes)
  page 44 nich0044 [Birthday greetings and cards from friends.] nich0044.jpg (225105 bytes)
  page 45 nich0045 "April Fool. Dearest, The great love I have to express for you is false. I find my indifference towards you increased daily. The more I see you the more you appear to my eyes as an object of contempt. I feel myself in every way disposed or determined to hate you..." Signed "Your Affectionate Sweetheart." nich0045.jpg (308596 bytes)
  page 46 nich0046 Three personal letters to Miss Annie Nicholson. nich0046.jpg (239064 bytes)
  page 47 nich0047 Western Union Telegram to Annie Nicholson, care of Winthrop College.
Poem: "The Blushing Bride"
nich0047.jpg (270993 bytes)
  page 48 nich0048 [Program for the Jr Sr Banquet. and newspaper clippings.]
"Banquet Tonight Will be the Scene of Gay Festivities; Five Hundred Expected."
"Autographs: 1.) Luke Chaney 2. Gene Petty 3.) Ted Short 4.) M.J. McDonald 5.) Neil Landrum 6.) Wyatt A. Cooper 7.)Gus Brannon 8.) Walton Wakefield 9.) Fulton West.
nich0048.jpg (265367 bytes)
  page 49 nich0049 Page of photographs. nich0049.jpg (186030 bytes)
  page 50 nich0050 "Imperial Theatre. "The Green Pastures" Pulitzer Prize Play, 1930...." nich0050.jpg (258553 bytes)
  page 51 nich0051 [Poems and verse.]
"From Afar"
"Collegiate Love"
"Verses addressed by Paul Hamilton Hayne to an Edgefield lady in 1885. [Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholson]
nich0051.jpg (339017 bytes)
  page 52 nich0052 [Inside back Cover, poems and clippings.
"Growing Pains"
":Winthrop Line Inspires to Verse"
"Assembly News, Tenth Grade"
"A Tough Break"
"When Things Go Wrong" : "
I count it best. When things go wrong.
To hum a tune and sing a song:
A heavy heart means sure defeat,
But joy is victory replete.
If skies are cloudy, count the gain,
New life depends upon the rain;
The cuckoo carols loud and long
When clouds hang low and things go wrong.
When things go wrong, remember then
The happy heart had strength of ten;
Forget the sorrow sing a song --
It makes all right when things seem wrong.
Charles Henry Chesley
nich0052.jpg (295509 bytes)
Misc. Items   Item ID# Description Thumbnail
  Photo nich0053 First Grade Class. Edgefield, S.C. nich0053.jpg (265576 bytes)
  Photo nich0054a
Eleventh Grade Class, Edgefield, S.C. nich0054a.jpg (185703 bytes)

nich0054b.jpg (250521 bytes)
    nich0055 Family genealogy. nich0055a.jpg (312659 bytes)

nich0055b.jpg (344969 bytes)