James William Pless, Sr. - PHOTOGRAPHS of FAMILY
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James William Pless, Sr. on the street at Hot Springs, Arkansas, March 8, 1938.

On reverse of postcard: "I seen my Paw come a steppin' high which was of his walk the way.' [signed] His Paw," 3/8/38

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    ples0002 Album cover. [Note - not all photographs came from this album, however many of the images were most likely part of this family photograph album. When the collection was received, most of the images had detached and were loose and placed at random in the album pages.] ples0068.jpg (244283 bytes)
    ples0003 Pless home in Brevard. ples0003.jpg (359281 bytes)
    ples0004 3rd grade; 1911-12 ples0004.jpg (721973 bytes)
    ples0005   ples0005.jpg (461732 bytes)
    ples0006 Edwin J. Pless and older brother J. Will Pless, Jr. ples0006.jpg (282826 bytes)
    ples0008 James William Pless, Sr. home in Marion, NC as a postcard. ples0008.jpg (740864 bytes)
    ples0009 James William Pless, Sr. home in Marion, NC. [in photo album] ples0009.jpg (244780 bytes)
    ples0010 James William Pless, Sr. home in Marion, NC. [in photo album] ples0010.jpg (294840 bytes)
    ples0011 James William Pless, Sr. home in the snow,  in Marion, NC. [in photo album] ples0011.jpg (267814 bytes)
    ples0012 Edwin J. Pless, as a boy, in front of his home in Marion, NC. ples0012.jpg (211787 bytes)
    ples0013 Edwin J. Pless, as a young man,  in front of his home in Marion, NC. [in photo album] ples0013.jpg (228148 bytes)
    ples0014 Edwin J. Pless, as a boy with his father, James William Pless, Sr.,  in front of their home in Marion, NC. ples0014.jpg (277055 bytes)
    ples0015 Edwin J. Pless and his mother, Annie Miller Pless ples0015.jpg (323965 bytes)
    ples0016 about 1915 [Edwin J. Pless?] ples0016.jpg (305769 bytes)
    ples0017 J. Will Pless, Jr. and brother Edwin J. Pless. ples0017.jpg (253366 bytes)
    ples0018 Edwin J. Pless, standing with hands in pockets. ples0018.jpg (181348 bytes)
    ples0019 Edwin J. Pless ples0019.jpg (186230 bytes)
    ples0020 Edwin J. Pless ples0020.jpg (192133 bytes)
    ples0022 J. Will Pless, Jr., Annie Miller Pless and Edwin J. Pless ples0022.jpg (257206 bytes)
    ples0023 "Chum" ples0023.jpg (310072 bytes)
    ples0024 Edwin J. Pless with "Chum" ples0024.jpg (266825 bytes)
    ples0025 [Edwin J. Pless?] ples0025.jpg (251642 bytes)
    ples0026 Edwin J. Pless as a young boy. ples0026.jpg (299242 bytes)
    ples0027 "Chum" ples0027.jpg (158374 bytes)
    ples0028 "Chum," the family dog. ples0028.jpg (165842 bytes)
    ples0029 "Chum" [in photo album] ples0029.jpg (290967 bytes)
    ples0030 "Chum" [in photo album] ples0030.jpg (267605 bytes)
    ples0031 "Chum" [in photo album] ples0031.jpg (233882 bytes)
    ples0032  [?] and "Chum"  [in photo album] ples0032.jpg (222688 bytes)
    ples0033 "Chum" [in photo album] ples0033.jpg (333871 bytes)
    ples0034 James William Pless and dog "Chum" [in photo album] ples0034.jpg (332906 bytes)
    ples0035 Marion, July 1938 [Edwin J. Pless on tennis court] ples0035.jpg (281098 bytes)
    ples0036 [Edwin J. Pless?] ples0036.jpg (200186 bytes)
    ples0037   ples0037.jpg (228852 bytes)
    ples0038   ples0038.jpg (249618 bytes)
    ples0039   ples0039.jpg (214784 bytes)
    ples0040   ples0040.jpg (285657 bytes)
    ples0041 gravestones of Joshua Burie (May 26, 1818 - Sept. 16, 1872); Anne Burie (Sept. 13, 1819 - Aug. 5, 1860); Daniel Burie (July 23, 1849 - June 25, 1890) ples0041.jpg (292257 bytes)
    ples0042 Athens, Tennessee; November 1935 ples0042.jpg (277287 bytes)
    ples0043 Beaucatcher Tunnel under construction [?]. ples0043.jpg (335055 bytes)
    ples0044 Annie Miller Pless ples0044.jpg (233021 bytes)
    ples0045 Annie Miller Pless with son, Edwin J. Pless. [Oct. 8, 1942] ples0045.jpg (342092 bytes)
    ples0046 Edwin J. Pless in military uniform. (C.P.O. U.S.N., Oct. 8, 1942) ples0046.jpg (330585 bytes)
    ples0047 Old photograph on postcard of Main Street, Looking North, Marion, N.C.; [on reverse: "Edwin Justice Pless and "Bess" (horse) aged 6 years, 1909"] ples0047.jpg (244002 bytes)
    ples0048   ples0048.jpg (295626 bytes)
    ples0049 Edwin Pless, James William Pless, Sr, and J. Will Pless, Jr.[?] 12/25/1937 ples0049.jpg (214439 bytes)
    ples0050 Annie Miller Pless with five unidentified women ples0050.jpg (197784 bytes)
    ples0051 J.M.S., March 1936, Asheville [J.M.S. to become Josephine Mary Pless, wife of Edwin J. Pless] ples0051.jpg (179752 bytes)
    ples0052   ples0052.jpg (308859 bytes)
    ples0053 Asheville, 1938 [J.M.S.] ples0053.jpg (258495 bytes)
    ples0054 Asheville, 1938 ples0054.jpg (191639 bytes)
    ples0055 Edwin J. Pless, 1938, Charlotte, N.C. ples0055.jpg (165286 bytes)
    ples0056   ples0056.jpg (161551 bytes)
    ples0057   ples0057.jpg (195698 bytes)
    ples0058 1938 [Edwin J. Pless, Asheville] ples0058.jpg (193563 bytes)
    ples0059 Moorehead-Patterson Memorial [Bell Tower], Chapel Hill, N.C. ples0059.jpg (166614 bytes)
    ples0060 D.S.P. [? Smith Pless], November 1934 ples0060.jpg (262609 bytes)
    ples0061   ples0061.jpg (211050 bytes)
    ples0062   ples0062.jpg (253997 bytes)
    ples0063   ples0063.jpg (263561 bytes)
    ples0064 Portrait of James William Pless, Sr. ples0064.jpg (159594 bytes)
    ples0065 Mothers Day, 1952. [left to right] Judge J. William Pless, Annie Miller Pless, Edwin J. Pless. ples0065.jpg (200255 bytes)
    ples0066 Athens, Tennessee; November 1935 [See ples0042] ples0066.jpg (248000 bytes)
    ples0067   ples0067.jpg (269792 bytes)
    ples0068 Album cover.  
    ples0069 "Dad" [in photo album, James William Pless, Sr.] ples0069.jpg (246635 bytes)
    ples0070   ples0070.jpg (236812 bytes)
    ples0071 Annie Pless [in photo album] ples0071.jpg (170298 bytes)
    ples0072 "Will" [in photo album, James William Pless, Jr.] ples0072.jpg (258476 bytes)
    ples0073 "Will" [in photo album, James William Pless, Jr.] ples0073.jpg (302083 bytes)
    ples0074 "Me" [in photo album, Edwin J. Pless] ples0074.jpg (281005 bytes)
    ples0075 "Bill and Me" [James William Pless, Jr. and Edwin J. Pless, in photo album] ples0075.jpg (371823 bytes)
    ples0076 [in photo album, Edwin J. Pless] ples0076.jpg (207976 bytes)
    ples0077 [identified as "Miss Belk" in photo album] ples0077.jpg (183637 bytes)
    ples0078 "Miss Belk" [in photo album] ples0078.jpg (179126 bytes)
    ples0079 "The Marianna" [hotel in Marion, N.C.; in photo album] ples0079.jpg (271025 bytes)
    ples0080 "The Courthouse" [Marion, N.C.; in photo album] ples0080.jpg (208678 bytes)
    ples0081  [Davis Pharmacy, Marion, N.C.; in photo album] ples0081.jpg (160822 bytes)
    ples0082  [Davis Pharmacy, Marion, N.C.; in photo album] ples0082.jpg (149738 bytes)
    ples0083  [Davis Pharmacy, Marion, N.C.; in photo album] ples0083.jpg (204853 bytes)
    ples0084 "Off the bridge." [in photo album] ples0084.jpg (193999 bytes)
    ples0085 "Looking South" [in photo album] ples0085.jpg (220287 bytes)
    ples0086 [in photo album] ples0086.jpg (189384 bytes)
    ples0087 "L.P.C." [?; in photo album] ples0087.jpg (253031 bytes)
    ples0088 [Edwin J. Pless] ples0088.jpg (117311 bytes)
    ples0089 [Josephine Mary Pless?] ples0089.jpg (159845 bytes)
    ples0090 [in photo album] ples0090.jpg (240099 bytes)
    ples0091 School; Ross, Albion, Hardy, Fatty M,[?], S [?], Gilman [in photo album] ples0091.jpg (268244 bytes)
    ples0092 School; Mr. Sandaper [?], Mr. Randolph [in photo album] ples0092.jpg (299941 bytes)
    ples0093 [James William Pless, Jr. and Edwin J. Pless, in photo album] ples0093.jpg (292559 bytes)
    ples0094 Annie Miller Pless. ples0094.jpg (385034 bytes)
    ples0107 "Zack" [in photo album] ples0107.jpg (223902 bytes)
    ples0108 "Me"  [Edwin J. Pless, in photo album] ples0108.jpg (233743 bytes)
    ples0109 [Edwin J. Pless, in photo album] ples0109.jpg (243063 bytes)
    ples0110 "Roommates at D.R.S., 1919; Minter, Chas. Mason, [?] Mason  [in photo album] ples0110.jpg (248265 bytes)
    ples0111 "Roommates at D.R.S., 1919; Messers Pless and Robinson" [in photo album] ples0111.jpg (237199 bytes)