James William Pless, Sr. - PHOTOGRAPHS of WWII
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1 P2007.3.1.2 ples0128 Company H - 4th platoon, Guadalcanal, Sept. 1943; Chief Gunners Mate Edwin J. Pless 2nd row, left, end ples0128_mod.jpg (286231 bytes)
    ples0129 Carruther's Bridge: "Dedicated to Eddie Carruthers who gave his life blazing this trail." Chief Carpenters Mate Elmer I, Carruthers was a Seabee who served and died on Bougainville. ples0129_mod.jpg (217912 bytes)
    ples0130 Bougainville [?] Road construction with shovel ples0130_mod.jpg (301273 bytes)
    ples0131 Jeep in mud ples0131_mod.jpg (262049 bytes)
    ples0132 Construction camp with fuel barrels ples0132_mod.jpg (255010 bytes)
    ples0133 Tent camp ples0133_mod.jpg (309945 bytes)
    ples0134 "Forward Area Command, Guam, M.I., March 1945"; Edwin J. Pless, front row, center. ples0134_mod.jpg (251201 bytes)
    ples0135 Sept. 20, 1943, Guadalcanal, Doma [Cove].
left to right: Edwin J. Pless, Dutch Meyers, Buck Cannon, Bob Merrill
ples0135_mod.jpg (214838 bytes)
    ples0136 Graves of Eddie Carruthers, C.C.M. and two Marines, Bougainville ples0136_mod.jpg (226827 bytes)
    ples0137 Road construction, Bougainville or Guam [?] ples0137_mod.jpg (253437 bytes)
    ples0138 Road construction, Bougainville or Guam [?] ples0138_mod.jpg (250128 bytes)
    ples0139 Bougainville [?] Road construction with shovel [duplicate of ples0130] ples0139_mod.jpg (287550 bytes)
    ples0140 Bougainville or Guam [?] ples0140_mod.jpg (238800 bytes)
    ples0141 Bougainville Road, 25th Seabees, 19th Marines ples0141_mod.jpg (255063 bytes)
    ples0142 Edwin J. Pless with tank [location unknown] ples0142_mod.jpg (199940 bytes)
    ples0143 Auckland, New Zealand; waterfront
[possibly between Feb./March and June/July 1943 when 25th Seabees arrive and, respectively, depart Auckland]
ples0143_mod.jpg (194709 bytes)
    ples0144 Natives. Guadalcanal [?] ples0144_mod.jpg (238366 bytes)
    ples0145 Native family. Location unknown. ples0145_mod.jpg (217921 bytes)
1   ples0146 wreckage of tracked vehicle ples0146.jpg (175016 bytes)
    ples0147 Edwin J. Pless [?] in uniform. ples0147_mod.jpg (142179 bytes)