Lou and Ada Pollock Collection


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M2003.10.1.1 1 021 Studio picture of Lou Pollock [accompanies image of Ada Pollock in a brown leather cover with family insignia on front.] n.d.[1887-1956] 

    022 Studio picture of Ada Pollock [accompanies image of Lou Pollock in brown leather cover with family insignia on front. n.d.

    031 Studio portrait of four daughters of Lou and Ada Pollock. 1950. [Mildred Pollock Michalove, Alberta Pollock Server,  Florence Pollock Rothstein, Betty Pollock Golden ]
    030 Photo of Lou Pollock accepting dedication award of Lou Pollock Memorial Park from Rabbi Unger (lft.) and Rabbi of Beth Israel Synagogue, (rt.) , 1949]


    pol005 Photo of Lou Pollock and Ada Pollock at dedication award ceremony for the Lou Pollock Memorial Park. 1949. [Geraldine Immel, photographer]

    027 Group photo of 3 women 1 young girl and 5 older men. n.d. [Geraldine Immel, photographer]
    026 Lou Pollock outside his store with nuns and children singing Christmas carols.1951. [Juanita Wilson, photographer]
    024 Lou Pollock in his store with nuns and children at a Christmas party. Gift certificate from Pollock to Paul Israel in corner of picture. n.d. [Juanita Wilson, photographer]

"The nun on the right is Sr. Patricia Dolan, whose father was at one time a physician at the VA, Oteen.  She was at St. Genevieve's for years and  is probably now at the motherhouse of the Religious of Christian Education in Boston.  


The man just behind Mr. Pollock, also holding a black child, is John Spicer, a prominent banker , Wachovia, maybe.  The tall man in the back row, just under "Sale" may be Gordon Greenwood, Sr. 


During  the time of the shoe distribution, the Salvation Army's "Dime Board" would be going on Patton Ave.  You always saved your dimes so when you went downtown, you could add yours to the board." [Identification notes from  Verna McGaughey, Asheville, 2009]

    023 Large photo with friends co-workers and children with stacks of shoe boxes behind them at Pollock's Men's Corner. n.d. [Juanita Wilson, photographer]
    033 "Camp Transylvania" Outside group photo of 6th Annual District 5 Summer Convention camp Transylvania in Brevard. 1941 {Juanita Wilson, photographer]. Pictured are Albert Levite, Albert Jacobson, Sammy Rosen, and Sidney Schochet.
    029 Photo of Lou Pollock standing near gates of Lou Pollock Memorial Park with award given to him for his work with the cemetery association; [signed to Roy and Alberta from Dad. 1949-10-30.]

    025 Lou Pollock with daughter Florence Pollock Rothstein in New York.  1957.

    032 Photo of Lou Pollock and 1931 Christmas gathering at Pollock's Shoe Store. 1931. [Plateau Studios]

    028 Family photo of members at wedding of Ida Pollock and Meyer Levite; bride and groom in middle. 1913. [ long horizontal photograph copy in two sections]