George Holcomb Prosser Collection
14 Cascade Lake




Rachel had been drooping long,

Till Norburn* laid her low;
To build her up and make her well,
     As you folks surely know.


We visited at the hospital,

Until they ran us out ,
And heading home— the moon was full

     The kids set up a shout.


      "Let's go to Cascade Lake tonight
   And catch a frog or two I"

       Then Gertrude said it would be fun
    To sleep out in the dew.


"It's awful late to make a start,"

I said half-heartedly,
But I got the gear and blankets too,

We headed merrily.


We got there in the morning hour.

—There were no folks about—
And found a boat and piece of oar,

     Then started out to scout.


       For bull- frogs of the giant breed
  That used to grace that shore,

    The kids held sack and looked at stars,
  While Gertrude swung the oar.


I crouched all ready in the prow

Beside the glowing light,
All ready with the trusty gig

    And peered into the night.


We caught a mess for breakfast time,

Then headed for the car.
And as we crossed amid the mist.

    Our thoughts were flung ajar.


     The kids were sleepy now you see,
  Gwynne's hands did both relax,

     The biggest frog in all that bag
  Crawled slowly from the sack (s)


"Step on him quickly," daughter said

I turned to do her bid
Just as he landed on a seat

    Then in the water slid.


"Oh Daddy, I was sleepy sure". '
     She cried with anguish true.
"He was the biggest of the lot,
     Whatever can we do?


We parked the kids safe in the car,
     Then laid our blankets down,

Beneath the apple tree to sleep

     All comfy on the ground.


I set the lantern ' hind the tree
     To calm the kids to sleep,

Then said to Gertrude, "Listen close

     Don't you let out a peep,


If anything should fall on you

      It is an apple, see?
We're sleeping under loaded boughs,

     Just cuddle up to me."


I dropped to sleep at once, I swear

     My conscience was at rest,
And Gertrude looked at stars awhile,
     Till sleep her eyes had blest.


There was a scream, the blankets ripped
     She stood upstanding there,

And I came to, with quite a jerk,

     I must have dreamed of bear.


A big fat toad frog /wet with dew/
     Had come to see the light,

And lit all spraddled out upon

     Her face, 'twas such a fright.


I calmed her down and tucked her in
     She covered up her head
"'Twill fool the bugs and toad frogs too."
     Was all she ever said.


                             George H. Prosser

[* A reference to Norburn Hospital.]