George Holcomb Prosser Collection
4 Do You Suppose?


My daughters have grown up today

I know it now for sure,
They left upon the evening train

To test the north's alure.

They'd ridden on that train before
When they were babies  still

And all that interested them then
paper cups to fill.

I wonder if they've learned to  see

The rolling pageantry,
Of changing scenes and moving sights

Their viewpoint sets to see.

Do you suppose they realize
That just to watch, the land,

Tells more of mankind's history
Than books can bring to hand.

That for this land they' re rolling thru

The tide of battle swayed,
And movements of the peoples trailed

The paths the army made.

That where they roll at ease on wheels
Men toiled to break the way,

Their wives and kids worked just as hard
From dawn to dying, day.

The work's not finished up at all

In fact has scarce begun,
To younger hands and wiser heads

Their turn will finally come.

They'll meet a lot of friendly folks
      As shy as they can be,
Who cover up their reticence
     With blustery deeds to see.

Their friendly hosts will use queer words

Their cooking will be strange
But still we're all one people, girls

I would no item  change.

Because, before your eyes laid out

Are customs, ancient all,
That blend to make this country great

And prove the world quite small.

G. H. Prosser