George Holcomb Prosser Collection
5 Do You Suppose, II


June 27, 1941

In others years we've all gone home

To walk where I was raised
And view the spots and talk anew

Of by gone yesterdays.

I could not go this year to see

But sent my daughters two
They'll look for me and dream again

The thots that once I knew.

They'll stand upon that hilltop grand

and view the skylines bold
And in between I hope they'll see

That land's worth more than gold.

For from those rolling acres green

Come food fit for a king
And also clothes to deck ourselves

And every other thing.

The men who till that good rich soil

Work hard to make it yield
But in the long run surely find

It is their own best shield.


   For from such farms so scattered out
men to show the wa
  That held our liberties for us
         In gone by yesterday.

They won that land by being bold

And when the fight was done
There raised their families hardily

And worked from sun to sun.

It's from this stretched out farming land

Our newest legions rise
To hold the things we deem worth while

And do so dearly prize.

For 'Anglo Saxon blood is strong

As proven thru the years
And we can settle what we must

And do it too, with cheers.

Do you suppose that from the height

      If they look hard to see the
  Vision will arise in them
As it arose in me? 


And do you think that if they walk
          Real slow out towards the gate

  The trees and hills, the sky and grass
Will some how integrate;


   To show them how it seemed to me
On my last furlough there

Before we left to do our part
And common dangers share.

G. H. .Prosser