George Holcomb Prosser Collection
11 Grandbaby


My grandson's making visits round

Stayed with us at our house
Saw all the sights, heard all the sound

And also tore his blouse.

The neighbors had their garden worked

We watched it from the porch
We noticed how the old mule shirked

And how her hide was scorched.

She was a democratic mule

Called Ell to make it short
Their grand baby attended school

And made a good report.

Next day he plowed some furrows few

Upon the broad back porch
And he played mule and driver too

With language that would scorch.

With an old broom to act as plow

He made a round or two
Then like the mule he showed us how

Mules are supposed to do.

He wobbled back and forth a while
     Then slowed down to a stop
And stamped his feet with great good style

     And look just fit to drop.

Then took the drivers cue to sell

And bravely spoke his part
Said "What in hell you doing Ell

I'll teach you when to start,"

"I'll tell you when to stop, by dad,

Get up, you lop-eared mule
When I say move, you'll do it glad.

Grand baby's been to school,

His maw and paw were quite chagrined

At his new found position
But Grand dad only set and grinned

He'd heard the first audition.

                      G.H. Prosser